‘Gallerie Nvya’: Delhi based women owned gallery presents a collective exhibit titled THREADSUNS – Showcasing works of 14 accomplished artists

Gallerie Nvya is one of the largest and most dynamic art galleries in India. The gallery has a power team of inspiring women (Tripat K kalra as the founder & director & Meher Kalra as Executive Director ) running the show.

This exhibition also curated by Shristi Sainani (curator, designer, researcher and writer) presenting the works of 14 talented artists.

When: August 18 — September 6, 2022

Where: Gallerie Nvya, 101-103, Square One Designer Arcade, C-2, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi

Timings: 11:00am to 7:00pm

Exhibiting Artists

Sarban Chowdhury, Suman Gupta, Jithin Jayakumar, Siddharth Kerkar, Mrudula Kunatharaju, Tahireh Lal, Manish Pushkale, Sohan Qadri, Mona Rai, Revati Sharma Singh, Tito Stanley, Santosh Verma and Neelesh Yogi. 

Performance by Murari Jha.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition is a direct derivation from a homonymous compilation of text by a poet who wrote under the pseudonym Paul Celan. In the text there is a frenzy of arrayed hope, a constant resilience, a propelling inkling for the need of spiritual restoration and intimacy. There is a call for comfort through meditative rigour, often realised through the labour of mark-making. The exhibition mirrors — ornate meets abstract, brevity is pit against elaborate complexity, striking disparities (in hue, medium, texture, tone) converse with feather-like delicacy weaving sacred devoutness through the narrative. The exhibition has inter-junctions of craft, indigeneity and contemporaneity to reconstruct the known confines of definition, temporality, association and familiarity.

Pierre Joris famously translated Celan’s ‘Threadsuns’, originally titled in German as ‘Faddensonnen’, to write, threadsuns fold into the word that gives their elongation— the ‘faden’ meaning something more, something which in English is still there in the word fathom, which comes to us (in the via) Germanic ‘fathmaz’, ‘the length of two arms stretched out’THREADSUNS reaches beyond to embody a phantasmic buoyancy, exuding life, ritual and rumination at instances. While at other times it anchors on to the serenity of silence.

Viewing of the exhibition is best accompanied by the book, Penguin Twentieth-Century ClassicsCelan : Selected Poems, published in 1996. Feel free to ask the gallery staff for a copy. There are scribbles that guide a viewer to the links sought by the curator, between artworks and poetry.

However, each is invited to find their own networks and add to the narrative of the exhibition. 

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