A decade of finding her voice, shaping her work & her identity as an Artist: Artist talk w/ Ana Sneeringer.

Ana Sneeringer is a Slovenian artist residing in Montgomery AL, USA. Having started her career in documentary journalism as a director of an environmental television station, Ana’s experiences across Jordan, Russia, the USA, The Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, and India, led her to express her observations & learnings in her contemporary artworks. Women or the female presence form the epicentre of her artistic exploration and stories. Living around the world and engaging with women from different cultures, Ana’s encounters resonated with the similarities of emotions and experiences everywhere, rather than the disparities of race or colour. As a result, her artistic canvas is a vivid, kaleidoscopic world of thoughts, emotions, and experiences shared by the modern woman. Entirely self-taught, Ana finds liberation in employing free will and speaking from her heart, unconfined by a learned discipline. Whether in watercolour, acrylic, or digital media, she gives herself the freedom to experiment based on her subject matter.

Ana’s art has been exhibited internationally in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Switzerland. All She Makes, Create! Magazine and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine; highly recognizable art platforms for contemporary artists of the 21st century and World of Interiors; the most influential design and decoration magazine from Conde Nast featured her work. She had been interviewed by Adobe2 and many other magazines. One of her projects was collaborating with LIDL Slovenia and Europa Donna to raise awareness of breast cancer through her artwork. In 2020 one of her artworks was exhibited and is now part of their collection in one of three National museums in India, Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad, India.

In this podcast, we are sharing our Artist Talk that we recently had with the artist Ana Sneeringer. In this episode,

  • Ana has shared her creative journey of 10 years.
  • She has shared her struggles, her hard work and her achievements.
  • She has shared everything about her artwork and her art practices.
  • She also has shared her travel stories and how she managed to create even while travelling.

Other artists joined us in the meeting, and Ana also answered their queries. One of the questions was asked by Julia.

  • Artist Julia asked her, “Did you start straight ahead with your Website, or did you use some other shops to start and make yourself a name?”

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