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How to choose your creative focus as an artist in 2024

Artwork by Amy Salamone

As artists we all have some goals and ambitions, all of which are formed around our experiences so far. For any artist, it’s important to keep track of their art career and know when it’s time to take a certain step. An artistic or creative focus is the same thing, which lays out our plan for our future, depending on our creative journey so far.

If you have been creating art with no real focus, this is a great time to mend that. A new year has begun, and it’s time to figure out a plan for your future. On the contrary, if you have been in the art world for quite some time, you can use your experiences to your advantage, and figure out the areas you lack in. If it’s the money that needs some work, then maybe it’s time to form a strategic business plan. If you think your creativity has taken a back seat recently, you can now divert your energy towards that. The sky is the limit!

This week, on our Arts to Hearts Instagram (@artstoheartsproject), we asked our followers about their creative focus in the year 2024, and they gave us super interesting responses that we’ll be sharing with you!

creative focus

Choosing the right creative focus

We love @mahfoudhisanaart’s approach, as it means that they are going in the right direction. While making art and creating is always a win for an artist, there is nothing wrong with expanding and wanting to show it to a bigger audience. If you are someone who has been wanting to have their own exhibition, this is your sign to make it as your creative focus for the year. As they say, “When you want something, the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it”.

Nothing is more important than growth and consistency. As an artist, you need to keep in touch with your inner artist, so you don’t lose sight of what’s important. Being an artist is not an easy job, in fact, it can be demanding. You have to be vulnerable and let your inner feelings out on the canvas, something that requires strength. Sometimes, this fact can overwhelm artists, and they end up being inconsistent. So, take a leaf out of’s book, and prioritize consistency as your main creative focus. Let’s promise ourselves that no matter how overwhelming or busy our life gets, we will make sure that we keep going back to our studio/creative space!

If you are an artist, you don’t need to feel guilty about being more financially stable. Artists are usually not given the due credit they deserve, as somehow, people perceive their work to be not as important as other careers. As a result, artists have had to sell their skills and time at a lesser cost. Now, times are changing. Artists are being more vocal about their labor, and how their work is no less than any other.

Having said that, we also acknowledge that it’s a long journey, as artists have to work twice as hard to make their audience realize their worth. Many artists like @orla_dill_art have to resort to a ‘normal’ job, a job that pays a steady income and is seen as traditional by society. We are here to remind you that things will get better, and in the meantime, if you are in a similar boat, you don’t need to lose faith. Keep making art, no matter how busy your life gets. Because at the end of the day, it is who you are, and one day, you will find a way for all of it to work!

We cannot stress enough the importance of collaboration, especially if you haven’t been in the art world for that long. Collaboration is something that offers support to those who need it, while also lifting each and every one of the artists that is involved. As creatives, we always have to learn. So why not do that in the best possible way?! Collaborative and co-creative processes should definitely go on your list as your creative focus, as it will give you the opportunity to expand your community while creating a positive learning environment.

@liannewilliamsart mentions a very important aspect of being an artist: self-awareness. Being an artist and being self-aware go hand in hand. You cannot become better at what you do, as long as you are unable to see things as they are, and that means identifying your strengths as well as weaknesses. Being self-aware also means that using your creative voice will come naturally to you, and that will ultimately lead to healthy creative habits!

For artist, it’s important to grow and move forward. No matter what baby steps you take, you need to make sure that your next course of action is something that adds value to your creative life. As the year 2024 begins, reflect on your creative journey so far, and write down the things you would like to work on. While we always advise our followers to aim high, we also like to remind them that it’s better to take smaller and workable steps, rather than doing something that can overwhelm you so much that you end up losing morale. So, keep that in mind and pick one creative focus that will make you a better artist in 2024!

You can always read more articles where our ATH community comes together to engage with each other!

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