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Biosphere: Art, Animals & Environment: Art Exhibit

Exhibiting Artists

Nikki Baxendale | Barbi Taylor | Kati Lowe | Ruth Becker | Jenna Strouth | Nadia Stieglitz | Maya Stansbury | Raji Salan | Uli Smith | Deborah Kruger | Marika Rosenius | Jaclyn Gordyan | Cissy Spoelstra  | Bess French | Stephanie Rosendorf | Gisela A. Lazarte | Khae Haskell | Melody Cassen | Elody Gyekis | Elisabeth Handelsby | Christina Kreitzer | Melanie Schoeniger | Ana Sophia Tristán | Roshni Anand  | Alejandra Morales | Kelly Corbett |Aimee Jones

Exhibition Essay

“Biosphere – Art, Animals and Environment ” refers to the variety and abundance of life on Earth. It is considered as one of Earth’s most intricate and crucial features. Existence would be impossible without biological diversity. Biodiversity covers everything from humans to microorganisms and even things we don’t know much about. Biodiversity is not just about endangered or threatened species but also all living things.

We hope to raise awareness through this art call. Because Environmental art is intrinsically tied to both nature and science, on the other hand, art helps us better understand our complex relationship with nature.

Irony, allegory, metaphor, and humor are some of the distinctive techniques available to artists when depicting the world around them.

So, with this call for art, we want to look at how you depict biodiversity via your art, aesthetics, and storytelling.

Curator’s Note 

I’ve had an interest in curating a show with an environmentally-centered theme for some time and was thrilled when Arts to Hearts Project allowed me to bring this idea to life through its global platform. When we launched the call for art, we had no idea how intertwined art, the environment, and activism would become in the following months. 

Museums and other cultural institutions around the world have recently become a target for climate change protesters. In a seemingly calculated series of events, activists have thrown soup and mashed potatoes on paintings as well as glued themselves to historical works of art (with most acts not resulting in any permanent damage to the art). The spectacle of media coverage of these incidents has sparked conversations about the environment, but also debates concerning the efficacy of such forms of protest. 

Many in the art world have found themselves wondering: is this the best way to incite change (besides stricter security measures at museums) and are there other meaningful ways to protest? I believe the artists curated into Biosphere exemplify the latter. This exhibition brings together over 25 artists for whom the environment plays a central role in their work. Through painting, sculpture, photography, collage, and more, they tackle the question of why is our environment essential in myriad ways. Yet, they also show us why it is so special, a beautiful, timely, and poignant reminder that there is no planet B. 

I hope these works inspire you to think, have conversations, and do your part to make an impact. As for which form of protest is more effective – after viewing the show, I’ll let you be the judge.

                                   Alicia Puig, Curator & Owner PxP Contemporary Gallery 

Editor’s Note

A big thank you for the support we have received so far.
I am truly grateful to our beautiful community for making what Arts To Hearts is today.
If you like this exhibit and what we do please don’t forget to share this and help us spread the word. It will truly mean a lot to us and help us reach a wider audience.
Until, we meet again.
Sending my best to you always x

  • Charuka Arora, Founder Arts To Hearts Project


Meet Our Artists

And, Hear them talk about why truly this matters to them.

Watch The Video

Welcome to the Virtual Exhibit

Starfish tile By Nikki Baxendale
mixed media, 2022
Hidden By Kati Lowe
Acrylic on paper (mixed media), 2022 
Apocalypse Picnic BY Jenna Strouth
Analog Collage, 2021
Pangolin BY Maya Stansbury
Ceramics, 2021
La Horticultora BY Uli Smith
Acrylic, 2022
Silence in the Solitude BY Marika Rosenius 
Acrylic paint and scratches on wood, 2020
washed by the sea BY Cissy Spoelstra  
cyanotype on a tile, 2022
trinitarias by the pool at dusk BY Gisela A. Lazarte 
acrylic on raw canvas, 2022
Flourish/Corroded BY Khae Haskell
site specific installation, mylar, ink, acetate, paper, LED lights, vinyl, pins, 2022
Tea Party BY Elody Gyekis 
Ama Diver by Christina Kreitzer 
Thread on cotton canvas, 2022
Tropical Garden – ‘Elysian’ by Roshni Anand  
Watercolour on paper
Stay away from my dreams by Alejandra Morales
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 2022
Sometimes I cry by Aimee Jones
Oil on Canvas, 2022
blackleopard By Barbi Taylor
OIL ON Copper, 2022 
Ripple  BY Ruth Becker
36 layers laser cut inkjet printed paper, 2015
Symbiotic BY Nadia Stieglitz
clay, 2022
Anima Animus BY Raji Salan
collage, 2022
screen-printing on recycled plastic bags, sewing, wrapping, waxed linen thread, 2022
Heart BY Jaclyn Gordyan
Mixed media and organic elements in relief on canvas, 2021
Stuga BY Bess French
 Assemblage, 2021
Floating World BY Stephanie Rosendorf  
porcelain with glaze, 2021
Good Things to Come BY Melody Cassen 
photo illustration, 2021
Taking flight BY Elisabeth Handelsby  
acrylic on canvas, 2022
Argos BY Melanie Schoeniger 
photography, 2022
Kissing the Shoreline by Ana Sophia Tristán 
Acrylic on Canvas, 2022
Quest by Kelly Corbett
acrylic on canvas, 2022

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Marika Rosenius

Marika Rosenius

Artist Bio Marika is a Finnish wood artist influenced by the beauty, the chaotic

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