Studio Visit Book Vol. 1

In Studio w/ Marryam Moma: Studio that promotes growth, experimentation, and a deep connection.

Tanzanian-Nigerian collage artist Marryam Moma intricately combines repurposed archival paper and mixed media, to reconstruct vibrant narratives, delving into the complexities of the Black experience. Celebrating joy while challenging societal perceptions, Moma’s work is a masterful tapestry of multidimensional stories. Her analog collages grace international corporate collections like Microsoft, Google, and Starbucks. Her global impact extends to TV programs and prestigious magazines.

In a virtual visit to the studio of the artist Marryam Moma, a collage artist whose work presents a fresh and reimagined Black life community. Her studio, the Glassbox, located at the back of her residence, is where she reimagines and reinvents her Black life artwork. In this interview, she shares how she sets up her studio, what a typical day looks like for her, her past year’s studio practice, and more.

1. How are you setting up your studio for the New Year?

2. What is one ritual or thing that you do at the beginning of the New Year in your studio?

I chose to escape the rigidity of my formal architecture background in favor of building a creative practice that highlights the experiences of people like me.

3. Looking at last year what is the work that you are most proud of?

4. What does a typical day in the studio look like for you?

5. Could you share the studio spaces you work from? Be it your kitchen table or a fancy studio? How has your creative process evolved?

I depict Black life reframed and reimagined, experiences and highlight Black joy through a multidimensional use of cutouts, layered paper, acrylic paints, gold leaf and shiny mixed media.

6. How are you setting up the tone for your studio practice this new year?

7.  A favorite book you like to read?

8. Can we sneak in your current artwork on your table?

9. How do you take your studio practice beyond your studio?

Contrasting textures, luxurious materials, rich colors and a careful selection of apparently disparate elements come together in my art to spark conversations about the multilayered experiences of Black bodies.

10. How would you describe the year 2023 for your studio practice?

11. How do you overcome a creative block and let the creative juices flow?

12. The first piece of art you made while working here in this studio.

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