Ep 51. How she found her dream collaboration via Instagram: Collaborating w/ Nykaa & Bollywood star Katrina Kaif w/ Artist Gaurvi Sharma

I n the 51st Episode of The Arts to Hearts Podcast,
Podcast Host & founder of Arts to hearts project Charuka Arora is joined by Artist Gaurvi Sharma yet again.

Gaurvi appeared on the Episode no. 14 of the ATH podcast where she spoke about her work, her creative process and life as an artist in India.

In that episode, gaurvi hinted about a dream collaboration she was extremely excited about but couldn’t share before its release.

Finally, we have Gaurvi back on the podcast & this time she is here to share it all about her dream project collaboration w/ Nykaa beauty which is now live.

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Viva watching this movies and they can nominate me and my husband, we bought her boxing and it was like, it was about like, uh, following your passion then your dreams. So it came up, uh, it’s supposed to occur. So, uh, so that, that was the reason it was, uh, kind of. Uh, it was hard to believe that it was Katrina herself.

Uh, messaging me, welcome to the arts to heart podcast, a show where we take peak into the hearts and lives of our favorite artists from running a creative business, add practice to mindset. We talk about everything that goes behind it to make it. I know that you will adore it as an artist. Think of this as you’re happy, I will be your favorite artists in your studio.

Hear them share the messy and the wonderful side of creating and living a creative heartfelt light within and outside our studios. As you tune in, be ready to be inspired. And in cottage, I’m your host, Jada Coda, an artist designer, entrepreneur I’m founder of odds to hotspot. Thank you so much for being here.

Let’s jump right in. Hey, you guys welcome back to the aunts to hotspot guys. This is your host. And I am so excited to be back here with an, with someone I’ve had previous on the podcast. This is the last time that I have like a guest who has appeared before on the bad guys. So let me give you a. Quick background on what’s been happening and why this is happening.

So, um, a few months ago I was recording this episode with Courtney. Uh, this is episode number 14, where we, uh, had as our guest on the podcast. And I, in God, we had such a wonderful conversation about her work, how she has, you know, what does sounds together. Okay. The practice and the kind of work that she’s making.

And, you know, she has this magical mystical kind of feel. And we spoke about all of those things in that episode, Garvey had mentioned about an upcoming project that she was very excited about and she just shared that. But you also said that she couldn’t mention the entire project until it was released because she was founded by contracts.

But now that the project wise and his life, um, I had followed up with Colby and we’d been hoping to do this follow-up episode so that Garvey can share all these details and her amazing expedience with all of us. So finally, we’ve managed to record this episode and I have Colby with me. I don’t do the bypass.

So how does, how does it feel to be back on the same podcast? I’m excited,

you know, this, you’ve got this. Okay. So I remember last time we had such a wonderful conversation and unfortunately, however, Friday tried to record this episode idea. We just wouldn’t make this possible, but I’m so excited that you’re doing this today now because I, I am so proud of you and I’m so happy.

So would you like to talk about what I am talking about and when you finally share the big secret and the project and talk about. So it’s not a secret anymore. So, uh, let me tell you how this happened. Um, uh, like, uh, I am on Instagram, as you will know. So I keep on posting everything which is happening in my studio and about my story about my work.

And it has kind of a diary to me. So , uh, she’s um, she’s a very popular, uh, Bollywood actress. Uh, she did many movies, uh, um, uh, um, kind of a fan of her. So, um, I feel I’ve watched, uh, then became nominated it was very inspiring for me. You know why I insure a lot of people, a lot of my friends, uh, who I based in the U S a lot of them activity watch Bollywood.

So I, it wouldn’t be a surprise. A few of them listening to this episode would recognize who we’re talking about, but in that, what guy be saying, and what you’re saying is that Katina CAS is like this huge, popular, um, Act as in India, which is quite a big deal and she was gone, she noticed galleries work.

Is that what you’re saying? Another thing that I would like to add that she is an amazing person, maybe down to us and. Very sweet and very time. Uh, actually, uh, she noticed my work and she was kind enough to, uh, like, uh, acknowledge my work. And she, she messaged, messaged me on Instagram

and I was like, uh,

That’s what I was about to say beautiful. It was like, uh, maybe, uh it’s from some fake iPhones or something. So I had this message and I, uh, was not too short if that was from

So she, she, uh, she mentioned that she, uh, she liked my book. Uh, she wants, wants to talk about, um, that opera day. Uh, so she asked me for my phone number. So then I take a profile and I was like, wow, this catching us. That’s what I like. I’m a fatty thin, oh my God. All of those dreams that we all seem thing, he like someone who be someone that really likes someone that you look up to, or like someone, a celebrity, all of those.

And suddenly out of nowhere, like, as I mentioned, uh, like, uh, like long time back. Viva watching this movie, then they can nominate me and my husband, we bought her watching again. It was like, it was about like, uh, following your passion and your dreams. So it gave up, it’s supposed to look at it. So, uh, so that, that was the reason it was, uh, kind of, uh, uh, it was hard to believe that it was Katrina herself, uh, messaging me.

My husband.

Yeah. So I messaged him and, uh, with a screenshot of the message,

he was happy. Yeah, he believed he believed it. So, uh, I, uh, COVID is my number two hot. And then I think after some time she calls me and I was like, she was explaining the whole thing. Did you say I have, I will have a lot of questions episodes, and they’re not going to be my usual. Did you sleep from the time she asked your number till the time she acted?

I was excited though, and it was quite nice to the legacy. Uh, so, uh, so she, uh, I, I followed his, my number two hurt and she, uh, she called me and, uh, I think that that was, uh, on my birthday. Uh, yeah. Uh, no, not the, uh, off-course accident. It was just by chance that she called me on my birthday. Uh, Yeah. So she mentioned about, uh, the, the whole, uh, uh, uh, the thing I, the concepts and, uh, uh, what she was expecting from me.

So. I was in awe and I was like, uh, like I was just, uh, uh, admiring her wife.

Yeah. Yeah. I told her, um, maybe, uh, I think it does better if you mail me a manager.

Uh, listen to all this. She was, uh, smiling to hear that. And, uh, then after that, um, I got, uh, like, uh, she, uh, the whole night they called me, they invited me to Mumbai for the meeting and, um, I then ended up.

So it was a long back actually, I think two years back because, uh, yeah. It takes a lot of time because the whole theme is involved. The designing side of their, the packaging, uh, then the school would happen. Everything got delayed for, uh, for this because of this. So yeah. Then I’ve been to, uh, Mumbai, uh, and, uh, it was like, um, uh, You went to the NIC office.

So Nika is like a very big EDD load in India. So this medics and now fashion ed dealers and online and online. So they do brand collaborations with high-end celebrities. So basically Nika lines, um, exclusion line with Katrina, and we was. I I designed, I designed the packaging so I, a Nike event, I event that, uh, there’s this, uh, graphic designer.

Um, her name is, um, send me so. She was, she was so supportive throughout then I was, uh, working with her throughout. And, um, so yeah, so then I went there, there was, uh, uh, uh, the CEO of Nika was that. And then, uh, Falguni uh, that the owner of Nika. It was so inspiring to see all these, uh, like all these women working together and, uh, like running this whole thing.

So, uh, getting up was also that, uh, during the meeting,

yeah, it was, uh, kind of, uh, I dunno, it was not real. It doesn’t seem real to me at that time. And, uh, they, uh, kind of predicted my, uh, uh, the thing profiled on, uh, on the screen. And I was like, wow. So I used the post, uh, the needs was that on the city. And then I was so. Uh, but, uh, there was never a surprise.

Um, they made me super comfortable with that. Nice. So nice to hear, to see like, you know, these people like people eat. I think the first thing is, uh, valuing artists, um, understanding what they’re bringing on the table and they cheating it that the same. And the second thing I feel like what’s really inspiring about the story is that, um, how we subconsciously we feel like nobody’s looking at us and suddenly you come out of this, this somewhat, somebody suddenly this magical thing happens.

And then you realize like, you know, how, how even little effort that keeps going, that if you put yourself out there even one day at a time, uh, what’s meant to, you will come for you. And what was this? Like all these initiatives. Choosing a women artists, the product is for women then, uh, the actress who’s, she’s a big name.

Um, she’s, that’s all my Scag, Katrina F has done so much in India. And then of course, vile Winnie, uh, is such an intervention for people in India has set up this big name for herself in the startup world, in the tech world, in the fashion world. Together. And then there you are so, so inspiring. It was so inspiring to see all these, uh, lovely ladies like working together and making things happen.

So, um, So it was like, I was cherish for the rest of my life. So it was amazing working with them. So that the whole team, like each one of them, it was Jedi, uh, nice working with them. Okay. What happened next? Did you, did, did you close the project then? It was, was it like. So they gave me this, uh, my beef about the, what the, uh, Thinking golf, eyeshadow, palettes that they are going to launch that they’ve are going blonde.

So, uh, so the thing was, I could, uh, like, uh, relate to what they were talking about because I was working on the same lines. I was working with the same emotion. So, uh, I am a Dicky kind of, uh, got, uh, when they were, yeah. So, uh, then I was given all the freedom. There was no distinction, nothing at all. And I, that wasn’t even, I enjoyed, uh, working on this, uh, uh, whole, uh, uh, uh, the same project.

So, uh, there was no, uh, no guidelines. There was, they just gave me this, uh, these team. Which I was already kind of, uh,

no, not at all. It was like very, uh, uh, easy and, um, uh, it goes, it went very smooth, the whole process, and I enjoyed the, uh, the like every bit of it. Well, I think gave me enough time, which I needed, so, and all the freedom and all the support. How so, how did you create a process for this? This collaboration was how did it turn out?

Um, while you’re working with. Um, as I mentioned, I Al I was already working on these emotions, um, in my book. So, so I just, uh, like. It was a very free flowing, I should say the whole process and a very smoothly let’s talk about venue and Eddie. Did you, how did you show them that? Y’all how did you show Katrina?

How involved was getting in this world? Access active. Yeah. I mean, I was like, uh, I was, as I mentioned, I was working with this, uh, uh, traffic designer. So I was in regular touch with, uh, and, uh, we were a team, so, uh, and she’s a good friend now.

So she is, uh, amazing. I bothered her a lot, I guess.

Uh, yeah, I’ve been at this, uh, finally, uh, the thing finally came out. Um, it is actually, uh, the effort of the whole theme. So from the packaging to choosing the right, uh, uh, I should say paper for the, for the illustration then, right. Font for the illustration. Uh it’s uh, it’s a whole team. Uh, yeah. So th that’s that’s very true.

That’s very true. So then how did, how did you feel when you finally saw your work on the package and then like when it was in your hand? I was super happy. I was so excited and, um, uh, I have, I got this, uh, Hmm. I was like so many people like, uh, they posted online, uh, uh, the videos of this. Uh,

so, uh, they, they sent me this package Nika, um, uh, they were kind enough to send me the whole package to me and I keep on. Like, uh, admiring. I,

yeah, if someone’s watching this video, they can, uh, see Garvey showing the packaging right now. So I will upload this on YouTube as well, the video version of the podcast, so that you can see what God was talking about. But also if you’re not watching this on YouTube, I will attach all these beautiful clots and the packaging and everything on the show notes so that you get all the scoop behind the scenes.

No problem. Okay. So then what, what was the favorite part for you in this entire process? Save it, that was, uh, when I was, uh, drawing for the, when I got the team and I was, uh, um, I was drawing for these, uh, on these teams and, um, yeah, I think drawing was the most interesting part. Okay. I, and other very important question, actually, I gotta ask you, um, one, um, has this experience as an artist, I’m also asking this specially in context to India, because I see that, I don’t know that we still, a lot of artists here are still very close when it comes to, um, what being artists.

You know, has this oppurtunity, how has this oppurtunity change your perception or what you think or you want to go in directions? Has it altered anything for you? I think now I’m more. More open to new things. Uh, I did, uh, I did book books as well in the station. So, um, everything, anything that excites me, I say, I say yes to that project.

So, um, I’m open to, uh, like new projects and new things, I think, uh, It is important to keep you, uh, excited and going. That’s true. Yeah. And I think also I’ve seen a difference, like, um, well, how has your view for Instagram shaped off of this incident? Oh, you’re never know who is noticing your work. Uh, important thing is keep on, keep on working, keep that fat on in you and just keep on going.

Yeah. You never know who will notice your next. And, uh, maybe, uh, after the, I think the venue for, uh, your work, uh, out there, uh, people, uh, they find a way, uh, they find a way to take your, uh, book another. So that is the most exciting part of Instagram. That’s so true. That’s so well put together, actually. Um, um, you know, the thing is that sometimes we, we all know how Instagram is for us.

It’s like a love and hate relationship, but it’s also given so many of us, so many good things that we, uh, that may not have been possible before. Yeah. Um, what I’m basically trying to say is that, uh, I have seen a lot of artists have inhibitions about, you know, Instagram and all of that, but that’s lost.

Listen, I have another question. Okay. I, before I forget, did you ask it to you now? How did she find you? Where did she find you? Like, how did she just randomly stumbled upon. Uh, your Instagram ID. How did that happen for them? No, uh, I think

okay. If she’s listening. Yeah. You need to send this episode to kitchen, I guess. And if. Hopefully she will let us know that. How did you discover you? Because it’s so amazing. Like, you know, um, we don’t, we sometimes we so self criticized, self, uh, get Excel, sabotage ourselves and, you know, especially in this circle of lights and comments and shares and all of those things instead, I think what I truly love about your work is.

It’s the organicness of it. How fluid you are, how, how organic it is. He is, and I’m sure that’s what must have really pulled, uh, Katrina is when

I’m told that. That’s what it is pretty sure. Okay. Um, one technical aspect. You let me know if this is something that’s. When you were, I’m sure you, this is the first time that you’ve done a collaboration at this level and especially in this way. Am I right? Um, how did you figure out, especially as business, what made sense for you if this was, um, if this was the opportunity that was worth your time, because it’s a long project, if you were, you know, basically if you will be.

Paid enough, or even like, you know, what you should code, because I think this is a very common question that comes from artists. Any level, like, you know, if they’re given an opportunity, the first thing to come up is that, you know, even our own groups and in our community, people keep asking, what’s the one reads to us and they, they want.

How much should I charge? How much should I do this? Um, now the, of course there is no industry standard. There’s generally like there’s no framework that people work. It’s only, uh, when we share with up yours and, um, things like that, but I feel like the kind of collaboration you had, um, but if you figured that out for yourself, I think the first thing should be really, do you want to do it?

Yeah, this should be the first question you should ask you, assess the makeup. Then something comes up or some collaboration, a thumbs up or some project comes up. So first thing which comes to, uh, the geckos, like, uh, ask myself, do I really want to do that? I’m excited about that. If I’m not excited and I’m not happy, then I think, uh, that is no point, uh, doing the whole thing.

And, uh, I think, um, I’m, uh, uh, quite, uh, uh, can say. Uh, hesitant when it comes to negotiations,

because talking about money is so hard for so many of us. And also it’s now I see, like, it’s we have this, given this perception that it’s like a negative thing. It’s like, oh, talking about money or all of that, or even saintly asking for what. Right. That is important. So, uh, this thing I learned slowly, uh, with experience, uh, luckily for this project, uh, I have, uh, like, uh, uh, uh, there are not, uh, mass about negotiations.

I was no. Um, and, and, uh, uh, as you can see, uh, catching up, uh, like, uh, she, uh, was never shy to, uh, mention my name. Well, so the thing I really liked about this, because I feel like these are very, we all, and I really want to ask this on the podcast because we all celebrate the good part, but, you know, even when I, as a listener, If I was listening to this episode, I, I would end up with the questions, like, you know, okay.

This happened to her. Wow. Uh, it may happen to me as well. And you know, we come with this thought, but the second one is, how will, how will you, how will I figure it out? How am I being, should I take this opportunity or not? Am I being treated well or not in my being paid well or not? And these are such important questions, but because people don’t talk about them enough, um, they’d never come on the spotlight because like, you know, credits, you will not only give him parents.

I remember I saw at the launch also. Um, I think, I think it’s unique. I shared a photograph with you. Yeah. Yeah. And there, there’s a mention now on the back of the cover as well. So, uh, my name is dad. Yeah. Wow. How does it feel to see that

you’re going to show your children and children, and this is going to become this, this. And that’s going to go from generations to generations now.

Yeah. Okay. What was the hardest part in this process for you? Um, extensive. It meant 24, um, on, um, it’s Wednesday. Nothing that you said, like, maybe for your own says, um, getting over your own, maybe any of your own thoughts that you were dealing with. No, I did not. Luckily this went very smooth because we also, like, I think this is at least I I’m for short I’m awarding, like I’m, there’s like an over over-thinker and I’m be way beyond all of those people, because I will overthink things to an extent that I will, I will, even if I feel like.

You know, we have these tendencies, there’s something so good. How is it so good? There must be something wrong, like, you know, so I’m an avid overthinking myself. Uh,

I did, I did. Uh, but, uh, I think my husband, who is also a businessman designer and, uh, so, uh, I think, uh, he kind of guided me, so the whole thing, then every project comes and, uh, he’s always says, uh, guiding me about the financial side as well. So. Um, I’m shying away from not talking much about the finances.

I, uh, this is important. We need to pay your bills as well. Absolutely. And you know, you have, we all get to be. We all are doing our jobs. Everyone gets paid for their job. Artists get, gets paid for their job. And there’s, there’s, there’s nothing. I mean, because I think it’s just with this whole thing, that’s been set on others.

And that’s why there’s this money tab. When, especially as I think, especially women, we, as people who did not grow up, talking about women in the family, Um, it’s, it’s a little more harder for us because when that happens for the first time, when you have to negotiate, I still remember. And I moved out of my parents’ house 10 years ago.

Um, there was so many things I had to do on my own. And even till I, even now there’s so many things that I do on my own for the first time. Like, you know, if you want. I mean some buying something in the beginning from renting a place to buying a house. You know, we all do things for the first time. And 10 years ago, I did not have a queue.

I was a very independent, but even then as a woman, I did not in my father, never discussed, um, I think what he discussed with my plateau. So I never knew how these things work and like, um, how business was, of course I knew how business works, but what only I saw not the part that I can not see. It was the money, um, the financials, how the negotiations happen and all of that.

And it takes so much of mental. We working to align ourselves with that, you know, this is a part of the process. We all do this. There’s nobody working here and we all do. And it doesn’t thought. And, um, I think that the expedience also, uh, gains, uh, I in expediency where you’ve got to know how to talk about, uh, as well as it is important.

It is a part of process. Yeah, that’s true. Okay. What’s the best memory in time in this entire process. Can you share any one memory that and so the entire project you will, anything specifically that you would want to share? Well, like first when, uh, Katrina, she messages me. Oh, did you add it to this screenshot?

No, I’ve actually, I kind of, uh, uh, I don’t like, uh, like, uh, chatting the

Yeah, it says that me. So, um, in fact, uh, nah, I still have, uh, the messages from.

Yeah, the advantage actually, uh, came into life, um, which I have and, uh, the men, but for the rest of my life. Lovely. Okay. So thank you so much. This was so amazing. I am so glad that I had the opportunity. Uh, And yo and, and learning from your amazing expedience. And I only wish I know there’s truly so much, so much good things coming on your way.

And I, I, I just want to ask you. What is, is there anything that, um, that you would, that you would want to share right now with us? Anything that you’re working on? Any future projects or just, um, in general, I will definitely link all of these products, the whole collection and this. I think on the show notes, but if there’s anything else you want to mention.

Yeah, actually I’m working on, uh, embroidery, uh, uh, thought bag of bags, mostly, uh, in collaboration with the , which is, uh, uh, NGO intend to get. So they are supporting women, uh, So they, uh, they, uh, deep in them, they are, uh, helping them with, uh, like improving their skills. And, uh, I’m working with ban off the females, uh, in my studio and we are coming up at, uh, embroidery bag.

So, uh, so the, uh, pro uh, progress. So I’m hoping, um,

So, uh, these are the gum on my website sometime very soon, maybe next month. So yeah. Yeah, it’s a gauzy shad Perfect. So guys, if you want to check out Garvey’s work, if you want to see, uh, the project that she did in collaboration with Nika and cutting that case and everything that we spoke about, you can go to WW dot hats, two hats,, and you will find the show notes on the homepage, on the podcast page, and we’ll link all the details with everything about this project in the show notes itself.

So, yeah, I definitely recommend go checking this out. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you so much. Thank you.

You too. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to this episode, you can find all the details and links mentioned in the show notes of this episode, available on WW dot arts to hearts, And I feel like this episode, please. Don’t forget to tag us in your stories and leave us a review here on iTunes.

Any of your favorite platforms it’s really helps us to keep the show going. Thank you so much. I’m sending you lots of love and I can’t wait to be back here soon again. Bye.


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