Do You Really Need A Business Plan? w/ Liz Lidgett, Owner of Liz Lidgett Gallery.

About Liz Lidgett

My name is Liz Lidgett and I am a gallery owner in Des Moines, IA. I was raised by two wonderful and supportive parents and I take a lot from that with me. They both value creativity and beauty so I never thought that going into the arts was a lesser option than any other profession. My parents were entrepreneurs (although in the insurance industry) so I always felt like it was a “when” not an “if” that I own my own business. Additionally, I am the eldest of three girls and we were raised in a home where women were every bit equal of men and so I look through that lens as I try to support women artists and bring equality in their representation. 

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In this episode, 

  • Liz talks about the impact of the internet on the creative industry.
  • Furthermore, she explains how to tell if what you’re doing is exactly what you intended.
  • Liz describes what prompted her to plan her business in a certain way.
  • She discusses the inspiration for the gallery’s inception and what prospective exhibitors might anticipate from her space.
  • Liz elaborates on why optimal teamwork is crucial to professional development and fulfillment.
  • She elaborates on her method of interaction with customers and clients from all around the world.
  • She elaborates on why compassion is crucial in the business and so much more in the episode.


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Rabia Khan

Rabia is a writer, a wife and a mother. she belongs to the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. She works as a content writer for Arts to Hearts and writes for emerging artists that are finding their ways in the world of art.
She has done her bachelors in Communication & Media Studies from Fatima Jinnah Women University and secured 3rd position.
She is friendly, honest, down to earth and a very hardworking person. She makes sure that she does her work with utmost dedication and with perfection. Her goal in life is to become a successful writer and wants to open an organization where she can help the underprivileged people to make their life better.