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In Studio w/ Kate Wilson: Finally, a place to call my own, where I can be free to expand creatively and make my art as large as I WANT!

In a studio conversation with the artist Kate Wilson. Kate’s ‘Palace of Creativity’ is her studio where she creates all her magic ‘wearing her fairy wings’ and dancing and painting her heart out. Kate shares how she breaks her day into two halves and manages her work and creative time. She shares her favorite memory when her Art wooed a customer once and now he is a collector of her work. Kate is already living in her dream studio and loves twirling around with her easels. Read on to learn more about the interview.

1. What does a day in the studio look like for you?

I break my day into time blocks-work time and creative time. Depending on the day, I begin by opening my double doors and feeling grateful and joyous as I look around my Palace of Creativity. I let my breath slow as my eyes take in my art, then buckle in for work time. My work time is the morning shift, where I organize and communicate about my art. I may meet with a collector or a gallery or work on my inventory or a proposal.

Then I pull a Mr. Rogers routine and change into my studio garb, and creative time begins! I cue up my Spotify, perhaps don my fairy wings, and pick up wherever I left off creating art. I keep COPIOUS notes and refer to these as I progress. I might be finishing details on a painting or wrapping sold art for a client.

2. What is your favorite memory or incident from your studio?

My favorite memory is on repeat. I love having collectors tell me about their new art. There is an inner glow that is captivating. I love knowing that my work inspires others.

One time someone came into my studio and told me his friends told him to see my work but to be clear, he did not understand abstract art and was not looking to buy. I let him wander and ask questions, then witnessed his shift. He began to tell me what he saw in various paintings, getting more excited as he verbalized his feelings. He said he had never felt this good before. He tuned into something inside himself that he had never known before and wanted this feeling to last. He purchased ten paintings and now says he doesn’t understand abstract art; he only understands MY abstract art. Tee hee!

3. Do you have any studio assistants or are you often accompanied by any visitors like pets or kids?

I work alone for now. I aim to have a studio assistant overseeing the work time activities so I can enjoy my creative time all the time! My doors are open to all visitors, with two or four feet.

4. Can you share three of your favorite works from the past and present?

My three favorite works of art embody the power of nature’s serenity.

My favorite sculpture is Hope For The Planet, an ongoing community-building, 8 x 8-foot aerial sculpture, into which I place thousands of wishes for the planet given to me so far. It is my favorite because I wish all humans felt hopeful, and adding a wish to my sculpture is a practice of looking within and finding hope. Each moment of hope can positively affect the individual and the world in which they interact.

My favorite realism painting is Rigi, Queen of the Mountains. She is a 48 x 60-inch painting of Mount Rigi in Switzerland, painted in the style of Fauvism. She is my favorite because she was a long and soul-searching adventure to paint, from which I felt like a Queen, standing victorious at the summit.

My favorite abstract painting is Solve, gold leaf and acrylic on panel, 24 x 18 inches, because she embodies a timeless feminine strength in her simplicity.

5. How would you describe a dream studio for yourself?


6. What does your studio smell of right now?

The sweet fragrance of Peonies from my garden fills my studio.

7. If you get a chance to set up your studio anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would keep my studio right where it is and continue to travel the world for inspiration.

8. What are you currently working on?

I am working on my Golden Stasi series, curvilinear abstractions in gold leaf that float above a color field.

9. How do you organize your space?

I thrive on visual cleanliness, so everything has a home and plenty of workspaces for in-process projects.

10. Favorite corner in your studio?

Mission Control. I am the master of my universe here, ready to create what comes from my vast imagination.

So this was Kate in her “Palace of Creativity’ creating magic with her imagination. You can explore more such interviews on our website in our Studio Visit section. If you are looking for yourself to get featured amongst other artists then you can apply for this month’s call for art.

Read more about Kate Wilson on her Website and Instagram.

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