Sydney Herndon



Sydney Herndon

About the Artist

Sydney Herndon was born in Russellville, Kentucky. She graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2018 where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. Sydney’s work has been included in several shows such as the Juxtaposition Group Show at Art Juxtapose in Rosendale, NY and Still Life by Our Women Before Us in New York City. Sydney focuses primarily on painting using both traditional oil paint and digital painting techniques.

Artist Statement

Using symbols and bright colors in contrast with traditional portraiture, my work explores the various mental states of women in today’s society. The portraits rely on the imposition of specific symbols and the unease of heightened color to convey what the subject is actually feeling. Because my art practice is a direct response to my own internalized feelings, I explore the pressures that women face in their day-to-day lives to hide their negative emotions behind some kind of an exterior.