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Listen & Learn: Featuring 5 Best Podcasts for the creative-minded.

Podcasts are a fantastic alternative to traditional reading materials like books because they don’t demand you to sit still and read for long periods. You can listen to podcasts whenever and wherever you like. The podcast needs to be played, and you can listen to it while you do other things.

The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed in recent years, and currently, there are more than 2 million podcasts available online. Despite over 2 million podcasts, women only own and host a tiny fraction of those.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have a podcast with a sizable female host audience where women can feel safe talking openly and can have a place where they have honest and uplifting conversations.

So if you are looking for a podcast like that but finding it difficult, then you’re in luck since this week’s Arts to Hearts Feature Article highlights the top five podcasts hosted by women who cater to the interests and passions of the creative and curious.

So keep on reading to learn about it all.

Arts to Hearts Podcast By Charuka Arora

The arts to Hearts podcast is for emerging artists and creatives who are finding their way in the art world. The podcast is hosted by Charuka Arora- Designer, Visual Artist, entrepreneur, and Founder of Arts to hearts.

It is a show where the host takes a peek into the hearts and lives of different women artists and creatives worldwide.

In the podcast, Charuka Arora talks with her guests about everything that goes into making life & a career that you adore as an artist.

When you listen to this episode, you will learn about How to be a successful artist? How to get over creative blocks? Best tips for creativity? How to find an arts community that makes you feel at home? How to build a thriving art business & studio practice? And so much more.

You can hear Charuka & her guests share the messy and the excellent side of creating and living a heartfelt creative life within and outside our studios on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere you listen to your podcast. As you tune in, be ready to be inspired and encouraged.

P.s In the spirit of completing 100 episodes, they have also launched a giveaway, and if you want to be part of it, then follow the link

A Millennial Mind By Shivani Pau

Millennials are different. They are a new generation focused on change, innovation, and creativity. However, they’ve been conditioned to believe concepts and practices that are often outdated.

Throughout this podcast, Shivani challenges these concepts by interviewing guests from various backgrounds with many experts who provide guidance and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.

Shivani seeks to entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more positive and energized life. These fascinating conversations own health and wellness and desire to challenge your thoughts and mindset while bringing an uplifting element to your day.

Unladylike Podcast By Cristen Conger

This podcast is about women and writing. Unladylike is a field guide for identifying, understanding, and uprooting the creepy, crawly patriarchal species women and girls encounter throughout society’s ecosystem — and reclaiming the space they take up. Simply put, it’s the guide for women and girls everywhere trying to find their way.

In 2011, Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin began podcasting together as co-hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You, one of the first podcasts by and about women. They spent the next six years dissecting gender constructs, debunking body myths, sourcing cultural stereotypes, and overusing “heteronormative.” They liked it so much that they wanted to own the media they were making, which meant quitting their jobs and starting all over again. So, in spring 2017, Unladylike Media was born. The following January, in production partnership with Stitcher, the podcast Unladylike debuted at the top of the Apple Podcasts charts. In October 2018, Unladylike: A Field Guide to Smashing the Patriarchy and Claiming Your Space was published by Ten Speed Press.

In the spring of 2022, after more than a decade of talking and writing about gender and feminism together, Cristen and Caroline parted ways as work wives but planned to remain unladyfriends until the end.

Art For Your Ear By The Jealous Curator

This podcast brings you stories from some of the best contemporary artists.

When the host, Danielle, studied Art History, the best part was the gossip. she loved discovering why artists did certain things, what was going on in their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes details about other artists they knew and worked with.

And This podcast is exactly that- an inside-scoop story from the artsiest people she knows. You’ll hear first-hand from these talented, successful, full-time artists (who also happen to be regular people with hilarious stories) BEFORE they’re in the Art History books by Danielle (aka The Jealous Curator).

The Overthink Tank Podcast By Surbhi Bagga

A podcast where certifiable overthinker and comedian Surbhi Bagga overthinks stuff along with a fun guest!

From pop culture to dating etiquette, human emotions to AI – each week, she over-analyses, overshares and overcompensates all for the sake of this podcast.

Surbhi Bagga has more than 20k followers on Instagram, and The podcast, which has become so successful now, was started from the bed where two friends met and talked about crying in public in the first episode.

But now, it’s been more than three years since she created her podcast, and we think she should never stop making it because it’s so much fun to listen to it.

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0-100 Eps: 5 key things I have learned from creating this podcast w/ Charuka Arora, Founder of Arts to Hearts.

0-100 Eps: 5 key things I have learned from creating this podcast w/ Charuka Arora, Founder of Arts to Hearts.

Charuka Arora is a visual artist, designer and Founder of Arts To Hearts

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