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10 Podcasts For Artists And Why They Should Listen To It

Are you looking for inspiration to make your art even better? Do you want to learn about the interesting history of art and the secrets of artists?

Being an artist requires more than just talent and training; it demands dedication, perseverance, courage, and intelligence. It’s not solely about creating art itself, but also understanding art history, theory, and practice, finding potential buyers, submitting work to exhibitions, and securing grants. Art holds immense significance as it has the power to move, connect, challenge, and imbue meaning into our sometimes-frustrating experience of life. Artists thrive on a consistent dose of wisdom, wit, and wonder to fuel their creativity and experimentation.  

Whether you express yourself through paintings, pottery, sculptures, sketches, or exhibitions, today we’ll talk about ten incredible podcasts for artists. They have fascinating stories, interesting artist interviews, stories and new ideas made just for artists like you.

List of ten Podcasts For Artists:

The Great Women Artists Podcast

Podcast Intro: 

Celebrating the Success of Women in Art

Podcasts For Artists

Podcast Host: 

Katy Hessel

Why You Should Listen:

If you love art, being creative, and hearing about amazing women, you should definitely listen to The Great Women Artists Podcast. Katy Hessel hosts this podcast and talks about the achievements of women artists. She tells their stories of facing challenges, being strong, and making important contributions. 

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Interesting Stories: The podcast explores the lives and art of women artists, sharing their stories that often get left out of history books. You’ll learn about their lives and what they created.

2. Exciting Interviews: Katy Hessel talks to different people like artists, curators, and art historians. They have great conversations that give unique insights into how women have influenced the art world.

3. Relaxing and Inspiring: The Great Women Artists Podcast is a relaxing and inspiring way to spend your time. You’ll be inspired by the stories of these amazing women and it might even help you with your own creative journey.

4. Discovering Hidden Histories: This podcast uncovers the important contributions women have made to art throughout history. It’s a way to make sure their work gets the recognition it deserves.

Listen to The Great Women Artists Podcast and let your creativity soar while appreciating the extraordinary impact women have had on the art world. It’s an enlightening and empowering experience you don’t want to miss.

The Art Biz Podcast

Podcast Intro: 

Nurturing Artists’ Business Success

Podcast Host: 

Alyson Stanfield

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Art Biz Podcast is a valuable resource for artists looking to navigate the business side of their art careers. Hosted by Alyson Stanfield, an experienced art business coach, this podcast features conversations with different artists who openly discuss their professional struggles, accomplishments, and challenges. These generous guests share their expertise, providing tips and insights for those new to the field.

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Practical Advice: Each episode of the Art Biz Podcast offers practical advice from artists who have successfully built their careers. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and strategies to help you navigate the art world.

2. Empowerment and Productivity: Alyson Stanfield encourages and highlights the creative influences that can empower you to become a more productive and successful artist. The podcast provides motivation and guidance for artists striving to achieve their goals.

3. Expert Insights: As a respected art business coach, Alyson Stanfield brings her years of experience to the podcast. She shares priceless visions, useful advice, and motivational narratives to support your artistic ambitions.

4. Understanding and Motivation: The Art Biz Podcast carries a deep understanding of the challenges artists face and provides motivation to overcome them. It offers support and guidance for emerging artists as they navigate their artistic journeys.

Listen to the Art Biz Podcast and gain invaluable insights into the business side of the art world. With the expertise and motivational narratives shared by Alyson Stanfield and her guests, you’ll find guidance, inspiration, and practical tips to support your ambitions.

Art Curious Podcast 

Podcast Intro: 

Exploring the Secret Stories of Art History

Podcast Host: 

Jennifer Dasal

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Art Curious Podcast uncovers fascinating and lesser-known facts about art history. Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, each episode reveals stories that will captivate art enthusiasts. By digging into the hidden parts of art’s past, this podcast helps artists learn beyond what they usually study.

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Discovering Hidden Tales: The Art Curious Podcast explores the mysterious and interesting stories behind famous artworks. Jennifer Dasal reveals exciting narratives about stolen art, controversial artists, and artistic movements that were disputed.

2. More than Meets the Eye: Every artwork has a hidden history, and this podcast brings those stories to light. You’ll learn the captivating tales behind sculptures and paintings that have shaped our culture in significant ways. Listening to the Art Curious Podcast will deepen your understanding and love for art as you learn the stories behind the pieces.

3. Enjoyable and Informative: Jennifer Dasal is a great storyteller, making the episodes engaging and easy to follow for art enthusiasts at any level. The podcast presents art history in an entertaining way while also teaching you something new.

4. Broadening Art Knowledge: The Art Curious Podcast explores aspects of art history that are often overlooked. By listening, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on the art world and learn about the influences, controversies, and mysteries that have shaped it.

Listen to the Art Curious Podcast and embark on a journey through the hidden side of the art world. Discover the fascinating stories behind famous artworks and develop a deeper appreciation for the rich history and culture they represent.

A Beautiful Anarchy Podcast

Podcast Intro: 

Embracing Authenticity and Artistic Freedom

Podcast Host: 

David DuChemin

Why You Should Listen to It:

Beautiful Anarchy is a hidden gem of a podcast that dives deep into the realities of being an artist. It offers thought-provoking and candid discussions, providing a much-needed space for artists to explore the challenges and triumphs of their creative journeys. This podcast is a source of support and inspiration, empowering artists to confidently pursue their artistic vision.

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Nurturing Confidence: Beautiful Anarchy podcast genuinely fosters a sense of confidence and self-belief in artists. It encourages them to embrace their unique visions and carve their own paths, no matter the obstacles they may face.

2. Inspiring Ideas: The podcast presents a wealth of inspiring ideas that can fuel your artistic achievements. Through captivating discussions with artists from around the world, Beautiful Anarchy emphasizes the importance of embracing individuality, embracing imperfections, and challenging conventional norms.

3. Freeing Creative Boundaries: By listening to Beautiful Anarchy, you can break free from the shackles of self-doubt that can often hinder artists. This podcast encourages you to trust your imagination, take risks, and embark on a journey to success on your own terms.

4. A Masterpiece of Empowerment: Beautiful Anarchy leaves a lasting impact on its listeners. It inspires and empowers artists to embrace their true selves, express their creativity authentically, and pursue their artistic goals with passion and determination.

Give yourself the gift of artistic liberation by listening to Beautiful Anarchy. This podcast will guide you towards embracing your uniqueness, trusting your instincts, and unlocking your true potential. Prepare to be moved and inspired by this masterpiece of a podcast.

Arts To Hearts Podcast

Podcast Intro: 

Inspiring Conversations with Artists Worldwide

Podcast Host: 

Charuka Arora

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Arts to Hearts Podcast, hosted by Charuka Arora, offers a wonderful collection of interviews with a diverse range of artists. Charuka’s gentle tone, thoughtful questions, and kindness shine through each episode, creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. 

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Insightful Discussions: In her conversations with different artists, Charuka delves into the obstacles and fears that come with pursuing art, while highlighting the strengths and persistence of these artists in their journey towards success. You’ll gain valuable insights and inspiration from their experiences.

2. Community Building: Charuka started the artstoheartsproject at the beginning of the pandemic as a weary creative seeking support and community. It has now evolved into a thriving community of thousands of women artists from all over the world. The podcast reflects the spirit of this supportive community.

3. Real and Varied Topics: In the ATH podcast, Charuka and her guests engage in candid conversations that touch on various aspects of creativity, business, art, marketing, and more. You’ll find a diverse range of topics that will broaden your understanding of the art world.

4. Connection and Inspiration: The Arts to Hearts Podcast provides a platform for artists worldwide to share their stories and perspectives. By listening, you’ll feel connected to a global community of artists and be inspired by their creative journeys.

Tune in to the Arts to Hearts Podcast and immerse yourself in inspiring conversations with artists from around the world. Discover valuable insights, feel part of a supportive community, and explore a wide range of topics related to creativity, art, and the artistic journey.

Creative Mind Podcast

Podcast Intro: 

Nurturing Creativity and Artistic Careers

Podcast Host: 

Vanessa Rende

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Creative Mind Podcast provides a platform for individuals who are passionate about working in the arts and design fields. It aims to clarify the validity of pursuing a career in the art world, addressing common concerns and offering valuable advice. This life-changing podcast features brilliant artists who share their experiences and creative inspirations, motivating listeners to achieve success in the art field.

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Career Guidance: If you’re considering a career in the arts, the Creative Mind Podcast offers guidance and insights. The advice shared by experienced artists can help you navigate the challenges and uncertainties of pursuing a creative path, giving you the tools and inspiration you need to thrive in your career.

2. Authenticity and Recognition: The podcast emphasizes the importance of staying true to yourself and your artistic nature. By embracing your uniqueness, you increase the likelihood of being recognized by the right people who appreciate your work. It encourages artists to trust their instincts and be confident in their artistic journey.

3. Urgency and Motivation: The Creative Mind Podcast leaves you with a sense of urgency to pursue your artistic goals. Listening to the experiences and stories of successful artists will inspire you to take action and make progress in your own creative endeavors.

4. Insight into the Art and Design Community: By listening to this podcast, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the art and design community. It provides valuable insights and expertise that can help you navigate the dynamics and trends within the art world.

Listen to the Creative Mind Podcast and let it nurture your creativity and artistic career. Gain wisdom and motivation from the experiences shared by accomplished artists, and develop a deeper understanding of the art and design community. This podcast is a valuable resource for anyone seeking guidance and inspiration in their journey.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

Podcast Intro: 

Connecting with Modern Art through Conversations

Podcasts for artists

Podcast Host: 

Tyler Green

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Modern Art Notes Podcast offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of modern art. Hosted by Tyler Green, this podcast engages with artists and arts professionals to explore their work and their contributions to the story of art history. Tyler’s intellectual curiosity and interviewing skills create captivating stories and foster a stronger connection to the subject matter. The art history component of this podcast is truly inspiring.

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Insights and Connections: Through the Modern Art Notes Podcast, you’ll discover what other artists are doing to help us connect more deeply with modern art. Tyler Green’s interviews with artists and arts professionals provide valuable insights into their work, influences, and impact on the art world. These conversations foster a greater understanding and connection to the art being discussed.

2. Historical Context: The podcast excels in providing historical context alongside in-depth discussions of artworks. The host and guest explore the complexities of the art world, discussing specific works in a way that illuminates their historical significance and artistic impact. This adds depth and richness to the listening experience.

3. Inspiring Art History: The Modern Art Notes Podcast takes art history to new heights. The discussions, fueled by Tyler Green’s thorough research and expertise, inspire listeners to explore the vast and ever-evolving landscape of modern art. It encourages a deeper appreciation and engagement with the art world.

Listen to the Modern Art Notes Podcast and discover and connect with modern art. Tyler Green’s interviews and the historical context provided will deepen your understanding, while the in-depth discussions will engage your curiosity. This podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring the complexities and wonders of the art world.

The Lonely Palette Podcast

Podcast Intro: 

Making Art Accessible and Engaging

Podcast Host: 

Tamar Avishai

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Lonely Palette Podcast captivates its audience with its infectious enthusiasm for creativity and the arts. Host Tamar Avishai encourages listeners to observe, feel, and engage with art in a friendly and approachable way. Spending time with the paintings becomes a personal conversation that unfolds through the podcast.

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Valuable Background Knowledge: The podcast provides incredibly valuable background knowledge and details about artists and their works. Tamar Avishai’s depth of understanding and expertise shines through as she shares fascinating insights, making the listening experience both entertaining and educational.

2. Engaging Delivery: Tamar Avishai’s delivery style resembles that of a museum guide, combining a soft voice, beautiful narration, tasteful musical selections, and a remarkable depth of artistic understanding. Her engaging approach creates an immersive experience that appeals to artists and art enthusiasts alike.

3. Inspiration to Explore: The Lonely Palette Podcast serves as a reminder to explore local art galleries and develop an interest in the creative and aesthetic aspects of art. The podcast’s well-organized and consistent content ignites a deep appreciation for the artistic language, compelling listeners to further explore artistic influences.

4. Accessible and Meaningful: The podcast makes art accessible and meaningful, breaking down barriers and demystifying complex artworks. Through Tamar Avishai’s guidance, listeners develop a stronger connection to art, encouraging personal interpretations and fostering a deeper appreciation for various artistic styles and periods.

Immerse yourself in the world of art by listening to The Lonely Palette Podcast. Tamar Avishai’s delightful delivery, combined with the podcast’s educational and engaging content, makes it a must-listen for artists and art enthusiasts. Rediscover the joy of observing and connecting with art while exploring its vast and diverse landscape.

Podcast Link

The Jealous Curator: Art For Your Ear

Podcast Intro: 

Conversations That Inspire and Connect

Podcast Host: 

Danielle Krysa

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Jealous Curator Podcast is like having the perfect companion to talk about art for hours without ever getting bored of your favorite topic. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking for secret insights into renowned artists, or simply wanting to feel connected to the art world, this podcast is a must-listen.

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

1. Artist Conversations: The podcast highlights brilliant artists who have achieved success, offering a glimpse into their lives and creative processes. Through intimate conversations, you’ll feel connected to the artists, gaining valuable insights and inspiration from their personal experiences.

2. Appreciating Art: Presenter Danielle Krysa believes that understanding an artist’s interesting facts and personal journey is a better way to appreciate their work. The podcast encourages listeners to delve beyond the surface and learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of art, providing a deeper appreciation for the creative process.

3. Invaluable Art Practices: The Jealous Curator Podcast shares invaluable art practices and creative ideas from your favorite artists. These insights can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, helping you flourish in your own artistic pursuits.

Tune into the Jealous Curator Podcast to indulge in engaging conversations about art. With Danielle Krysa as your host, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for artists and their works, as well as access to a wealth of creative practices and ideas. Get inspired, feel connected, and deepen your understanding of the art world through this captivating podcast.

The Accidental Creative

Podcast Intro: 

Nurturing Creativity and Success in Life and Work

Podcast Host: 

Todd Henry

Why You Should Listen to It:

The Accidental Creative Podcast is your go-to resource for expert advice on managing the stresses of daily life and work. This podcast explores how incorporating artistic practices and fostering a healthy mindset can lead to success in various aspects of life. Hosted by Todd Henry, the podcast invites remarkable intellectuals, creators, and leaders who share positive and practical advice on sustaining endurance, maintaining focus, and reaching new heights.

Why this Podcast for Artists is Worth Your Time:

1. Valuable Insights: The podcast delivers a wealth of wisdom through its discussions on various concepts and practical advice. By listening, you’ll gain insights into nurturing your creativity, managing stress, and finding the balance needed to consistently produce great work.

2. Creative Ideas and Inspiration: Todd Henry taps into the expertise of exceptional individuals who have achieved success in their respective fields. These conversations provide a wellspring of creative ideas, encouraging you to think differently and apply innovative approaches to your own endeavors.

3. Practical Guidance: The Accidental Creative Podcast offers practical guidance on how to pursue your goals and exercise your vision effectively. It equips you with strategies and techniques to maintain productivity, overcome challenges, and consistently produce outstanding work.

By tuning into The Accidental Creative Podcast, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration and practical advice to help you thrive in your creative pursuits. Todd Henry and his esteemed guests will empower you to nurture your creativity, manage stress, and achieve success both in your personal life and profession. 

Podcasts have become effective tools that significantly affect artists’ methods of creation. Your art journey can reach new heights by indulging in these wise pieces of podcasts.

Looking For A Great Podcast?

At ATH we believe in the power of these conversations and the impact they can have on your life. By listening to our podcasts you can join a supportive community that shares a passion for art and creativity. We are sincerely grateful for your support and the time you’ve dedicated to listening to our podcasts.

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