10 Positive Affirmations For Artists To Maximise Productivity & Happiness

I am Positive Affirmations For Artists to maximise Productivity and happiness

“I’ll never reach the level of skill other artists have.”

“Everyone is more talented than me.”

“I am good for nothing.”

“My artwork is terrible. I don’t understand why my work seems so awful compared to everyone else’s.

“No one will ever buy my artwork.”

Every creative person can attest to having made similar claims at various points in their lives.

But how often do you undermine yourself by thinking harshly about yourself or having destructive emotions like guilt or shame? There has been too much of it if the answer is more than once.

This approach is prevalent. Many of us have to deal with persistently negative beliefs that dampen our optimism, disposition, and sense of self-worth.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of 10 affirmations (Or lets say mantras for artists) we believe every creative person should read in order to achieve their goals of financial security, personal happiness, and artistic accomplishment.

But before that, let me tell you what positive affirmations for artists are:

Daily affirmations for artists are short, positive sentences that are spoken daily to reprogram the mind to capture uplifting beliefs, behaviors, and mental patterns.

Now you’re probably wondering how you might incorporate these positive statements into your regular routine and maximize productivity and happiness.

These affirmations for writers, Designers, content creators, artists etc.

In that scenario, you can rest assured that we have you covered.

I’m going to give you five examples of how you can put these ‘I am affirmations for Artists’ into practice right away: 

Jot them down

I am Positive Affirmations For Artists to maximise Productivity and happiness

Get out your diary or planner and a pen you enjoy using, and take a few minutes to write an affirmation three to five times in a row. I find that repeating a positive notion aloud or writing it down several times helps me form a strong emotional connection to it. I’ve decided to go with peace today. Right now, I want to focus on fostering harmony. My goal for today is serenity. This is a really effective method of using affirmations, so relax with a cup of your favorite tea, put on some music, and show yourself some love.

Silently recite them over and again

I am Positive Affirmations For Artists to maximise Productivity and happiness

Because no one will suspect anything, you can utilize this strategy whenever and wherever you like. Pick an affirmation that speaks to you and repeat it over and over again. To maximize the effect, try timing a two-sentence affirmation with your breath. Think “I have something special to contribute” on the inhale, and “the world desperately needs my art” on the exhale. It’s like breathing: in, out, repeat.

Set a reminder on your phone.

I am Positive Affirmations For Artists to maximise Productivity and happiness

Using my phone is one of my favorite covert methods to bring more joy and optimism into my life. I enjoy making my phone a positive and uplifting part of my day by doing things like setting positive reminders and utilizing motivational wallpaper.

 Express them aloud

 I think this is one of the most powerful methods to use affirmations, though it may not be as practical as the quiet affirmation method. Proclaiming the truth out loud gives it more force and *oomph* than if you were just thinking it to yourself. This is something you may do first thing in the morning, while admiring yourself in the mirror, during your lunch break, before a job interview, etc.

Make use of this technique whenever you feel the need for an extra dose of authority and assurance, or whenever you simply want to experience the IMPACT of the words. The way we present ourselves to the world can be changed just by speaking words of light over ourselves aloud.

Surround yourself with signs and reminders

Put those phrases somewhere you’ll see them *every* day, whether that’s on your mirror with a dry-erase marker, on post-it notes around your room, or as a laptop sticker. When you will see them every day, you will be reminded to read them and allow them to sink in.

Now that you know what affirmations are? And how to utilize them? It’s time for the 10 affirmations that can help any creative person achieve fame, fortune, and contentment.

Positive affirmations for artists

1- I am an innovator. I am a thinker. I am a creator and I believe in myself.

2- Creativity is abundant within me.

3- I am a magnet for my dreams and goals.

4- I seek progress over perfection and community over competition.

5- Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

6- I compare myself only to who I was yesterday and acknowledge my personal growth.

7- I make time to create something every single day.

8- I can easily step into a creative flow.

9- My external reality is a direct reflection of my internal state.

10- I am happy, healthy, and blessed in all ways.

These are just a few examples of affirmations. You can write yours and can find some on the internet that resonates with you.

But if you want to write your own then here are some suggestions that can help you with it.

Writing your own affirmations

Besides being positive, constructive, and original, there are no hard and fast rules for formulating your daily affirmations.

There are, however, some suggestions that could prove helpful.

  • Give some thought to the aspects of yourself that you wish you could change. Document your thoughts.
  • If you want to succeed, you need to make sure your goals are reasonable. If you can’t imagine yourself actually achieving your goals, you won’t.
  • Do yourself a favor and put all of those nasty thoughts about yourself on paper if they become too much to bear. The negatives must be swapped out for their positive equivalents. When one of these unfavorable ideas enters your mind, immediately replace it with a more constructive one. Be sure to write your affirmations in the present tense and avoid using wishful thinking or the future tense. Beliefs like “I am strong,” “I can overcome any obstacle,” “I am unbreakable,” etc., are already a part of your existence.
  • Saying positive affirmations with conviction is key to their effectiveness. Not caring about them will result in failure. You increase the likelihood of success by believing in them and becoming emotionally invested in them.

So this was all from my side for today. Now it’s your time to share the affirmation you find most helpful or most uplifting. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your Friday, take care of yourself, and keep creating the magic that you do.

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