About the Artist

Mackenzie Reynolds is an artist born and raised in New York but found a home in the Midwest. Her knowledge of photography has led her to challenge and explore the boundaries of photographic relationships. You can find Mackenzie Reynolds living in Wisconsin where she is currently working as a cultural heritage photographer.

Artist Statement

Fading Memories
A state in which I wonder
Distant heart & mind

As time passes, pictures and memories inevitably begin to fade. From 2020-2021 I found myself drawn to deteriorating family slides in hopes of creating new memories during a time where my own world stood still. In Isolation is a series of images that explores the loneliness of family in times of separation.

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

Treasured Moments are ways in which I can connect to my family. Knowing I am part of a larger story that began before me and will continue after draws me to to working with inherited memories such as photographs, letters & other mementos. I often spend a lot of time looking through family photographs reflecting on the stories they once told. It is important to me to also create new narratives to those images who’s stories have been forgotten.


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Charuka Arora

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