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7 tips for monetizing your artwork through print-on-demand

Starting to sell your print-on-demand art online might seem hard, with the idea that you need lots of people to notice you and it will take a long time to succeed. But that’s not true. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need a huge audience or years of effort to do well in the online art world.

If you truly love art, this article can help you make money from it. The key is to understand that quality matters more than quantity. Instead of worrying about having a ton of people see your art, focus on building a real connection with those who genuinely like what you create.

Keep it simple and easy to understand. Use everyday language to tell your story, making it easy for all kinds of people to relate to. Share why you love making art and highlight the personal connection you want to have with people who appreciate your work. 

So, how do you transform your art into a successful business that brings in passive income? The key is to start with print-on-demand for artists. This means putting your art on various products that resonate with your audience and have the potential for unlimited profits.

In this article, we’re here to share some top tips on making your art prints reach more people and helping you thrive as an artist. We’ll guide you through the world of print-on-demand, unlocking the potential for your art to connect with a broader audience and turn your passion into a lucrative venture. Learn how to maximize your reach and succeed in the art market by making your unique creations accessible to a wider range of your art fans.

7 tips to monetize your artwork through print-on-demand

Discovering how to turn your artwork into profit is made easier with a print-on-demand art business. This business model operates as a dropshipping system, producing products featuring your designs only when orders are placed. This not only saves you time but also allows you to invest your resources in creating more art and honing your skills.

If you’re an artist looking to sell art prints on demand, consider these seven practical tips for starting and succeeding with your print-on-demand artworks:

No.1 Work on creating unique designs:

 Creating artworks that stands out is crucial for success in the print-on-demand business. Focus on creating designs that are distinctive and capture the attention of your audience. Work on creating your individual style and infuse it into your art, making each piece a representation of your unique work. This distinctiveness not only sets your work apart but also attracts customers looking for something special and original.

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No.2 Don’t compromise on quality 

Make quality a top priority for your prints and products to guarantee customer satisfaction. Invest in top-notch materials and printing processes that not only accurately showcase your art but also withstand the test of time. This commitment to quality builds trust with customers, encouraging repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Before making your print-on-demand products available, make sure you’re satisfied with the product and printing quality. Take a vital step by ordering a sample of your product. This hands-on approach lets you personally check materials, colors, and overall finish, ensuring they meet your expectations. By verifying the physical representation of your product, you can confidently offer high-quality items to customers, creating happy buyers who value your art. Prioritizing product and print quality is essential for building a positive reputation for your art business.

No. 3 Add variety to your print-on-demand products collection 

Offer a wide range of products featuring your art to cater to different preferences. From prints and posters to clothing and accessories, diversifying your product lineup allows you to reach a broader audience. Consider what products align well with your style and resonate with your target market, providing them with various options to connect with your creations.

Pick products that suit your artwork best by considering items that complement your style. For instance, if you create vibrant and colorful designs, consider products like high-quality prints, posters, or even clothing items like T-shirts and tote bags. These products can effectively showcase the vivid details of your art.

Rachel Martini

If your artwork is more intricate or detailed, you might opt for products that allow for close examination, such as phone cases, laptop skins, or art prints on canvas. These items highlight the finer aspects of your creations, offering your audience a chance to appreciate the details.

Choosing products like mugs, stickers, or notebooks can also be a great option, as they provide a functional and affordable way for people to incorporate your art into their daily lives. Create a diverse range that caters to different preferences and allows your audience to engage with your art in various ways.

No. 4 Target a specific niche

Identify a specific niche or audience for your art to tailor your creations and marketing efforts effectively. Understanding your target audience allows you to create art that resonates with their interests and preferences. Whether it’s a particular theme, style, or subject matter, catering to a niche helps you build a dedicated fan base and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Simon Schiffmacher

No.5 Work on your online presence 

 Establishing a strong online presence is essential for connecting with potential customers. Utilize social media platforms and create a dedicated website to showcase your artwork. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses into your creative process, engage with your audience, and make it easy for customers to discover and purchase your print-on-demand products.

Check out popular words and make art inspired by them. If certain themes are trending, create artwork that fits those trends. For example, if “cozy home decor” is a popular phrase, design art that goes along with that idea.

Looking into what words people are searching for helps you understand current trends. Make art that fits these words, so your work is easier to find and more attractive to potential buyers. Keep up with what people are looking for and adjust your creations accordingly, increasing the chances of your art reaching a wider audience.

No.6 Work on your marketing strategy 

 Develop a straightforward marketing strategy to promote your print-on-demand products. Utilize social media advertising, email campaigns, and collaborations with influencers to increase visibility. Clearly communicate the unique aspects of your art and highlight promotions or limited-time offers to entice potential customers. Keep your marketing approach aligned with your style to maintain authenticity.

No.7 Stay active and engage with your art buyers

Gardening 1908 Natalia Goncharova 1881-1962

 Foster a positive relationship with your customers by actively engaging with them. Respond promptly to feedback, address any queries or concerns, and consider incorporating customer preferences into your future offerings. Building a community around your art enhances customer loyalty and encourages them to become involved in your print-on-demand business.

Connect with fellow artists and potential customers by engaging with their posts. Drop comments, start conversations, and, if it feels right, slide into their direct messages. Reference previous discussions to make it personal, like, “I recall you love flowers. I’m launching a new collection of adorable floral illustrations, and I thought you might be interested. Here’s the link – I’d love to hear your thoughts as a fellow artist!” Building connections this way helps you share your artwork organically and connect with people who genuinely appreciate your creations.


In today’s digital age, fulfilling your dreams doesn’t have to be tough. Forget about just selling your paintings in galleries or pop-up shops. Thanks to print-on-demand, making money from your art is easy – just turn your art into digital images and put it on any product you like.

If the artists you follow on social media can make a living selling art, so can you. With print-on-demand, you don’t need to spend a lot to get started. It lets you skip the usual struggles artists face and grow your business your way.

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