5 Products for artists to make their life easy in the studio

Studio days are every artists favourite days, but while spending too much time in there, artists end up in a clutter of things! Here are 5 must haves for all artists to make their time at the studio smoother than ever!

Do you have a studio? or do you work from home? Either way, I’m sure that you look at all your art supplies and wished that there was an easier way to declutter and organise your space. No matter how big or small your space is, you always tend to get it messy when the creative juices kick in. Worry not! Because these 5 tools will make your life easy!

1. ShopCanvas Phone Holder Lamp

Clicking photos of your art is a tricky process, especially when you try to keep your hands steady for a long time. This Phone Holder is not only simple to use, but eases the process of clicking photographs of your artwork. Additionally, the lamp helps getting the perfect lighting to capture all colours of your artwork.

A bonus is using the Phone Holder cum Lamp for taking time-laps or reels of your work. You can easily twist and turn into the perfect position to record videos with superb lighting.

Buy it here: LIMITED EDITION Black Canvas Lamp with Wooden Base

2. Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning an artist’s desk is always a hassle because you always tend to miss a spot or two. Moreover, it’s awfully painful to move around all your art supplies every time its you wind up from a busy day at the studio. This mini vacuum cleaner gets all the nook and corners of your table and leaves it as good as new. Now you don’t have to worry about creating a mess while you make art.

Buy it here: Treemoda Portable Mini Desktop Sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner

3. IKEA Rasyog Trolley

Struggling for storage? No matter how large your studio is, it is always small when it comes to storing supplies. This is when this trolley comes in handy. Every time you move around the studio, you won’t need to carry everything with you. This trolley from IKEA acts as the perfect portable station to move around and store the essentials which you need on the go.

Buy it here: IKEA RASKOG Home Kitchen Storage Utility Rack

4. Wifi/ Bluetooth Mini Remote

One of my favourite things to do while I create art is to record the process, take photographs and save the journey of my work. But most times, I am short of hands to help me capture these moments. With this mini remote, I can connect my phone and record anything I want from afar. Without having to constantly adjust my phone, I am able to record videos and click self timer photographs.

Buy it here: HundoP Club Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter 

5. Yeti Microphone

This microphone comes in handy for many reasons. The USB port makes it easy to connect to your laptop and record voiceovers to reels and videos. Furthermore, it is the most important tool for us to record the Arts To Hearts Podcast as it gives out a smooth sounding audio.

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