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How to develop a winning mindset as an artist

Creativity knows no bounds, but often, our mindset can be the limiting factor in our journey. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting to explore your creative side, one thing is certain: a winning mindset can make all the difference. 

So, what exactly is this “winning mindset” we’re talking about? Picture it as your all-access pass to a theme park. It’s the attitude that turns every up and down into an adventure. Just like a rollercoaster, your art journey has thrilling highs and heart-pounding lows, and the winning mindset is your ticket to enjoying every moment.

It’s not about winning awards or breaking the bank with your art (though those are nice too). Instead, it’s about embracing the excitement, taking risks, and thinking like a trailblazer. Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned pro, adopting this mindset can make your journey oh-so-satisfying.

In this blog, we’re here to help you embrace the “winning artist mindset.” It’s all about growth, staying true to your vision, and always aiming for something even more amazing. So, hop on board, let’s cultivate that winning mindset together!

Maintain a balance in your work

Creating art is like a dance. Sometimes you’re busy making sketches, drawings, inks, and paintings – let’s call it “Breathing Out.” You feel happy because you’re making lots of art. But, making art works better when you also take breaks to “Breathe In.”

What’s “Breathe In” all about?

It’s when you stop making art for a while and do other things. It could be reading a book, writing something unrelated to art, or getting active with exercise. It’s like giving your mind and body a rest from art.

Why Is It Important? Because when you’re not thinking about your art, your brain keeps working quietly. It’s like when you cook something delicious, and the flavors mix while you’re not looking. This is when new ideas come to the surface. When you get back to making art, you might have lots of fresh ideas to use.

Here’s the trick: good ideas need time to grow. Just like how soup tastes better the longer it simmers, your ideas become better when you let them sit for a while. So, be patient. Let your ideas develop while you take a break. This can be the hardest part of being creative.

Finding balance isn’t just about making more art; it’s about making better art. So, remember to pause, take a breath, and explore things outside of art. It’s in those quiet moments that you can grow in surprising and beautiful ways.

Create your own opportunities 

If you’re an emerging artist, you might not have your art in galleries yet. That’s okay because you have the power to make your own opportunities to showcase your work. Finding new places to display your art is a win-win situation. It adds a fresh line to your exhibition history, introduces your art to new audiences, and can even catch the eye of curators and gallery owners.

Here’s a secret: even established artists are realizing that galleries aren’t the only game in town. There are countless exciting venues to display art and incredible partnerships to be forged when you step outside the traditional gallery setting.

One of the best parts of having a winning mindset is that you’re always learning. When you approach your art journey with genuine curiosity and a desire to connect, you become a magnet for opportunities.

You can connect with artists you admire and organize a show together. It’s not just about solo exhibitions; teaming up with other artists can be a fantastic way to present your art. Or you can make a list of artists or industry figures you look up to and don’t hesitate to reach out. A winning and open mindset can lead to unexpected connections.

Let’s break the mold of traditional art exhibits. Instead of the usual, think of something completely different. Some artists have showcased their work on fences, in pop-up spaces, or even out in the open. It’s like flipping the script on what an art show should be. And guess what? Your audience will love your twist. 


Here’s the cool part: you’re in charge. You can let your creativity run wild and create your own path. You don’t have to follow the old rules. You can pitch your art show idea to places that already have visitors, like local shops or as part of a well-known art event in your town.

Even a “No” is a step forward 

Don’t worry if someone says “no.” It’s all part of the game. The good news is, even when you get a “no,” you’ve expanded your network. That shop or event might not be the right fit, but they might connect you with someone who is. Plus, they might think of you for future opportunities.

Say “Yes” to everything

Having a winning artist mindset means you’re open to everything. You’re ready for both short-term and long-term partnerships and opportunities. It’s like saying “yes” and being open to new adventures at every turn. So, don’t be afraid to get creative with where and how you showcase your art. Your art journey is uniquely yours, so make it your own.

Keep your art supplies organized

Being an artist, you know that creativity flows best when things are organized. Having your art supplies and inspirations neatly arranged can make a world of difference in your creative process. It allows your mind to focus on what matters most—bringing your artistic visions to life.

If you’re looking to boost your creativity and keep your creative space tidy, consider the ATH Daisy Bundle. It’s designed to help you maintain order while injecting a burst of fun and color into your journey.

Choose collaboration over competition

Successful artists know that collaboration, not competition, is the key to thriving in the art world. In fact, adopting a wining mindset can help you break free from unhelpful comparisons that can hold you back.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all path to success. Artists take different routes, reach milestones at different times, and face their own unique challenges. You might have more followers than some artists and fewer than others. Your career might be further along than some, and not as advanced as others. It’s crucial to realize that comparing yourself to others won’t propel you forward. What truly matters is the time and effort you invest in your craft.

Remind yourself that there’s no single way to have an art career. Success stories vary, and the road to achievement is often paved with unseen struggles. While you might not have the same recognition as some artists, your career could be more financially stable or predictable.

By choosing collaboration over competition and creating a supportive community, you’ll not only nurture your journey but also elevate the entire artist community. This approach is a hallmark of winning artists who understand that success is best achieved together.

Consistency Creates Excellence:

Winning artists understand the power of consistency. You don’t always have to be the best right away, but by consistently practicing your craft, you naturally improve over time. That’s the magic of consistency. It transforms you into a better artist step by step. Remember, even in the world of art, practice makes progress.

Mistakes and obstacles are not roadblocks; they are stepping stones on your journey. Challenges push you to think outside the box, fostering creativity and innovation. They are the teachers you didn’t know you needed. In fact, there’s a saying among artists – “OMM’S,” pronounced oh..mmmms, which stands for “Obstacles Make Me Stronger.” Embrace your challenges; they’re your secret weapons for growth.

It’s easy to become so focused on chasing our dreams that we forget to pause, reflect, and celebrate our achievements. Yet, celebrating every win, no matter how small, is vital to staying motivated and energized. Each milestone, even tiny baby steps, deserves recognition. It’s a reminder that your journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the journey, celebrate the wins, and remember that it’s all part of creating a winning mindset.

In the world of art and in life itself, cultivating a winning mindset is the key to success. It’s about being consistent, embracing challenges, and celebrating every step forward in your artistic journey. Keep creating, keep growing, and keep wearing that invisible crown of excellence.

Grow, collaborate, and enjoy the creative ride

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