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Virtual Studio Visit w/ Melissa Jander: Slight smell of oil paint, and a floral bouquet of sweet peas

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Melissa Jander is an accomplished artist known for her expressive oil paintings. She has a diverse educational background in technical drawing, architecture, graphic design, and foreign language and
literature. She seeks to stir emotions through shape, color, and expressive brushwork. Her muses are the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, often drawing inspiration from rugged coastlines and blooming flora. Her art is influenced by artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Berthe Morisot, and Paul Cezanne, as well as contemporary artists like Anne Redpath and Winifred Nicholson. Melissa values the freedom and joy of creating art that expresses emotions, and she enjoys sharing this passion with others.

In this week’s Studio visit, let’s virtually visit Melissa Jander’s dream studio with her studio pal, Franz. Melissa shares how a typical day is for her in the studio, her favorite corner where she creates ‘magic’ and more.

1. What does a day in the studio look like for you?

On a typical day in the studio, I collect my cleaned paintbrushes from the day before, remove my paint containers from the freezer and load my palette, add any missing colors. Then, depending upon what is on the easel, continue working on that painting, or set up a new still life. I usually have classical music playing, or folk/pop/rock such as Eva Cassidy, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Cyndi Lauper, FleetwoodMac, The Eagles, etc. I’m ready to stop for the day by 3 or 4 and wash brushes, and clean vases.

2. What is your favorite memory or incident from your studio?

My favorite memory is dreaming of a place where my husband and I could retire and where I could be part of a creative community. We were hoping we could build a shared space where he could do his woodworking and I could paint. We are blessed with a dream come true.

3. Do you have any studio assistants or do any visitors like pets or kids often accompany you?

It’s just me and my cat Franz in the studio at the moment. He is a great pal featured in a mural I painted on the back wall of the studio/shop. It’s a fun place for studio visitors to take a selfie during our local art studio tour, and I plan to repaint a new design every couple of years to make it fun for visitors.

4. Can you share three of your favorite works from the past and present?

“Roses, Late Afternoon” 20”x30” oil; “Golden Apples on Silver Tray” 24” x24” oil; “Jonquils and Fruit” 16” x 20” oil.

5. How would you describe a dream studio for yourself?

My dream studio is the one I have, thankfully.

6. What does your studio smell of right now?

Slight smell of oil paint, and a floral bouquet of sweet peas from the garden which is my current painting subject.

7. If you get a chance to set up your studio anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to have a small studio in Southern Spain or in Provence, France. That would be amazing

8. What are you currently working on?

A floral still life is set up right now, roses, sweet peas, and cosmos from my garden. Once those fade, I will have sunflowers and dahlias.

9. How do you organize your space?

One corner is my office area, one is a small drawing table, the middle is my painting space, and I have storage shelves for supplies and still-life objects around the perimeter.

10. Favorite corner in your studio?

The central area with my easel and palette table is where the “magic” happens!

Melissa’s studio felt so cozy and warm. It sure is a dream studio. To explore other artists’ virtual studio spaces, visit our website. And to get featured on our website don’t forget to apply for this month’s call for art.

Read more about Melissa Jander on her Website and Instagram.

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