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Ekaterina Popova: A Multifaceted Force of Creativity!

Art is a captivating and mesmerizing language that goes beyond boundaries and connects with everyone. It reflects our inner emotions and allows us to express feelings beautifully. Women have always played a crucial part in the art world, from ancient times to now. They have shaped the artistic landscape with their insightful, meaningful, and innovative ideas.

And as a platform for passionate women creatives and artists, the Arts to Hearts Project is proud to feature one of our own, Ekaterina Popova an international artist, curator, author, certified coach, and Founder of Create! Magazine and The Art Queen Society.

About Ekaterina Popova

ekaterina popova

Ekaterina Popova, a highly acclaimed artist residing in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, has established herself as a trailblazer in the art world. Not only is she renowned for her exceptional talent, but also for her remarkable achievements. As the founder and editor-in-chief of Create! Magazine, Ekaterina has created a platform that empowers and showcases the remarkable work of artists.

Moreover, she serves as the CEO of the Art Queens Society, a coaching service and thriving community that passionately supports the growth and success of women artists. With her unwavering dedication and profound influence in the art community, Ekaterina Popova continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals around the globe.

Ekaterina Popova’s Remarkable Works of Creativity

About Ekaterina Art

Ekaterina Popova is an artist; she is a storyteller. Her canvas is her stage, her brushstrokes the narrative. Born in Russia, Popova has spent the past decade exploring themes of home, place, belonging, and identity through her evocative oil paintings of interiors.

Popova’s artistic journey began at Kutztown University, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Fine Art in 2011. Influenced by post-impressionism, fauvism, and magical realism, her work soon gained recognition for its expressive exploration of mood and emotion. Today, she is an award-winning artist who exhibits her work internationally.

Exhibitions and Recognition

Popova’s work has graced the walls of numerous prestigious spaces, including Cohle Gallery in Paris and Menorca, The Painting Center in New York, James Oliver Gallery, Decorazon Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, and Art Miami Fairs. It has also been exhibited at The Trenton City Museum, Paradigm Gallery, Delaware Contemporary, The Boxheart Gallery, A.I.R. Gallery, and more.

But the recognition for Popova’s work extends beyond the gallery walls. Her art has been featured in multiple blogs and publications. Notable mentions include Colossal, Beautiful Bizarre, American Art Collector, The Jealous Curator, DPI Magazine, Friend of The Artist, Iceview, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Each feature further cements Popova’s reputation as a formidable voice in contemporary art.

Popova’s quest for artistic growth and exploration has led her to attend several residencies worldwide. These include Centre Pompadour in Abbeville, France, NES Residency in Iceland, and the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Greece. Each residency has provided Popova with unique opportunities to immerse herself in diverse cultures and landscapes, enriching her work and expanding her artistic vocabulary.

Ekaterina Popova’s artwork is a testament to her journey, a visual narrative that captures not only her personal experiences but also universal themes of home, belonging, and identity. Her paintings invite viewers to step into her world, explore the intricacies of her interiors, and reflect on their own notions of home and place. As Popova continues to create and exhibit her work, she remains a compelling figure in the art world, one whose story is as captivating as the art she produces.

About Create! Magazine- Fresh Contemporary Art For All

Create! Magazine Founded by Ekaterina Popova is an independent, hardworking team of artists, creatives, writers, and visionaries with a big heart and a deep love for our art community. When we were starting out making our way in the art world, we faced a lot of adversity and had a hard time accessing the tools and resources we needed to grow our careers. Create! Magazine was initially founded with the intention of making a space where artists could easily find what we didn’t have back then but has now grown to offer so much more.

Every single contributor to this platform is driven by an innate desire to make the world a better place for creatives and to see them succeed in their own way.

To that end, we aim to be inclusive and supportive of our audience and readers no matter their background or career level.

At Create!, we hope to inspire, educate, coach, and show others to realize that an abundant and joyful life as an artist is possible.

We showcase exemplary artists from within our community, share career and studio advice from artists and coaches, and partner with top brands to broaden your horizons of what artists are truly capable of manifesting.

About Art Queens Society

Ekaterina Popova also founds the Art Queens Society and she started Art Queens with the vision of creating a community of like-minded women who could support and encourage one another right here in The Art Queens.

Books By Ekaterina Popova

Ekaterina and Alicia Puig have co-authored two books that cater to artists. The first book, titled “The Complete Smartist Guide: Essential Business and Career Tips for Emerging Artists,” equips artists with the knowledge to enhance their art sales, establish a thriving business, and embrace the creative life they’ve always aspired to.

The second book, “The Creative Business Handbook: Follow Your Passions and Be Your Own Boss,” inspires artists to pursue their passions and take charge of their own ventures.

Ekaterina Popova X Arts to Hearts Project

Ekaterina Popova and the Arts to Hearts Project have had multiple successful collaborations in the past. They have collaborated through Ekaterina being a guest on the Arts to Hearts Podcast and also through hosting and interviewing the Founder of the Arts to Hearts Project, Charuka Arora, on Create! Podcast.

But this time, the Arts to Hearts Project and Ekaterina Popova have joined forces on an exquisite project called “Studio Visit Book Vol. 2” by the Arts to Hearts Project, with Ekaterina Popova serving as the Guest Curator.

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to be featured in our Studio Visit Book Vol. 2! Only 3 days remain to apply. Don’t miss out, secure your spot now!

“Studio Visit Book” – A Visual Journey through Creative Spaces & Processes of Rising Women in the Arts.

This book brings you a glimpse into the enlightening world of over 35 incredibly talented women artists from across the globe. Each artist’s unique creative process is impeccably captured through a series of intimate photographs and revealing interviews, inviting you to take a peek inside their personal spaces to witness the magic they create.

This stunningly designed “Studio Visit Book” is an inspiring celebration of the power of women’s voices, showcasing the different disciplines these artists use to produce their art, including painting, sculpture, and more. You will learn about their life, work, and the essence of their true self. Uncover the genuine sense of dedication that goes into creating such masterpieces and be awed by the talent of each artist.

Ultimately, Ekaterina’s impact on the art world is undeniably remarkable. Her profound passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to empowering artists and businesses make her an authentic source of inspiration for aspiring women in the creative field.

If you want to get in touch with her you can find her on:

We consider it an honor to have known and worked alongside her. We are proud to highlight her in our ongoing series entitled “The Women who are Shaping the World of Art,” as she embodied creativity, passion, and excellence in all that she did.

With this, I will take your leave and will come up with another talented personality from the art world. Till then take care of yourself and keep creating the magic that you do. Good Bye!

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