5 books every art collector should read

Ever wondered what makes someone a great art collector? Is it having an eye for what looks good, or is there more to it? 

Art collectors have a big role – they’re not just people who buy and display art. They’re like guardians of art, keeping it safe for all of us. Their special ability to pick out amazing art can make an artist famous and keep a whole era’s feeling alive. 

Art collectors aren’t like the ones who collect action figures or stamps. They’re like hunters, searching for pieces that tell stories, show emotions, and capture moments. What they pick out matters a lot. It can change how we see the world and remember history. 

In this blog, we will discuss some books that every art collector should read, whether new or experienced. These books aren’t just about how to spot good art. They’re about how to understand it and love it even more. 

You’ll find tips and tricks to become a better collector in these books. You’ll also learn about artists’ lives and history and how to care for your precious pieces. Think of these books as your guide to art collection – they’ll open doors you didn’t even know were there. 

So, whether you’re just starting to collect art or doing it for years, these books will be like friends on your journey. They’ll help you explore and understand art in an easy and enjoyable way.

So let’s start.

The Art Collector’s Handbook” by Mary Rozell

In “The Art Collector’s Handbook,” Mary Rozell takes us on a friendly tour of the art collecting world. It’s like a roadmap for anyone who loves art and wants to know how to start collecting. This book is perfect if you’re just beginning your journey as an art collector.

Mary Rozell explains everything simply – from understanding different art styles to meeting artists and making smart purchases. You’ll learn how to look at art in a new way, noticing details others might miss. 

This book isn’t just about buying art, though. It’s about building relationships with artists and other collectors. You’ll get tips on visiting galleries, attending art fairs, and negotiating prices. 

“The Art Collector’s Handbook” is like having a mentor by your side. It’s not just about art; it’s about the adventure of collecting. This book will help you become a more confident collector who understands the stories behind the artworks and can enjoy them even more.

So, if you’re starting as an art collector and want to learn the ropes, this book is your perfect starting point. It’s like a toolbox with useful tips and advice to make your art collecting exciting and rewarding.

The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art” by Don Thompson

Have you ever wondered why some pieces of art cost millions of dollars? Don Thompson’s “The $12 Million Stuffed Shark,” writes the mysteries of the art market in a way that’s easy to understand. If you’re curious about the money side of art collecting, this book is for you.

Thompson takes us behind the scenes of the art world’s high-stakes auctions and big-name galleries. He explains how prices are determined, why certain artworks become super valuable, and what makes some artists famous while others remain unknown.

This book isn’t just for art economists. It’s a guide for art enthusiasts who want to make informed choices. After reading, you’ll be better at spotting trends, understanding the value of art, and making wiser purchases.

“The $12 Million Stuffed Shark” is like a crash course in art market economics without the complicated jargon. It equips you with knowledge that can turn you into a savvy collector who can confidently navigate the art world.

So, if you want to know the story behind the numbers and discover how the art market works, this book will give you insights that will transform your approach to collecting art. It’s like a backstage pass to the financial side of the art world, helping you make choices that align with your passion and budget.

“Living with Art” by Rita Gilber

Rita Gilbert’s book is like a personal mentor, guiding collectors through the nuances of building a meaningful art collection. With a focus on both aesthetics and personal connection, “Living with Art” offers practical advice for selecting pieces that resonate on a deeper level.

The book covers a range of topics, from deciphering the language of art to demystifying the art market. Through Gilbert’s guidance, readers gain valuable insights into the process of art selection, understanding the context of different periods and styles, and cultivating a discerning eye.

“Living with Art” also delves into the emotional and intellectual rewards of art collecting, emphasizing the role that art plays in enriching our lives and environments. It encourages readers to see art as a journey of self-discovery, connection, and creativity.

Rita Gilbert’s expertise and passion shine through in “Living with Art,” making it an essential read for both novice and experienced collectors alike. If you’re seeking a female-authored guide to navigating the world of art collecting, this book will empower you to curate a collection that reflects your unique tastes and values.

“Collecting Contemporary: A Handbook for the Art Lover” by Adam Lindemann, with contributions by Barbara Isenberg

“Collecting Contemporary: A Handbook for the art lovers,” authored by Adam Lindemann with contributions by Barbara Isenberg, presents an engaging and informative guide for art enthusiasts who aspire to navigate the dynamic landscape of contemporary art collection. While primarily authored by Lindemann, the book is enriched by Isenberg’s insights, offering readers a comprehensive view of the art world.

Lindemann, a seasoned art collector himself, draws upon his experiences and expertise to provide readers with a candid and accessible entry point into the world of art collection. His passion for contemporary art shines through as he discusses various aspects of collecting, ranging from evaluating art to building relationships with artists and dealers.

Contributions by Barbara Isenberg add depth and a nuanced perspective to the book. Isenberg’s insights complement Lindemann’s narrative, providing readers with a well-rounded understanding of the multifaceted art scene. Her contributions may offer valuable advice on engaging with galleries, understanding market trends, and establishing a connection with the art community.

“Collecting Contemporary” is not merely a technical manual but also a celebration of the journey. Lindemann and Isenberg, through their collaboration, emphasize the importance of personal connection and the stories behind the artworks. They guide readers through the process of cultivating a collection that resonates with individual tastes and values.

By incorporating both male and female perspectives, the book mirrors the diversity of the art world itself. This collaboration reinforces the notion that successful art collection involves a harmonious blend of perspectives, insights, and experiences from all corners of the art community.

Confessions of a Poor Collector” by Eugene Schwartz, 1970

Confessions of a Poor Collector” by Eugene Schwartz is a candid and relatable exploration of the world of art collecting, written with a touch of humor and self-awareness. In this book, Schwartz shares his experiences, mishaps, and triumphs as a collector, offering valuable insights for novice and seasoned art enthusiasts.

Schwartz’s writing style is approachable and down-to-earth, making it easy for readers to connect with his anecdotes. He talks about the joys and challenges of collecting art, from stumbling upon hidden gems to facing the realities of budget constraints. His stories remind us that being a collector isn’t just about having deep pockets and embracing the journey.

For art collectors, “Confessions of a Poor Collector” is reassuring. It sheds light on the universal struggles and pleasures of building a collection, highlighting the importance of passion and patience. Schwartz’s experiences can help you navigate the art world with a sense of realism and genuine enjoyment.Consider this book a conversation with a fellow collector who’s been through it all. It’s like having a mentor share their wisdom and adventures, guiding you toward making informed choices and finding treasures within your means.

If you’re an art collector looking for a relatable companion on your journey, “Confessions of a Poor Collector” offers a dose of humor, humility, and heartwarming stories. It’s a reminder that the art of collecting isn’t just about the value of the pieces; it’s about the experiences that shape your unique collector’s tale.

In the colorful world of art collecting, these books serve as valuable guides, each offering a unique palette of knowledge and inspiration. From uncovering the secrets of the art market to nurturing your creative spirit, these books are like trusted companions, enriching your journey as a collector.

 Remember, art isn’t just about what hangs on your walls – it’s about the stories, emotions, and connections they evoke. So whether you’re a new collector or a seasoned, these books invite you to explore, learn, and embrace the boundless beauty of art. Happy reading and collecting!

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