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Ep 55. A creative mother’s letter to the universe: A page from my journal w/ Charuka Arora, Artist & Host

I n the 55th Episode of The Arts to Hearts Podcast, Podcast Host & founder of Arts to hearts project Charuka Arora takes a leap of faith in her vision to create more transparency y sharing one of her most vulnerable pages from her journal.

In this episode, Charuka shares her journal entry where she wrote a letter to the universe asking for support.

She wrote this letter as a creative mother. And, shared her ordeal in the pages.


Charuka Arora, Founder of Arts To Hearts Project

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A collaboration between @artstoheartsproject & @visionaryartcollective

Guest curator: Victoria J Fry, Artist, educator & founder of visionary art collective

Theme: Home

Eligibility:Women artists across the globe

Deadline: 13th December 12 midnight EST



Like any other mother, I feel a state of letting my creative ideas out in the world, thinking of what they, they don’t come back. Oh, what if it turns out to be completely different than what I imagined or that people make fun of them and maybe me and so much more. Hey, you guys welcome back to the arts to hotspot because this is your host.

Charaka a big, welcome to the unusual episode where I am. Actually going to be talking about something instead, I’m going to be reading a page from my journal that fell something. I don’t even believe I’m doing this because I don’t. The things is a very, very private space for all of. But I really wanted to share this year because it was something that has really like, it felt very important for me to share with you.

And it was very natural, very raw. And I felt like. Balloon in this. And like always, I didn’t want to give this to myself if I knew it could help someone else. But before we get into this episode, I quickly want to remind you that our last call of 2021 in collaboration with our friends at visionary art collective and the founder of visionary art collective Victoria, J fry.

The open call is going to be ending on 13th of December 12, midnight EST. That means you only have a few days to go. The thing for this open goal is home and I am so grateful for this collaboration. Victoria is a brilliant artist and amazing human being. And, you know, I just love the way she does things.

And it’s been such a pleasure to. Able to create this oppurtunity in collaboration with herd, we are doing a lot of things for these artists who will be selected and all women artists are from all around the world are invited to apply to this open call. You know, your ends are usually very overwhelming for a lot of us.

And when we look back, you know, we want to just make sure that we do one last thing, one more thing. So if that’s something that you’ve been thinking about, Um, this call may be that you can find all the details on two hearts, You’ll be able to find the link, um, any, all of those things that you need to submit.

Remember the deadline for this open call is 13th of December 12, midnight EST. So we hopefully will see you and your work. Okay. So like I said, I don’t want to really talk a lot today. Um, I just don’t feel like that instead. I really want to share this very powerful piece that I felt when I, when I was writing, it felt like it was coming out of me.

I don’t even know, um, how it happened, but I’m not going to say a lot instead. Here’s a page of. Not one side, a few, uh, my life, my heart, my soul, that I’m very one to Billy. Very briefly trying to share your and send something across. So if you liked this episode, you let me know because, oh my God, that would, I would need that encouragement right now.

So let’s go. So this is from a view few weeks ago. And I am now going to read an entry from my daily journal. And here we go. So here’s how I begin, dear God, you and I was, and my mother and every other positive energy out there, I asked you for your guidance and love. I miss writing to you also much when I’m unable to share.

My soul sometimes feel it has so much to say and words just don’t feel right. So today I wanted to share about my big dreams, my dream of living this ultimate creative life in the past two years, I have learned so many things. I have crossed paths with some amazing souls who I even, um, get to meet. Of course I have so much that I have.

I have lost the purpose that gave me a reason to live a loss that painters me every day. But even then I have chosen to keep going and I choose to still move forward with what I have and not with what I taught, because I know that what I have lost is with me even today, every month. For a long time, I felt lost and confused and I’m sure those days will still come, but today feel something different, something special.

The big dream that I feel that I had lost today showed me the segment of its presence. And it feels like it’s into this body of mine inside me wanting to be. And I absolutely love it. I truly, truly do. And maybe, maybe it’s because of that, I want to keep protecting it. Isn’t that natural. I keep wanting it not to be hurt, but like any other, but I’m realizing it’s time for this one to two, but these creative ideas living and growing inside me.

Any other new or a model it’s natural for me to feel afraid and to feel protective. But I also understand that once I give birth to these creative ideas going inside the store, I need to understand and to create space and openness for them to be on their own, like any other child to have a life of their own, to let them be out in the world.

Like any other mother, I feel afraid of letting my creative children, my creative ideas out in the. What if they don’t come back to me? Oh my God. What if they turn out to be completely different? What if they turn out to be bad ideas? Or what if people make fun of them? Or what if nobody understands them?

What if people laugh on them and me? Oh my God. Am I going to put myself in them through this, through this hoarder, all these things come to mind.

And these are again, all natural, but I’ve also come to realize another thing that I also need to ask myself the other side of the coin. What if these creative children and ideas of mine that I bought? Come out in the world and make a positive impact and impact that I never imagined. What if they bring more joy than I ever imagined?

What if it was the thing that was needed or that people love it, celebrate it and cherish it from all their hearts. Mind your universe. If you ask me on this. No matter what they eventually turn out to be. I would love them. I would love them. So-so DOD at any point of time because they are mine

today. I write this as a mother who has felt lost for so long and just now has started to feel herself back. Uh, mother who wants to see her creative ideas fly into the universe with joy and smiling. I love you. My creativity. I love you. My creative children. I love you. My creative ideas. You are the single most thing that comprise my whole body who make me feel alive every day, who gave me rush through my soul, my nerves crap.

I can feel you in every part of me in my soul, in my bones. And I’m sorry for the days. I really am very, very sorry, because I know that they’ve happened so much recently and sorry that I ignored you. I’m sorry that I doubted you. And I doubted my love for you out. I doubted your existence. I truly fiercely love you and I will protect you no matter what.

Charaka Yamato those beach. So this is what I wanted to share with you. This is an entry from late November in my journal. Like I said, I had been struggling a lot ever since I lost my mom and Julie, my journal last seen at all. It has the darkest deepest. The parts of me that sometimes even I don’t recognize, but I mean, I truly want to share this with you because this is something that I feel so, so, so deeply sometimes no words can ever define those dark valleys.

Those, those passions, creativity, the creative life, not. So I thought, why not give you a peek into something that I’ve been experiencing and share it with you? I’m going to let this be here today and not only say something, I don’t think I really have anything more profound to say. I really have something that I have experienced and I wanted to share with you.

And I just did that. So if you have anything in return for me to say, let me know, send me an email DME. Or share this in your stories, or maybe would you like to share a page of your journal, share it on Instagram. If you feel anywhere. And with this exercise, it makes you feel so much more real. You understand who you are much better, and I’m here.

If you are who want to share something, I’m here with you. And I would love to hear what you have to say till then. I hope to see you sooner. Bye Jada com.


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