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Julia Hacker

About the Artist

Julia Hacker, Fine arts,SCA. Toronto,Ont. 647 9995130 Julia Hacker is a Canadian contemporary artist. She was born in Belarus, part of the former USSR. After receiving a Masters in Fashion Design, she worked as a leading fashion designer in the capital of Belarus where she also created stage costumes and ran a monthly spread in a local Fashion magazine. Julia Hacker started her artistic journey after moving to Canada, Toronto, where she currently resides and works. Over the years, she has taken numerous workshops and art classes, honing her diverse techniques and art education. Today, Julia is a full-time artist, combining time between painting in her studio, mentoring, and volunteering at workshops for cancer patients. Julia Hacker has created an extensive body of work and exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, Toronto, New York, California, and Texas. Julia works closely with interior designers and real estate agents as well as commissions and installations. She is a proud member of the Society of Canadian Artists and is represented by ADC fine art gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States. Julia Hacker’s artwork is in private and corporate collections all over the world.

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary Canadian/Russian artist with a background in a Master’s in Fashion Design. My work focussed on the unapologetic sense of wonder that Nature and life create in me. The inspiration came from organic, even seductive shapes that Nature and the female body have in common. They both are places of nurturing and unity. Observing Nature translates through the language of contemporary landscape in my practice. The surprising power behind the softer shape, its vulnerability, and its strength excite me. I would say that vibrant colors and femininity are core elements of my creative voice and signature. I’ve been painting for over 30 years and creating because it is my way of living. Engaging in painting gives me a sense of belonging to something bigger than me, to the Feminine Divine of Nature. My painting usually starts intuitively, allowing my subconscious to lead the conversation through color. Observation and logic take place later. Intuitive and logical, subconscious and analysis is a process I repeat through creating artwork. It is almost like a therapy session with myself. My paintings are multi-layered with a lot of texture from thick brushwork, deliberate acrylic skins, and heavy gel mediums. I hope that viewers will share the sense of love and compassion I learn from Mother Nature and create emotional bonding with people we love, starting with ourselves. I am probably the first generation of women that aging in digital time created an opportunity to be visible, not to be dismissed by society to assigned traditional roles of grand motherhood or dismissed sex appeal. Aging gave me certain freedom of expression, where I am stripped of necessity to please, to fit in. My work has apparent differences in style, content, or even technique. The common thread that remains the same-it is the power of intimacy.

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