Flodesk Vs. Mailchimp: Which is the best email marketing platform for artists to choose in 2022?

An old business adage goes, “The best method to sell is direct,” which predates the advent of the internet and modern technologies. This assumption is essential to sales, yet selling through websites, social media, or other digital channels is not the same as direct selling. For this reason, we now have email marketing and email marketing strategies, the most straightforward method of communicating with your target demographic. You can read here if you want to read more about what is email marketing.

Email marketing, according to the numbers, is 40 times more profitable per dollar spent. The days of manually mailing every conceivable customer are long gone. That’s why so many excellent web-based internet solutions are available to automate the entire email marketing process. Mailchimp is the dominant participant in the market.

Big email-marketing software like Constant Contact, Sendinblue, G2 deals, and MailerLite are already in email marketing. Then there are the newer ones that have been making waves and changing the entire email marketing game and email marketing strategy, like Flodesk. But in the end, users will decide who will win the market.

This detailed analysis will compare and contrast two popular online help desks and the best email marketing services, Flodesk and MailChimp. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of both options so you can make an informed decision about which is best for you and your company.

So let’s begin with,

What is Flodesk?

In 2019, Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak established Flodesk. Over 30.0k people are now using it daily. Its goal is to teach amateurs and professionals how to create inbox-friendly email designs. In general, Flodesk is helpful for people who wish to stop worrying about the technical details of sending emails and instead concentrate on making them look good.

Flodesk’s cost is a flat $38 per month. The number of emails you can send and the number of people who can sign up for your service are infinite. That is another reason why flodesk is considered as one of the best email marketing platforms.

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 What is MailChimp?

The company known as MailChimp was created in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong. Over 14 million people are using it right now. Through innovative marketing tools, prestigious customer service, and thought-provoking media, it helps millions of clients around the world launch and expands their businesses. Mailchimp’s platform is more comprehensive and feature-rich than Flodesk’s.

A MailChimp subscription can range from $9.99 to $420 per month. The MailChimp pricing structure consists of a free plan and three premium tiers. 

Similar Features of Flodesk and Mail Chimp

While both Flodesk and Mailchimp are capable email marketing platforms, their respective strengths and weaknesses set them apart. Let’s delve in further and compare and contrast their similarities and differences.

Email Editor:

Flodesk and MailChimp both include an email editor that allows users to design and send their own customized, business-like emails. Email templates and drag-and-drop editors are standard features in both. If you’re not into coding, Flodesk is the superior design software.

You may put prefabricated template blocks into emails, customize the font size and color, and add your company logo like Mailchimp and Flodesk. Mailchimp, on the other hand, has a library feature that can keep previously used information, saving designers time by eliminating the need to insert pieces manually.

Use of Automated Tools

Flodesk and Mailchimp include the option to set up drip campaigns, which enable the user to send out a predetermined number of automated messages to a set of contacts or clients. Drip campaigns often begin after a consumer takes some action, and they can include offshoots that focus on even more niche groups of customers.

Marketers can use Flodesk and Mailchimp, respectively, to send emails automatically and to set automation according to conditions like if/else, wait, and delay. Even so, Flodesk provides a wide variety of other prefabricated workflows, such as:

  • Investing in a Particular Item
  • Followed by clicking on a link in an email
  • Checking one’s email
  • Time interval
  • The Sign-Up Process
  • When was your last purchase?


Similar solutions for monitoring KPIs, boosting email deliverability, and gaining insight into how to expand a business are provided by both Flodesk and Mailchimp. The metrics that Flodesk and MailChimp monitor are not identical.


  • Bounced email count
  • Amount of recipients who opted out of receiving future messages
  • Emails reported as spam out of the total sent
  • Read in either a mobile device or a desktop browser,


  • Potential Access Level
  • Pageviews Percentage
  • Open-rate leaders among subscribers
  • Results from Social Media (tweets, Facebook likes, etc.)
Image Credits: Mailchimp.com

Comparison of Flodesk vs. MailChimp’s Distinct Features

Both Flodesk and Mailchimp are powerful email marketing tools, and while they have some capabilities in common, they also have unique offerings. Compared to Mailchimp, Flodesk’s platform places more emphasis on design and offers a more robust Shopify integration. Mailchimp, in contrast, has more powerful email marketing tools, such as an A/B test generator and a postcard maker, than Flodesk.

The layout of the Flodesk

When comparing Flodesk and Mailchimp, the themes, email marketing templates and general style of Flodesk stand out as being far more beautiful and modern. More fonts are available for use with Flodesk.

Connecting Flodesk with Shopify

Shopify can be easily integrated with Flodesk. In contrast to MailChimp, which requires a different interaction with a program like Zapier, this doesn’t have any external dependencies. Users of Flodesk can now quickly access their online shop thanks to this integration.

Image Credits: Flodesk

A/B Testing with MailChimp

Mailchimp, in contrast to Flodesk, has an A/B testing feature that can be used to improve the quality of your emails and subject lines. They can make several email variants and have the system distribute them to random clients.

Mailchimp postcard creator

Postcards can be designed, printed, and mailed with Mailchimp’s Postcard Creator. Postcards cost between $0.75 and $0.99 to send within the United States and between $0.82 and $1.58 to send internationally.

Implementing Flodesk and MailChimp in Your Small Business

The specifics of one’s small business will determine how one utilizes these channels. For instance, Flodesk is a superior option for artists and small businesses needing an email marketing solution that provides advanced, visually appealing design options without the hassle of writing custom code.

Mailchimp, on the other hand, is a superior option for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations needing a powerful, all-in-one solution with crucial email marketing tools like A/B testing.


Even though it’s been around for a while, email marketing campaigns continue to be one of the most successful and profitable kinds of digital direct marketing. Choosing the appropriate technology to automate and manage your email marketing campaign is crucial to the success of your organization.

MailChimp and Flodesk are examples of such email-marketing-software we’ve covered in this post. There are a few distinct demographics within this market that each of these focuses on serving. Both companies take slightly different approaches to email marketing, and each offers something the other doesn’t.

If you’re in the market for an email marketing solution, you should first evaluate your needs and objectives. We recommend Flodesk if you’re a creator, artist, nomad, or solo entrepreneur who wants to expand their business using best practices for email marketing. We also recommend flodesk because we use it ourselves. If you have subscribed to our mailing list, you must have received an email from us using flodesk. So that’s another reason we recommend it to artists and creatives: it does wonders for them. 

MailChimp is still a great option if you only need an email marketing platform. The automation is satisfactory, the pricing is initially reasonable (but it goes up with subscribers), and the analytics are practical and easy to understand. As a whole, it’s a fantastic marketing foundation for any SMB.

So now it’s up to you to decide what works best for you and what you will choose to expand your business. With this, I will take your leave, and we will see you with other articles. Until then, take good care of yourself and have a happy weekend.

(p.s if you use Flodesk with this link here, you will get 50% off as well)

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