Charuka Arora on how to conquer creative block and thrive as an Artist

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In this episode of the ATH Podcast, the wonderful host Charuka Arora dives deep into the topic of creative blocks that artists sometimes face. She wants to assure all her fellow artists out there that creative blocks are totally normal! Charuka wholeheartedly encourages artists to embrace and accept these blocks as a part of the creative process.

During the episode, Charuka generously shares her personal strategies for dealing with creative blocks. She starts off by talking about managing the content we consume digitally. She reminds us to be careful about overwhelming content and those attention-grabbing clickbaits that can trigger anxiety. Instead, Charuka advises intentionally selecting content that inspires and motivates us.

Furthermore, Charuka emphasizes the importance of grounding ourselves during a creative block. She shares her own morning routine, which includes a delightful combination of yoga, meditation, and journaling. According to Charuka, starting the day positively with these activities can work wonders in overcoming creative blocks.

Ultimately, Charuka’s message is clear: there is no one-size-fits-all solution. She encourages listeners to find what works best for them and prioritize self-care during those times when creative blocks come knocking at the door. So, let’s remember to be kind to ourselves and take care of our creative souls!

00:00.00Introduction and importance of discussing creative blocks
01:35.10Creative blocks are a normal part of the creative journey
03:03.42The impact of consuming digital content on creative blocks
04:37.49The importance of curating and editing what you consume
06:12.33Grounding yourself through intentional routines and self-care
07:47.80Finding your own system and routine that works for you
09:14.99Opening yourself to new experiences to overcome creative blocks
10:48.69Trying different creative activities and exploring new ideas
12:20.25Balancing personal art practice and other creative projects
12:20.25Importance of learning and not giving up during creative block
13:55.50Taking care of oneself and seeking feedback from viewers

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**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): guys hey you guys welcome welcome to arts twoarts project this is starka I am an artist creative entrepreneur the host of the arts, two hearts podcast and the founder of arts to arts project I’m very excited to be here today because I have quite a few things that I wanted to talk about and. Share my thoughts on creative blocks for artists I know this is one of the most um troubling topic for most of us as creative people. It’s like it’s it’s a hard thing I understand I know creative blocks are never easy I know that? um. You know we all feel very overwhelmed. We feel scared and we feel confused when we’re going through seasons of creative blocks and I felt like I wanted to share some things that I do personally that have helped me and that continue to help me when I go through these seasons and before i. Go and dive into that I really wanted to tell you that um no matter what stage of your career you are in no matter if you’re just starting out or no matter you just um, you’ve been working for 25 years creative block is a part of the process of being a creative no matter. Um. No matter how hard you work how much you work how less you work how more you work creative blocks are going to be a part of your creative journey. It’s as simple as that so I would say embrace it. Ah, you do not have to feel ashamed of it. You really don’t have to be scared of them and.

**** – (): 01:35.10

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): You really just have to accept them like um heart seasons of life similarly, these are just days that feel harder than usual ah where creativity may not feel as easy as it may feel on other days and that know that that it’s going to pass that um and that it’s going to. Ah, it’s not going to stay here like you know, ah, no bad days and no good days either there nothing is permanent in life. So if you are going through a hard season if you’re feeling anxious if you’re feeling overwhelmed know that there are ways to deal with it and it’s not going to be as this forever. And um, just believe in yourself. Keep that faith and know that you’re going to get through this. The first thing I actually do while I’m having a creative block and I’m feeling those things is I really really curate and edit what I’m consuming. And I think this is very specific to today’s age and time where we are in what we are doing um creative blocks have um I think they have come into our lives a lot because of digital content or content overwhelm and I feel like I experience this myself like you know. Um, anytime I feel like I am going through um a lot of anxiousness I’m feeling stuck I’m feeling ah demotivated and I’m really finding it hard to make anything I really Um I really analyze what am I consuming and more than ever.

**** – (): 03:03.42

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): More than ever I feel like um anytime I open my Instagram app and I feel like this is something I keep telling even my team that even even though we’re in the business of content. Um I feel like we all need to be responsible that just for the sake of. Um, making more money making getting more followers and being more popular. Let’s not let’s not overweme each other I really feel like this has become a norm where people really feed on other people’s vulnerability and I feel like it’s such a bad bad human attribute and a business attribute. Both and I keep you know I just keep trying to do the same and I hope that I do not bring that energy to you ever and if I do I really apologize and I’m very sorry because I know what it feels to be on the other end. A lot of times I open my app and I see 5 things that I’m missing out on. The worst mistake I’ve ever done. Oh my god this is something you shouldn’t be missing and um I would see that even though when I’m not on the app or whatever I’m using on for that matter. Um I may not be feeling a certain way. But when I’m consuming. You know when I open the app and. The amount of videos I’m seeing. Okay this is going and this is going and this is going and I feel like oh my god what’s happened I mean my thoughts change. Um I start to feel that anxiousness I start to feel that overwhelm and I feel like I I can feel this sudden rush of feelings that.

**** – (): 04:37.49

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): Probably are not good and that is why for me a lot of my content is taped to animals and dogs and art and creativity. And even though when I do come across these content I used to look at it a lot before and I’ve come to terms with even if I miss out I’m okay. I’m okay on missing out money I’m missing ah okay on missing out um making the worse mistake not knowing these 5 things and you know all of those things and you know I keep seeing even while you know as arts toearts. We run this editorial on website and you wouldn’t believe that there’s so many ways that people create these click. Bit content and like they have these headlines and they have these titles that you know really play with people’s mind and they may not necessarily deliver anything in that sense of you know, um in the sense of the content but they do generate more clicks but they also generate a lot of overwhelm amongst people. Feel it does not It’s just not healthy for any of us in the society that we’re moving in. We really need to be cautious of what we’re consuming and how it’s impacting us so my first advice for you is if you’re going through a period of ah burnout please please. Be very cautious of what you’re looking at what you’re speaking to who you are speaking to what you’re listening what you’re watching I think um, if you start editing that if you curate that and be very intentional about it and I feel like I ah for that matter.

**** – (): 06:12.33

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): very intentional very intentional I know when I’m going wrong and I’m like okay now this is coming to a point where I know it’ll trigger me and I need to go back. So I know that I I have a few things that I put in you know when I start my day in the morning I have my meditations I have my meditation music then I meditate. And you know I try not to open my phone at all in the first few hours and most of the days I’m successful. But like you know we all have those days and I feel like some days I do make that mistake and I know that opening my emails opening Instagram looking at things. Um, replying to messages they deal with so much they bring in a lot of overwhelm just in the beginning of the day. So I really do not like I feel like I really need to slow down in the cuff first couple of hours and once I’ve given myself the time now I can go head on and you know deal with other things but just getting waking up. And ah, dealing with it is just not how I feel I want to do and it truly does not serve me the other point. Um I feel like that is helpful while you’re going through a creative block is grounding yourself. Um, as simple as this may sound I think it’s essential It’s extremely helpful. It really really changes now. Let me tell you? how can you do that? um so for me I feel like um I found my own answers in the sense of systems and places. Um I love waking up in the morning I’ve been able to intentionally. Ah.

**** – (): 07:47.80

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): Create this routine in my life for the past couple of years I used to be night out and honestly it’s still easier for me to ah you know wake up through the night and work and I really have a good time but then I have a messed up morning and I I know that I have to work with other people I have to function in like the things that I want to do. And I love sun and I want to see the birds and you know all of those things. So I know that even though I love the nights I had to train my system to wake up early in the morning. Um I wake up five five thirty I do my yoga I do my meditation I do my journal um, you know. And it’s not like I’m not saying you have to do all of these things and I’m just saying that um find what works for you when I started and I started looking at things and there were these five seven things you need to be doing in these morning and I’m not telling you please do what feels right to you. And do not be very stringent about what you want to do and what you do not want to do just know that you can find your own system. You can look at all that content. Everybody’s advice but take everything as a suggestion. Um see what can work for you see. What you comfortable with and just um, find a middle point find that sweet spot that is helpful and is taking you to a better place. So for me, um I figured that if I wake up early in the morning I’m doing my meditation I’m doing my yoga I’m spending that time with me I’m taking the sun.

**** – (): 09:14.99

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): Also I’m with my dogs whenever I’m not with them in the morning. Um I really don’t feel good I really feel having my dogs having animals around me is extremely important. They really help me crown myself connect with myself connect to them as more to people. And that’s just as is I know I’m not alone. There’s so many people who feel the same. So yeah, um, if you are just as that know that you’re not alone and these are little things that can really help you grounding is extremely important. Not only when you’re feeling overwhelmed stark creative stuck or whatever. Think just in general it is important those days when I miss my morning routine I think I really feel anxious and it’s not the routine. It’s more like when I have that two three hours to myself in the morning I really feel really feel good I really feel that I have taken. Care of myself and now I’m ready to give it to others. The third thing I feel is something that you know a lot of times when we are going through creative blocks. We don’t open ourselves to but I think if we do it really really switches things up which is opening ourselves to new experiences and I know that there are people. Who are really not okay with and and there are people who are way more experimental I feel like I lie somewhere in between for me change is really hard so it’s not like I I would get up some day and like okay this is what I can okay, you know I tried this and that and I do have those vital ideas but those ideas always seem great. But when I really go to them I know.

**** – (): 10:48.69

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): I’m not someone who’s like very adventurous but I’m also not someone who loves Monotony I need to have um I need to have different things in my life to keep me busy creatively as Well. So something that I feel that has been very helpful is ah doing things that I wouldn’t do usually um. Attempting to ah do things that I have been thinking about and haven’t had the time and just doing that maybe traveling maybe taking that break maybe spending time with your children maybe spending time with your family your friends um going to a retreat um taking a dance class and. Um, maybe just going to a monument sketching. Um I think any form of Creative activity I think ah for me what I also do is when I’m feeling creatively stuck within my own art practice I try to um, go towards Arts project more. Ah, the day-to-day working. It gives me a break. It gives me a different perspective and when I’m feeling stuck as you know as a creature want to know I lean back into my practice. It gives me the stability. It gives me that ease and then you know I feel that and I’m back in you know in the in the work of our day-to-days. And sometimes you know if I have another project if I’m working something on something else. Um, it always goes side and side and it’s always interchanging So It’s always Helpful. Um I know that all of these things that I’m doing have ah are how similar they are but they’re also like different. So.

**** – (): 12:20.25

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): I like that mix. There’s something I’m always learning and applying here and there and it keeps me creatively intrigued and it really helps me keep in the flow. The other thing that I feel is extremely important if you’re having a creative block is to not give up on yourself. Do not ah think that um this is the end of it. I know we all thing like that and I know I also do tend to do that. A lot of times. Um, and I feel like you just have to give yourself permission that you need a downtime. We. All do need a downtime and stepping away from your practice for of a couple of days whatever time that would mean is okay, your creativity is going nowhere. Creativity is like a daily practice and that does not mean that you have to like open your sketchbook and do something every day that can also mean that while you’re thinking while you’re having these experiences. Um these experiences are your creative. Um, yeah, there are your creative outputs and they are your thoughts. While you’re thinking and you’re watching this movie and you’re doing all of those things these are your creative inputs and this can be your practice when you’re not doing like the literal job. So know that your shape and practice can be in different forms and bonds. You’re feeling okay, do not stop and stopping does not mean that you have to um. You like you have to push yourself but find that comfort zone where you can take a rest of a few days and then come back slowly and steadily do not look for numbers followers days. Do not think about the money just dive into it slowly and steadily don’t judge yourself. Don’t judge what you’re creating be kind to yourself. Yes.

**** – (): 13:55.50

**** – (): charukaarora

**** – (): That is very very important at the end of the day I feel just taking care of yourself of your emotions of your thoughts of your environment I really feel that changes a lot of things and I hope that you find this helpful if you do find this helpful. Just let me know tag me in your stories. Um, comment below and let us know that if ah, you would want to you know, specifically want some more content on any of this or something that you’re struggling with or um, anything just give us your suggestion. We look forward to hearing from you and we really hope that you come back to us. And you keep watching our content and supporting us and thank you so much and I hope that this was helpful. See you.

About The Guest(s)

Charu Kaarora is an artist, creative entrepreneur, host of the Arts Two Hearts podcast, and the founder of the Arts to Arts Project. With years of experience in the creative industry, Charu has gained valuable insights into overcoming creative blocks and finding inspiration.


Charu Kaarora shares her thoughts on creative blocks for artists and provides helpful strategies for overcoming them. She emphasizes that creative blocks are a normal part of the creative journey and encourages artists to embrace them rather than feel ashamed or scared. Charu highlights the importance of curating and editing the content we consume, being intentional about what we expose ourselves to, and avoiding content overwhelm. She also emphasizes the significance of grounding oneself through routines and activities that bring joy and connection. Charu encourages artists to open themselves to new experiences and not give up on themselves during creative blocks. Taking care of oneself, being kind, and giving oneself permission to take a break are essential for maintaining creativity.

Key Takeaways

  • Creative blocks are a normal part of the creative journey and should be embraced rather than feared.
  • Curating and editing the content we consume can help alleviate content overwhelm and reduce anxiety.
  • Grounding oneself through routines and activities that bring joy and connection is essential for overcoming creative blocks.
  • Opening oneself to new experiences and being open to change can spark creativity and inspiration.
  • Taking care of oneself, being kind, and giving oneself permission to take a break are crucial for maintaining creativity.


  • “No matter what stage of your career you are in, creative block is a part of the process of being a creative.”
  • “Embrace creative blocks as just days that feel harder than usual, knowing that they will pass.”
  • “Be cautious of what you’re consuming and how it’s impacting you. Edit and curate intentionally.”
  • “Grounding oneself through routines and activities brings stability and ease to the creative process.”
  • “Opening oneself to new experiences and being experimental can spark creativity and keep one creatively intrigued.”
  • “Do not give up on yourself during creative blocks. Give yourself permission to take a break and come back slowly and steadily.”
  • “Taking care of yourself, your emotions, thoughts, and environment can make a significant difference in overcoming creative blocks.”

Charuka Arora is the founder of the Arts to Hearts Project and Host of the Arts to Hearts Podcast. She is also an acclaimed Indian artist known for her contemporary embellished paintings. Her unique blend of gouache, collage, embroidery, painting, and drawing explores the intersection of art, culture, heritage, and womanhood. Through her work, she tells stories of female strength and encapsulates them in pieces that can be treasured for generations.

 Arts to Hearts Project Gallery + Studio

Charuka’s work draws inspiration from Hindu mythology, recognizing women as vessels of Shakti, the cosmic energy. She beautifully portrays powerful goddesses like Durga Maa riding a tiger or lion, symbolizing their unlimited power to protect virtue and combat evil.

Through her art, Charuka invites us into the world of women, showcasing their beauty, strength, and resilience. Her creations not only exhibit exceptional talent but also serve as an inspiration and a symbol of hope for those challenging societal norms.

About Arts to Hearts Project Gallery + Studio

Arts to Hearts Podcast is a show delving into the lives and passions of renowned artists. From running creative businesses and studio art practices to cultivating a successful mindset, Charuka Arora engages in heartfelt conversations with her guests. Experience your personal happy hour with your favorite artists, right in your studio.

Through candid discussions, Charuka and her guests reveal the joys and challenges of a vibrant creative life, both within and beyond our studios. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted as you tune in.

Every artist, regardless of their level of experience, has encountered creative blocks at some point. These periods of feeling overwhelmed, demotivated, and unsure of our artistic abilities can be incredibly challenging.

In this podcast, charuka shared practical strategies to help artists navigate through and overcome creative blocks.

1. Embrace and Accept Creative Blocks:

The first step in conquering creative blocks is to acknowledge that they are a normal part of the creative process. Whether you’re just starting out or have been creating for years, everyone encounters these blocks. Instead of feeling ashamed or scared, accept that creative blocks are temporary and part of your artistic journey.

charuka arora

2. Curate and Edit your Consumption:

In today’s digital age, content overwhelm can contribute significantly to creative blocks. Take a close look at what you are consuming and be mindful of its impact on your mindset. It’s essential to curate your social media feed and other sources of content to avoid comparison, anxiety, and overwhelm. Be intentional about what you choose to consume and ensure it inspires and motivates you.

3. Ground Yourself:

Finding grounding techniques can help alleviate creative blocks. Establishing a consistent routine that includes activities like meditation, yoga, or journaling can provide a sense of stability and clarity. Experiment with different practices and find what works best for you to center yourself and channel your creative energy.

4. Find Inspiration from Nature and Animals:

Nature and animals have an innate ability to inspire and ignite our creativity. Surround yourself with elements of nature, whether through walks in the park, observing wildlife, or incorporating natural elements into your workspace. Connecting with the beauty and simplicity of the natural world can help unlock your creative flow.

5. Set Realistic Goals and Break Tasks Down:

Feeling overwhelmed can hinder creativity, making it crucial to set realistic goals and break down big projects into smaller, manageable tasks. By breaking tasks into smaller steps, you can focus on progress rather than feeling overwhelmed by the grand scale of your creative endeavor. Celebrate each milestone achieved, boosting motivation and confidence along the way.

Creative blocks are an inevitable part of an artist’s journey, but they don’t have to be permanent roadblocks. By embracing and accepting these periods, curating your consumption, grounding yourself, seeking inspiration from nature, and setting realistic goals, you can overcome creative blocks and unleash your artistic potential. Remember, creativity thrives when we nurture it with patience, self-care, and a mindset open to exploration and growth.

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