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Julia Hacker

About the Artist

Julia Hacker is a Canadian contemporary artist. She was born in Belarus, part of the former USSR.  After receiving a Master in Fashion Design, she worked as a leading fashion designer in the capital of Belarus where she also created stage costumes and ran a monthly spread in a local Fashion magazine.

Julia Hacker started her artistic journey after moving to Canada, Toronto, where she currently resides and works. Over the years, she has taken numerous workshops and art classes, honing her diverse techniques and art education. Today, Julia is a full-time artist, combining time between painting in her studio, mentoring, and volunteering at workshops for cancer patients.

Julia Hacker has created an extensive body of work and exhibited it in solo and group shows in Canada, Toronto, New York, California, and Texas. Julia works closely with interior designers and real estate agents as well as commissions and installations. She is a proud member of the Society of Canadian Artists and is represented by ADC fine art gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States. Julia Hacker’s artwork is in private and corporate collections all over the world.

Artist Statement

Painting is a physical and emotional necessity for me. From a deep concern for the state of our planet to the beauty of simple objects, there is no mundane subject matter. I strive to preserve the joyful and innocent view of the world that children have, their feeling of passion and splendor. Through the colors and textures of my work, I hope to engage the viewer and draw out a sense of wonder. My inspiration comes from within; I am still somewhat surprised by what moves my hand toward the canvas, what touches my soul and makes my heart skip a beat.

My paintings always start with emotion and progress in an intuitive rather than a methodical way. At times, I am so captured with the way paint behaves on the canvas, that I allow it to lead me to a magical world. I love to experiment with different media such as poured paint, collage of found objects, or acrylic skin. I can even get lost in the scents of oil painting. The technical necessity of paint drying forces me to work on 2-3 pieces at the same time. This gives me a chance to distance myself from each painting for a while and observe how it takes on a life of its own. Generally, this process takes about a month to finish, however, I love to come back to old work and continue a conversation, interact with the canvas like trying to catch up with an old friend.

What is your “Dreamland” ?The ability to dream belongs to childhood. As adults we get overwhelmed with responsibilities and reality of the life, often abandoning that very important part of self development. Without dreams, we can not truly progress, we get stagnated at the core of our hearts. My dreams are always changing, like caleidoscope in an old fashioned toy. I dream of places that I never visit and imaginary landscapes that exist in ancient stories and legends. I joyfully paint those visions, hoping to entice people to dream again.

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