Lipstick Paintings: Uncovering the Powerful Stories of Women Around the World with Katherine Mason, Visual Artist

Katherine Mason of Texas creates stunning Lipsticks Paintings as her medium to pay tribute to those who have battled and overcome breast cancer and to fundraise for related research. Lipstick used to bring her works to life is contributed by those battling breast cancer or losing loved ones to the disease.

Katherine Mason

And in this Podcast episode, we asked her everything about her lipstick Paintings.

So before you start listening to this podcast episode, let me share with you some of the insights of the episode. So keep on reading to know what you will learn from this podcast episode.

Katherine Mason

In conversation with Katherine Mason

Did you always recognize and accept yourself as a multi-passionate woman? 

I don’t think I registered it as multi-passionate because, when I first started my art career, I was very experimental and loved experimenting with everything. styles and mediums are different. I’ve been working with various materials and just experimenting to see what I could come up with, and you know that the Instagram account I have for my lipstick paintings is separate from the one I have for all of my other work. And yeah, it’s yes; it’s quite clear that I want to be branded with my lipstick work moving forward. But I do have a long history of other creative projects that I’ve worked on

Lipstick Paintings

After seeing your video, I was wondering where the rest of the work was. And I was like maybe you decided not to you know, put it up or something like that because your website also didn’t show that

It’s on a different Instagram page because I knew that if I wanted to go full-time with my lipstick paintings, I needed to separate them. They were so different from what I was doing. Um. kind of my custom work, and you know, little individual paintings and projects here and there that I would get into, and so I separated them for social media reasons. But I remember when I was working on my older work. Except for elliptic paintings, I always, ah, kind of Similar to you, I was always nervous about getting stuck with one thing, and I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself because I’ve heard a lot of stories about other artists. You know, they only paint cows and barns and things like that. And they build this clientele around it and build their audience, but then they get stuck doing that, and sometimes they’re like, “I want to paint a sailboat, but now you know I have this whole branding around barns and cows and pigs and all this stuff.” So I always knew I didn’t want to get stuck. I wouldn’t do anything unless I truly loved it and wanted to see it grow and progress. But, um, now I go back and forth.

Katherine Mason

I needed that mental safety in my mind—that if there was a day I didn’t want to do this any longer, I just needed to know that that was okay, like, you know, even though I haven’t really done anything except that my subject matter has remained particularly the same. Do you feel that?

I mean, I’ve thought about, especially with my lipstick work, what it would be like if one day I get tired of lipstick and I don’t want to work with it anymore, and then how do I? How do I continue to change and adjust from there? Um, luckily I haven’t gotten to that point yet, I think, with lipstick. It’s so new, and I almost feel like I’m in. floor, and you’ll feel like a pioneer with this new medium because it’s consistent. You know, trial and error and experimenting and seeing what works and what doesn’t work, so it’s been very exciting and stimulating, and I haven’t gone bored yet, which is great.

Lipstick Paintings

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