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Danielle Krysa: Who turned her jealousy into admiration

Art knows no bounds, but in the past, artists, curators, and gallerists were confined to specific roles and qualifications. However, thanks to the digital age, things have changed for the better. We now have the opportunity to develop skills and careers without following traditional paths alone.

Today, l will shine light on someone who has taught us how jealousy can be turned into inspiration. This person found joy in admiring the intricate details and inspiring artworks of others, which sparked her own creativity. She went on to create her own platform and became a curator, nurturing the talents of artists.

Are you curious to know who this person is? Drumroll, please… It’s Danielle Krysa, also known as the Jealous Curator. Danielle’s journey is proof that how jealousy can transform into admiration and lead to something truly profound. Through her platform, she not only showcases art but also encourages meaningful conversations and shapes the ever-changing art scene.

So, let’s celebrate passion, creativity, and Danielle Krysa’s inspiring journey as The Jealous Curator!

The Journey of Danielle Krysa

danielle krysa
jealous curator

Danielle Krysa, hailing from Canada has emerged as a renowned artist in the contemporary art scene, captivating audiences with her unique vision and creative prowess. Starting as a Fine Arts student, she has defied expectations, evolving into a respected curator, accomplished author, and thought-provoking podcaster.

What truly sets Danielle apart is her ability to seamlessly traverse both the traditional gallery spaces and the dynamic digital realm. With her profound understanding of the power of art in the digital age, she has successfully established a significant presence, captivating a diverse and engaged audience.

Danielle’s journey is not only inspiring and impressive, but it also underscores her unwavering commitment to exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

The story of “The Jealous Curator”

“The Jealous Curator” started in 2009 when Krysa, fueled by her own creative struggles, began a personal journey. Little did she know, this venture would grow into a special platform that showcases and celebrates contemporary art in all its forms.

By turning her jealousy into limitless admiration and inspiration, Krysa touched the hearts of many artists and art lovers, captivating them.

As the word spread, “The Jealous Curator” quickly became a beloved place for all those wanting to immerse themselves in a creative space, a sanctuary full of inspiration, knowledge, and a deep sense of belonging.

Art Shows Created By The Jealous Curator

The talented and ever-inspiring Jealous Curator has meticulously curated a series of captivating shows over the years, each leaving a lasting impression on art enthusiasts.

Some notable showcases include the enchanting “California Girls” in Los Angeles in September 2015, the insightful “Bedford Gallery” in San Francisco in December 2014, and the vibrant display at “The Fig House” in Los Angeles in November 2013.

Other memorable exhibitions such as the thought-provoking “Beautifully Boring” in Chattanooga in February 2013, the mesmerizing “Pieces of the Moon” in Vancouver back in July 2011, and the soulful “Try a Little Tenderness” in Washington DC in March 2011 have also garnered widespread acclaim.

Additionally, the Jealous Curator Collection at The Land of Nod, an esteemed online curation, continues to astound art enthusiasts with its carefully selected masterpieces.

The links to the shows are as follows:

09.2015 – los angeles – california girls
12.2014 – san francisco – bedford gallery
11.2013 – los angeles – the fig house
02.2013 – chattanooga – beautifully boring
07.2011 – vancouver – pieces of the moon
03.2011 – washington dc – try a little tenderness …

+ The  Jealous Curator Collection at The Land of Nod (an online curation)

Amplifying Art through Podcasts

Besides her widely recognized blog, Krysa passionately amplifies art through her highly acclaimed podcast, “Art For Your Ear,” available on popular platforms like Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

In each captivating episode, she skillfully delves deep into the intricacies of the lives and creative processes of artists, providing them with a powerful platform to share their inspiring stories, expertise, and journeys with the world.

Through her heartfelt dedication, Krysa truly showcases her unwavering commitment to empowering artists and magnifying their voices, making a significant impact on the art community and beyond.

TEDx Talk and Published Works

In her captivating TEDx talk, Krysa delves deep into the fascinating concept of “creative unblocking,” drawing not only from her own remarkable experiences but also from insightful interviews conducted with a diverse range of artists.

Through her extensive knowledge and expertise, she has not only authored books like “Creative Block,” “Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk,” and “A Big Important Art Book – Now with Women!” but has also mastered the art of providing practical advice and guidance for overcoming creative obstacles.

With an unwavering commitment to celebrating the invaluable contributions of women in art and amplifying the voices of artists worldwide, Krysa continues to inspire and empower creative souls across the globe.

A Social Media Powerhouse

With a strong online presence, Danielle Krysa has 22.8k followers on her personal Instagram account, @daniellekrysaart, and an impressive 327k followers on the jealous curator (@thejealouscurator).

Through her posts, she offers a window into her life, art, and inspirations. On her vibrant feed, you’ll discover not only her own artwork but also featured pieces from artists, granting a unique glimpse into the contemporary art world.

By sharing her journey and engaging with her audience, Krysa continues to inspire aspiring artists and showcase the exquisite beauty of art in the modern era.

Some Facts About Danielle Krysa

To delve deeper into the world of Danielle Krysa, let me tell you some facts about her:

  • Did you know that in the beginning, Krysa chose to keep her blog anonymous, adding an air of mystery until a groundbreaking book deal revealed her true identity?
  • Aside from her remarkable accomplishments in the art community, Krysa has made notable appearances as a guest on various television programs, including “Oprah’s OWN Network.” This exposure has allowed her to reach a wider audience, sharing her unique insights and creative wisdom with the world.
  • 3- Among her accomplishments in writing, Krysa’s first book, called “Creative Block,” is an outstanding achievement. This book not only features the stunning artwork of 50 famous artists but also provides valuable guidance and strategies for overcoming creative obstacles. With this book, Krysa invites readers on a transformative journey to unlock their creative potential.

Danielle Krysa known for her unique way of curating art, her commitment to supporting artists, and her tireless efforts to inspire creativity has truly made a big impact. We can see how she continues to influence the art world, showing that she’s not just curating art, but leading a movement that connects with both established and emerging artists.

If you want to get in touch with her you can find her on:

At Arts to Hearts Project, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Danielle Krysa. She joined us as a guest curator for our studio visit book vol. 1, “Studio Visit Book” – A Visual Journey through Creative Spaces & Processes of Rising Women in the Arts.

In this book, we offer a sneak peek into the world of over 35 women artists worldwide. Through a collection of intimate photographs and insightful interviews, we invite you to step into their personal spaces and witness the magic they create.

This “Studio Visit Book” celebrates the power of women’s voices, showcasing their diverse artistic disciplines including painting, sculpture, and more. Get to know about their lives, their work, and the essence of their true selves.

With this, I will take your leave and will come up with another talented personality from the art world. Till then take care of yourself and keep creating the magic that you do. Good Bye!

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