Do you love to collect art? 5 platforms for art collectors that make the process easy

Remember when art collectors had to wander through galleries and museums, searching for that perfect piece to add to their collection? Oh, how the times have changed! Today, the art world has taken a remarkable digital shift, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for collectors.

Gone are the days of limited access and dusty exhibition halls. Now, with just a tap of your finger, you can explore a vast array of breathtaking artworks worldwide. The rise of digital art galleries and online platforms for art collectors has transformed how collectors buy and sell art, making the process more convenient and exciting.

With these platforms for art collectors and artists, you can now sip your favorite beverage at home, comfortably seated on your sofa, while browsing through a stunning collection of paintings on your smartphone or tablet—no need to travel long distances or wait for a gallery to open its doors.

Moreover, you can now easily organize, manage, and display your art collection. No more struggling with messy paperwork or wondering where you kept that purchase receipt. With just a few taps, you can track your art assets, keep detailed records, and even estimate the value of your collection effortlessly.

But the digital art revolution continues beyond there. Even if you’re curious to know more about the artist and the artwork’s history, you can whip out your phone, open one of these platforms for artists, and voilà! You’ll have all the details at your fingertips as if a knowledgeable art expert is whispering secrets in your ear.

And it doesn’t end with collecting. With the power of technology, you can now become a virtual curator, creating art exhibitions and showcasing your collection to the world. 

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is an online app that connects people who love art with various original artworks from artists worldwide. It’s like a huge art gallery you can explore from your phone.

Who is it for:

This app is for anyone who enjoys art, whether you’re a seasoned art collector or just someone who appreciates beautiful and unique creations. No matter your budget, there’s something for you to discover on Saatchi Art.

Range of Prices:

You can find artwork with prices for every budget on Saatchi Art. There are affordable pieces by new artists and more valuable works by established ones. So you can find art that you love without spending too much.

The artworks usually start from $125–$100,000. Prints start at around $40.

Benefits of using this platform

Saatchi Art offers a world of benefits for art collectors. You can explore a wide range of global artworks from artists worldwide and learn about the inspiration and the process behind each piece through detailed descriptions. If you need guidance or have questions, Saatchi Art provides expert art advice to help you in the selection process. Rest assured, with a reliable and trustworthy transaction system, your art purchases are safe and secure. 

You can browse through curated collections that showcase artwork around specific themes, making it easy to find pieces that align with your taste and preferences. No matter where you are, Saatchi Art ensures your chosen artwork is delivered safely to your doorstep. Each artwork comes with a certificate, guaranteeing its authenticity and origin, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. 

Embrace the art lover in you and immerse yourself in the art world with Saatchi Art – an app that brings unique and captivating artworks to your fingertips.

Start your art journey today by downloading the app!


Artfinder is an awesome online app that connects people like you who adore art with talented artists worldwide. It’s like a gigantic art gallery, but right on your phone! You can discover and explore many beautiful and unique artworks, from stunning paintings to mesmerizing sculptures, all in one place.

Who is it for:

Artfinder is a fantastic app for anyone who loves art and wants to discover incredible pieces created by talented artists. Whether you’re an experienced art collector or just someone who enjoys admiring and supporting creativity, this app is for you. No matter your taste or style preference, something special awaits you on Artfinder.

Range of Prices:

The best part about Artfinder is that it caters to all budgets! You can find artwork at different price points, so you don’t need to be a millionaire to start your art collection. There are affordable options for those starting their journey and valuable works for collectors looking for that one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Their price ranges from $13 to $11 million.

Benefits of using this platform:

Artfinder is an awesome online app connecting art lovers with talented artists worldwide. It’s like a gigantic gallery offering many beautiful and unique artworks, from stunning paintings to mesmerizing sculptures. Whether you’re an experienced art collector or someone who enjoys supporting creativity, this app is perfect for you. 

What’s great is that Artfinder caters to all budgets, with affordable options for starters and valuable works for seasoned collectors. By choosing Artfinder, you directly support independent artists on their journey. The app’s clever recommendations help you find artworks that match your interests, and its easy browsing with powerful search and filtering options makes it a breeze to find that special piece. 

Moreover, Artfinder also allows you to interact directly with artists, learn about their inspiration, and even request custom-made artwork. With secure transactions and global shipping, your purchases are safe, and artwork can reach you anywhere. Embrace the art world, connect with artists, and explore a diverse collection with Artfinder – the app that sparks your creativity and brings you closer to the heart of artistic brilliance. 

Download it now and embark on an exciting art journey!


UGallery is a fantastic online platform that connects art collectors like you with a handpicked selection of talented artists. It’s like a curated art gallery, carefully selecting exquisite artworks to explore and enjoy. With UGallery, you can discover a treasure trove of stunning and unique creations, ranging from paintings to photography, all created by skilled artists.

Who is it for:

UGallery is the perfect app for anyone with a passion for art and a love for discovering exceptional pieces crafted by talented artists. Whether you’re an avid art collector or simply appreciate the beauty of art, UGallery caters to all with its diverse selection of art styles and genres.

Range of Prices:

UGallery understands that art should be accessible to everyone, so they offer artwork at various prices. You can find affordable pieces that won’t break the bank and more valuable and investment-worthy artworks that can become the centerpiece of your collection. The art pieces range from $75 to $17,000. The largest category is works under $500.

WHAT’S YOUR CUT? 50 percent. Expect to be paid 30 to 40 days after delivery.

Benefits of using this platform

UGallery carefully curates its collection, presenting you with handpicked artworks from talented artists. This saves you time and guarantees a collection of high-quality and captivating art pieces. By choosing UGallery, you’re supporting artists and helping them continue their journey. Your appreciation and purchases contribute to the growth and success of these creative minds.

Each artist featured on UGallery has a detailed profile, allowing you to learn about their background, style, and creative process, forging a deeper connection with the artwork. The app offers a unique “virtual try-on” feature, allowing you to see how the artwork would look on your wall before making a purchase, making the art selection even more exciting.

Additionally, Gallery ensures a secure and reliable shopping experience, providing peace of mind when purchasing and protecting your personal information. The app offers expert customer support to assist you with any inquiries, helping you easily navigate the art selection process.

UGallery provides reliable global shipping services, ensuring that your chosen artwork reaches your doorstep safely, no matter where you reside.

Download the app today and embark on a captivating art journey!

Absolut Art:

Absolut Art is not your typical art platform—it collaborates directly with artists to create exclusive, limited-edition artworks that are signed, framed, and delivered right to the collector’s door. 

Owned by the renowned vodka company Absolut, it serves as a new independent extension of the brand, with a mission to broaden access to contemporary art on a global scale. This distinctive approach ensures collectors can access exceptional pieces that carry the artist’s personal touch and authenticity.

Who is it for?

The platform’s curated selection features top contemporary artists, guaranteeing that each artwork is carefully handpicked to resonate with art enthusiasts. And with artworks available at various price points, Absolut Art caters to all art lovers, from seasoned collectors to those just beginning their collection.

Range of Prices:

Absolut Art offers various artworks at various prices, accommodating different budgets and preferences. From affordable limited-edition prints to valuable originals, you can find artworks that align with your style and investment goals.

All the work in the app price ranges from $105 to $3,065.

WHAT’S YOUR CUT? 50 percent 

Benefits of using this arts platform

Absolut Art stands out with its exclusive collaborations with well-known artists like Miranda July, Sarah Meyohas, and Frog King Kwok. These partnerships result in limited-edition artworks signed, framed, and delivered directly to the collector’s door. With Absolut’s corporate cachet and robust marketing chops, the platform offers a unique opportunity to own exceptional artwork created by renowned artists.

As a buyer of Absolut Art, you’re treated to a smooth-functioning website that ensures a seamless and enjoyable art shopping experience. The platform’s impressive social media presence and positive press coverage add to your confidence and support your decision to shop here. Absolut Art provides a trustworthy and convenient platform to discover and own unique and exclusive artworks.

For artists, Absolut Art’s selection process is more exacting than other sites on the list. The platform seeks artists with an eye-catching online and real-world presence, ensuring the collection is carefully curated with the most talented and exceptional creators. While getting in may be competitive, being part of Absolut Art opens doors to a global audience and the support of a renowned brand.

Absolut Art provides a captivating and exclusive art experience for both buyers and artists. With its impressive collaborations, smooth user experience, and exacting selection process, the platform ensures a high standard of artistry and creativity. Embrace the opportunity to own exceptional artwork and support talented artists with Absolut Art—an app that brings the world of contemporary art to your fingertips.

 Download the app today and elevate your art collection with Absolut Art.

Arts to Hearts

Platforms for art collectors

Arts to hearts is a versatile platform offering a multi-pronged approach to art. It includes an e-gallery, services for artists, and even a podcast, making it an engaging hub for art collectors and artists.

Who is it for?

Arts to Hearts is run by well-known artist Charuka Arora. She strongly believes in helping and encouraging other women artists. She wants all women artists to have a place where they can share their art and feel supported. Its “State of the Art” podcast features interviews with art-world innovators, adding to its appeal for art collectors and artists seeking insights and inspiration. Artists looking for a comprehensive platform to get their work and gain presence on multiple sites can benefit from Arts to Hearts offerings.

Price Range:

The available artworks on Artworks range from $100 to $5,000, ensuring accessibility to a diverse audience with various budgets.

Benefits of using this arts platform

Arts to hearts project serves as an efficient “inventory management tool” for artists, helping them compile, organize, and track their art sales and transactions across different platforms. It simplifies managing accounts on partner sites like Artfinder and Saatchi.

Arts to hearts offers additional support services for artists, including assistance with writing bios, creating portfolios and showing their work through their magazines. This helps artists present their works more effectively and professionally.

Subscribe to the website and have an art-filled journey with ATH community today!

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Thank you for being with us, and until next time, keep embracing creativity and immersing yourself in the wonders of art!

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