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S2EP70. How to share your voice fearlessly via podcasting

Charuka Arora, Founder of Arts To Hearts Project

Arts To Hearts Project


Okay. Seems like impromptu recordings, uh, for Monday episodes have become kind of a thing for me these days, but like I said, I am committed to showing up even when it’s hot and I’m back here, welcome to the arts to hotspot because this is your host. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back to another mini episode with me, where I share it’s in bits of what’s been happening around me, what I’m learning, what I’m experiencing and everything else that goes in a life as a creative.

So, yeah, if you are listening for the first time, I want to say a big thank you for coming in. And if you’re a regular listener, I just can’t even tell you how much that means to me. I’ve been seeing tremendous growth in this podcast. In the past few weeks, I’ve been receiving a lot more messages and the numbers are also showing way different than they were before.

And honestly, I say that numbers are not like something. Um, dually affect me, even if one person was showing up, I would still, when I started the podcast, it was teeny tiny. I mean, a lot of people didn’t even know about it even today, but I’m so happy when I see those numbers going, because for me, those numbers are not just.

Those numbers are a representation of more people resonating with what I have to say. More people resonating with what others have to say on this podcast. And for me, I have always said that I want to build, you know, I’m on a mission to build a female perspective voice, but we all get to come together and share our perspectives and build a female perspective together of life as a creative life, as a woman.

And I hope I am able to contribute whatever I can in my best possible ways. So I know a lot of you are interested in launching a podcast and I highly highly recommended for creators I to read too. And I have received quite a few questions, which are for the fearless creative mastermind, by the way, which is ending very soon.

And any everyone who’s joining in. Thank you so much, guys. I am so excited. I can’t wait to meet all of you. I know what you’re doing. I can see, I can just see this coming together so beautifully. I can’t even tell you if you’re still thinking the deadline is coming very soon. We are closing the applications for the fearless creative mastermind on 3rd of March.

And I can’t even wait to start this program. It’s. And I, I believe me, I have so much more bigger plans than this and only going to get better. This is our first path. It is the most, most special thing for me. I put my a hundred percent. I know these amazing women who are joining the work we all can do together.

So if you’re on the fence, I would really love to have you. You can find the link to join in the description of this episode or in the comments, wherever you’re watching or listening this. Okay. Getting back to the podcast. I thought, why not talk about podcasting today? I’ve been into podcasting for almost over in year, and I think it was one of the best leap of faith I took.

I can’t even tell you the amount of courage it took from me to take this step, but also the amount of learning. Difference. The whole podcast has made for me in my life. I had always wanted to start a podcast, but I never knew what it would be about. I knew I was very comfortable with my voice. I knew, um, I could talk.

I was. A bit camera shy, but just sharing what I feel has been my go-to forever, but I was not in a place where I felt like, oh my God, who am I to start like a podcast? Who am I to do this? What do I have to share? How will I even do this? People will think. You know, all of those things, we all have those fears or like, you know, nobody’s going to show up, nobody’s going to do this or like that, or like, you know, a million things that come into our mind when we want to do something.

But it seems intimidating, especially in stuff like podcasting, um, or like, you know, cause making all of these things that. Someone needs to be an expert or something, and only then they can pursue it. The thing is, you know, something that I have learned in my journey. I know that I have been able to move forward because of a few people who were willingly sharing how they are moving forward and the worry.

Too far ahead of me, they were just a few steps ahead of me. And that gave me a direction and clarity on how I can take my next few steps. And that’s what I learned. And that’s what I did. I believe that I have something to share. I may not be the best in the world in something I’m not top most, I’m not a bestselling author or like, you know, all of those things, even if you don’t have 10 years of experience, I feel like I have started field so many companies.

Projects. I have done so many, you know, so many reckless things and so many passionate things and so much, and I just genuinely, genuinely had a very deep desire to keep sharing my voice for me. If you ask me my voice is my biggest part of my identity, I feel like it’s something that angles all of my identity as a creative together and podcasting was such, such.

Um, intuitive go-to for me. So that’s where it felt very natural. Let me talk about where it felt very intimidating. Now, podcasting is not one, one and a half years ago. It wasn’t as popular as it’s getting. Even today. I am based out of India and my community today is all over the world. And in India while I was thinking of podcasting, believe me, there were very few, like even today.

Podcasting is not so mainstream in India. And for me to think about starting a podcast, it felt like I would become that black sheep or that she keeps on doing these, you know, different projects or like these unusual projects and not be an artist. And honestly, I’m, I want to be a creative. I’m very sure about this.

I’m very passionate about it. I’m going to create in any and every form, my heart desires. And that’s the definition work that works for me. And if you feel something caps you, I would say, create your own and just, just be so passionate about creating that you don’t, you don’t care about what others say or what limits you or what don’t meet.

You just, let’s just be so committed to our craft. Let’s just be so committed to our message, our purpose, that we don’t care. Yeah. How many hours we sit in the studio, how many hours I record? How many episodes, if I feel called to do something, I’m going to do it. Okay. Sorry. Back at that point, India did not have a lot of podcasters women podcasters.

Absolutely not arts. Absolutely not. So it was a bit of a tricky decision. I felt like, who am I going to do this? I mean, how am I even going to promote. And I was like, you know, I would just start from where I have. Thank goodness. Thank God for you. Coaches souls who’ve been listening to this podcast was for close to any.

Now I have all these beautiful people that I have met through this. I worked through this and have been a wonderful guest on this podcast. I didn’t know where to start when I’d made up my mind. I wanted to do it and I didn’t know where to start. I knew I needed help. I knew I needed assistance. I knew I needed guidance because I could, I could take forever for my, like to launch this podcast.

If I need to figure things out on my own, I already had so much on my plate. I decided I needed to do. With somebody guidance who could tell me how to begin, how to do certain things so that I can make this process shorter and easier for me. I took a course. I joined a mastermind, thanks to Kat, my beautiful friend and mentor, and then Jenna Kutcher.

And then I did another course. I know. I mean, I, I did, uh, I, I am an addict. I love learning. I love, absolutely love learning, especially from. That’s one of the most, most, I mean, I am so passionate about because it gives you learning and it gives you beautiful relationships. You don’t learn from a book you learn from someone’s personal experiences, life they’ve lived experiences they’ve shared.

And I value that so much. And I’m truly grateful for everyone who puts themselves out there for all of that. And like I said, I’m coming to the bot for myself and that’s why I created a fearless creative mastermind. So yeah, I figured I needed help. I. Went with the help. I took a course. I took a support system and then I pursued it.

I figured my next step. It became way easier. When I knew what I needed to do, how I needed to record what equipments I would need, what suits, where I can start, where I need to upload how I can mark it. And then I, I knew how to roll the ball. I learned all the way we all learn on the way since then I have changed so many things.

I have improvised so many things, but let me tell you. The structure that I learned was the hardest part, because you know, the most obvious things can sometimes get harder because lack of transparency, I, it would take so long for me to figure out the best way to record things the best way to have less of noise or more of noise or better quality or all of those things.

Any project that I do now, I’m writing a book. Believe me. I mean, that’s a surprise to me as well, but I knew when I knew I wanted to write a book, I knew that I wanted to take help because I wanted to shorten this process. I want to create as much as I can. And I want to make sure that I give my hundred percent and I take the help that I need to make these projects more fulfilling to make these, these creative ideas, to the best of identity and self, and then let them be in the world.

My work every day is to create and put it out in the world and then keep it. Let the world know about it and let those ideas float. If I am fortunate enough, even if it makes impact on 1, 2, 3, or even a million souls, I will be still as grateful as I am today. Another thing I just wanted to share about podcasting specially is purpose.

My purpose became very strong and I also started to understand why I wanted to do this. I was in a very isolated zone. I knew podcasting was something that would give them. Company in my isolated life, in between the pandemic, we were also alone and isolated. And that felt like, yeah, I mean, this could be one way I could indulge community and conversations and connections and network into my own practice.

And as an professional, now, let me also share something that, that a lot of people don’t share. It’s not only podcasting, but any other project that you start that needs long-term committed. To show any, any, any kind of results or to even take you a little bit closer to your goal? I mean, sure. If you’re lucky this may happen, we sooner for you than anything else, but it takes time.

Patient and parents believe me, it takes a village to pull this podcast together. Um, I am still trying to streamline every Thursday. I know my routine, how I need to put things together, the amount of work. Goes into it. And I’m not only working when I’m recording or uploading. I am working every day, you know, when there’s something that happens.

And I know, okay, I need to record this. I need to share this on this podcast. Oh, what can I share? That’s helping me. And that will help you do, or what I had learned. And should I share this learning on my podcast? So it’s a continuous. It took me a very long time to figure a lot of things out. And it took a lot of positive incentive, dedicated work and consistent work.

And I’m so grateful that I’ve been at it and I I’m committed to stay at it for the long run. I want to say, if you have something in your heart that you really want to pursue, then just go for it, make a plan, find support, have a clarity on how and where you want to go and then work on it. I have had the pleasure of finding support from so many ways and people who’ve given me such great guidance, such great lessons and support that I can’t truly be less of grateful for with the fuel is created mastermind.

I want to share that. With all of you who are taking some leap of faith in their, you as who want to start something new or who feels stuck in general and want to want to find support and experiences of people who’ve done that who can uplift them in a true and honest. If you wanting to join the fearless creative mastermind, you can find all the details of the mastermind in the description below.

You can also go to www arts to house, creative mastermind. And you can find all the details there. Uh, we have intentionally kept it at a very affordable price because I want as many women to join as possible. It will be a very small, intimate setting where we can speak to. Each other in a very safe environment where we can talk about our goals, our fears, what’s holding us back and how we can move forward.

We are here to support each other. And I look forward to having you in the field is try see you in the next episode soon. Bye.


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