20 Inspiring Movies for Artists to Stream on Netflix

movies for artists

Are you an artist looking for cinematic inspiration? You have come to the right place. Movies have long been a source of inspiration for artists. They can help to spark ideas, inspire creativity, and provide insight into the world around them. From classic films to modern blockbusters, there are many movies for artists to enjoy on Netflix.

Movies for artists have a unique power to inspire the creative minds of artists. They can provide valuable insight into how other people think and act and can bring together novel ideas from writers, directors, and performers. From narratives about introspection and redemption to stories about love and belonging, films can serve as effective art therapy for those seeking to explore their creativity.

And in this week’s Arts to Hearts Project Feature Article, we will feature twenty movies for artists that are sure to provide plenty of creative fuel for any artist looking to find inspiration from cinema. As you explore these titles, you may find yourself inspired by their settings, stories, characters, and more. Interestingly, some of these films have been brought to life through the efforts of talented ghostwriting, whose ability to craft compelling narratives behind the scenes plays a crucial role in the storytelling process. This aspect allows them to inform your artistic endeavors in unique ways, offering insight into the collaborative nature of creative work.

Whether an aspiring artist or a seasoned one, the breadth of genres available will challenge your creative boundaries and expand your understanding of what art can achieve.

So grab some popcorn and get ready – here are 20 movies for artists that every artist should watch on Netflix.

20 Movies For Artists On Netflix

1- Girl with a Pearl Earring

It is a movie about one of the most famous Dutch painters, Johannes Vermeer, and his painting Girl with a Pearl Earring. As Johannes paints a portrait of his daughter, the movie shows how he interacts with her. It makes people think about how we can use our creative skills to connect people from different generations. This movie contains deep symbols that show the connection between art, family, and love. For example, Johannes’s choice of painting materials has a meaning, and painting a portrait of his daughter is significant for him.

2- Loving Vincent

It is a full-length animated movie with pictures painted in Vincent Van Gogh’s work style. As people enter Van Gogh’s world of swirling colours, they can learn about mental illness, being alone, finding beauty in chaos, and making art out of pain. This movie shows how difficult feelings and ideas can be expressed through art when words fail.

3- Exit Through the Gift Shop

It is a documentary about street artists like Banksy and Thierry Guetta that looks at how graffiti art has become popular in mainstream culture over the years. It shows how Guetta tries to make a documentary about Banksy’s work, but it ends up being something else entirely. This makes people wonder where real art begins and ends. Is it possible for anyone to create artwork that has meaning? What does “real” mean in art?

4- The Great Beauty

It is a movie in Rome and is about an old writer who talks to people who are deeply connected to Italian culture and its traditions regarding food, faith, and music their lives. It asks people to think about what it means to appreciate everyday beauty as they age and face death head-on. It asks them to rethink their ideas about what makes life truly meaningful, even though it is temporary.

5- Big Eyes

It is a biopic based on actual events. It’s about an artist named Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), whose husband takes credit for her paintings during the middle of the 20th century in America. Her images were prevalent after World War II, but she got credit for them a few decades later when journalists and fans restored her reputation. Viewers can learn about resilience, perseverance, personal integrity, justice, hope, and faith all at once by seeing how hard Margaret has to work to be recognised for her art.

6- Fantastic Mr Fox

In “Fantastic Mr Fox,” an animated stop-motion movie based on Roald Dahl’s classic book, George Clooney plays Mr Fox, who fights three mean farmers named Boggis, Bunce, and Bean while also trying to keep his family safe. Even though Mr Fox is surrounded by danger and trouble, he always finds a way out. This teaches viewers everything from solving problems to being brave and keeping going when things are hard.

7- Life Is Beautiful

It is a movie in Italy during World War II. It follows an Italian man named Guido (Roberto Benigni) who uses humour and creativity to protect his son from the horrors of war. Viewers see Guido’s courage, bravery, and resilience as he keeps his spirits up no matter what comes next. He shows us that joy, hope, and despair can be overcome with the right attitude and mind.

8- The Artist

It is a 2011 French comedy-drama directed by Michel Hazanavicius and pays tribute to the early days of filmmaking, which changed the entertainment landscape forever. Following the main character George Valentin’s (Jean Dujardin) rise to fame and stardom, with all its ups and downs, teaches us that it’s more important to stay humble and enjoy the moment than to chase success and a long career.

9- Hugo

A Martin Scorsese’s 3D children’s adventure movie set The story is set in Paris in the 1930s, and it’s about a young orphan named Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield) who is trying to find out what his late clockmaker father kept hidden. Its exploration of creativity, possibilities, and technology gives people a better idea of the value of handmade items that help them connect on a deeper emotional and spiritual level.

10- Pina

This German documentary, directed by Wim Wenders, is about the late choreographer Pina Bausch, who changed the world of modern dance by creating a whole new kind of movement: Tanztheater combines ballet, theatre, acrobatics, improvisation, and storytelling in a way that is awe-inspiring and has influenced dancers all over the world for years to come. By seeing Pina’s groundbreaking performances, audiences learn more about theatrical expression, respect for the human body’s ability to move through time and space, and power.

11- The Danish Girl

It is based on the true story of Einar Wegener, a Danish painter who was one of the first people in history to have surgery to change their gender. It’s a very moving movie with beautiful pictures and a good story. Artists and people who make things can learn a lot from it about identity and what makes a person whole.

12- Frida

It is a movie about the life of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whose works are admired for how personal they are. The film examines Frida’s complicated relationship with Diego Rivera and her struggles with physical pain and emotional trauma. Artists can learn a lot from this movie, like how Frida kept going even when things were hard and how much she cared about her work.

and if you want to learn more about the life of Frida Kahlo, then you must read our article Frida Kahlo: A valuable lesson to learn from her life in 2023

13- Lust For Life

In the movie Lust for Life, Kirk Douglas plays Vincent van Gogh. It is based on Irving Stone’s biographical novel of the same name from 1952. Van Gogh was a famous Dutch post-impressionist painter who died by suicide at 37 due to mental illness. Even though it has a sad ending, Lust for Life is a compelling movie that shows how Van Gogh kept working even when he was feeling down.

14- The movie Midnight in Paris

 Woody Allen wrote and directed Midnight in Paris, about a man named Gil (Owen Wilson) who is magically transported back to 1920s Paris every night at midnight. There, he meets famous authors like Ernest Hemingway (Corey Stoll) and F. Scott Fitzgerald (Kevin Kline) (Tom Hiddleston). Gil learns important lessons about creativity and success from each author he meets on his time-travelling adventures. These lessons help him understand artistic expression more deeply.

15- Exit Through the Gift Shop

It is a documentary about the people behind the street art movement led by Banksy. Rhys Ifans narrates the film. Exit Through the Gift Shop goes deep into the illegal side of graffiti culture and shows how the world reacted when commercialism started to ruin the authenticity of street art. As an artist, you can learn much from this movie about balancing creative freedom and making money when pursuing your passion projects.

16- Amélie

It is about a young woman named Amélie Poulain, played by Audrey Tautou. She lives alone in Paris, but her life changes when she decides to do small acts of kindness to improve the lives of those around her. Amélie sends important messages about embracing creativity in everyday life along with its great music and happy tone. These messages will give artists a lot to think about when trying to find joy in their work lives.

18- Moonrise Kingdom

It takes place on a made-up New England island in the summer of 1965. It’s about two teenagers who fall in love and want to be free from their families. The movie also has more prominent themes, like conformity vs individualism, that will be familiar to any artist or creator who wants to go their way without losing their originality or integrity.

19- 8 1/2

It is a movie directed by Federico Fellini. It’s about a director named Guido Anselmi who has writer’s block and can’t write his next screenplay because of internal and external creative conflicts. 8 1/2 is a lot of fun to watch, and its exploration of creative anxiety can be a helpful reminder of what not to do if you want to stay true to yourself while making art that reflects your values.

20- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson’s visually stunning masterpiece, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is about M. Gustave H., the concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel between World Wars I and II. Even if more than Anderson’s complicated style is needed to hold an artist’s attention, the film’s message that loyalty is more important than material wealth can inspire anyone trying to stay true to themselves while pursuing success in the arts.

so these are our featured 20 unmissable movies for artists, sure to inspire you to reach your creative goals. Whether it be learning about the life of a struggling artist or appreciating the beauty of films from yesteryear, these films will inspire you to keep creating the magic that only you can bring.

And now, as we draw to a close, I’d like to remind everyone that creativity should never be taken for granted and that the best way to appreciate art is by supporting the artists who make it. Until next week when I return with more articles, have a happy weekend and keep creating the magic you do. Goodbye!

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