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Gisela A. Lazarte (b. 1989) is a multidisciplinary abstract artist, born and raised in the socio-politically tumultuous Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a BA in Communication with a concentration in Audiovisual Arts from her home land, and an MA in Film from Barcelona, Spain, where she lived for almost two years. She has been based in New York City since 2016.

Gisela has been making art in different forms since she can remember; however, she received oil painting training while in middle school and started experimenting with mixed-media some years later. Coming from an immigrant family, she felt a pressing necessity for practicality that led her to reorient her creative expression needs through her major in Communication, specifically in video production and film writing, although she continued drawing and writing poetry on the side.

In New York, a critical time in her life led her to start painting again as an imperative urge. During this period, she worked on a series of projects that combined painting, poetry, and video. After a while, she realized that her impulses continued to pull her towards the more raw, tactile, and intimate means of expression, truer to herself than anything else that painting represented for her, and she started pursuing her career in this realm at that moment.

Gisela A. Lazarte has exhibited her work in New York City as well as in virtual international exhibitions, and her paintings can be found in private collections around the world, such as in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Spain, as well as several cities throughout the United States.

Gisela’s practice combines high amounts of intuitive creation with instances of careful observation; a constant trial and error experimentation. Her process is infused by an amalgamation of memories and present feelings and sensations, where expression in the shape of color comes out onto the canvas, and where trust and surrender to a flow state in this process is key, being a sort of meditation in action.

Her expressive washes and marks seek to encourage an intimate, unique, and expansive dialogue, propelled by feelings and subjective thoughts, between the viewer and the piece; as she believes that art should be an active internal experience, not just for the artist but also for the viewer. She finds that abstraction allows her work this level of freedom in both expression and interpretation, as well as a path to bridge connections for our own human experiences.

Artist Statement

My technique and methods are ever-evolving, as I am always searching for ways to better express the feelings, ideas, or stories behind each particular series and piece. My process combines high amounts of

I believe that art should be an independent active experience, not just for the artist but also for the viewer, and I find that abstraction allows my work this level of freedom in both expression and interpretation.

How does the theme ‘Biosphere’ play a role in your work?

My work is deeply inspired and influenced by my living environment wherever I go. Coming from Venezuela, a country with an incredibly diverse and rich biosphere, and now living in NYC, all my creative efforts have either looked to bring some of that pulsating vibrancy and life I grew up surrounded by into these worlds, or to bring awareness on the lack thereof in a system that has been moving for a good while towards a monochromatic, one-size-fits-all, industrial feel environment.

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