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Anatasiia lin

About the Artist

received my Master in Graphic Design from “Sankt- Petersburg State University of Technologies and design”, Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I studied painting, drawing, photo, video and print media, which gave me a great set of skills and exposure to experiences that I use in my work. 

After graduation I was traveling the world driven by curiosity and desire for exploration, I’ve visited over thirty countries and settled down in Shanghai, China for two years before coming to the USA. 

Currently I live in Chicago with my husband and dog, expecting my first child and study in the Post-Baccalaureate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Artist Statement

As a woman born and raised in Russia, Anastasiia connects with the importance of feminism. From the treatment of women to how they are seen, she is motivated to create art that pushes the female experience. Anastasiia fascinated by the way different cultures express sexuality and restrict or permit freedom in a gender non-conforming life, Russian society still struggles from the consequences of the USSR and carries harsh orthodox values. Celebrating individuality, modernized sexual experiences across the world, the effects of abuse such as gas lighting and body shaming is what her work addresses in various ways. 

In Anastasiia’s work there are moments of narrative instance with multiple images or figures moving through time and space, although the paintings are based on feelings and emotions the artist experiences. She enjoys to guide the viewer through ambitious experiences by touching on such serious topics as life-death relationships and yet her works still can be read as small anecdotes. This is the way for Anastasiia to be in balance with juxtaposition of life.

What is your “Dreamland” ?

I have always had my own dreamland. I believe I have discovered it in my childhood during one of those moments when I felt small and helpless, when I was under control of the adults and have no voice or choice. The dreamland is a beautiful escape to a safe space: it is created by me and I am the master, the god, the most powerful creature who controls everything, who decides how physics works and how “people” look like. 

It is not only beautiful it is also very addictive. Ever since I found my escape from reality, I would travel to the dreamland every single minute I have with myself. It has become a habit. I would push boundaries of my imagination and see where would it bring me, where would be the limit of my fantasy. 

I have created numerous parallel worlds with unique plots, characters and storylines and depending on my mood I would choose one of them to escape from the hurtful real world every day before sleep. 

Later I started to paint those pleasing places to unite two different worlds I am living in 

Having the dreamland gives me confidence.

No matter what happens I know that there is a place where I am always welcomed loved and important.

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