6 Tips On Finding Your Way Back To The Resolutions You Made This Year.

Every year we make resolutions, and we say to ourselves that we will achieve them this year. We try our best to gain them, but with time we get busy with so many other things that we forget some of our resolutions and why we wanted to achieve them.

I remember when I started this year, I resolved that my best friend and I would start our own little company and to be honest, we did try for it, but then life happened, and my best friend and I had so much to deal with that we said let’s take a break and we will get back to it when it’s the right time.

And now, eight months have passed, and we still talk about it every night with some new additions and plans, but we are not executing them. And I realized that we literally wasted our 8 months waiting for that perfect time.

But a few days ago, when we talked about it, I asked her that we have to do this no matter the circumstances. We have to get ourselves together and get our dream work started. And to my surprise, she was equally interested and wanted to do it.

And this made me wonder that, just like us, a lot of people would also have made their new year resolution but have not achieved it yet or have forgotten about it.

And if you are among those who have not achieved it yet, then you are not alone. Many of us are not there yet, but the thing is that we have to start working on our resolutions and remember the reasons why we have made that resolution in the first place.

So my dear readers, stop telling yourself that it’s too late to start it now. Stop telling yourself how will I achieve it as only four months are left this year. Remember to reach your destination; you must start your journey. So begin taking that baby steps, and you will eventually reach your goals because as the saying goes, “slow and steady always wins the race”.

And if you are finding it difficult in pulling yourself together? Then we have got you covered. In this article, I am sharing six tips that will motivate you to achieve what you had planned for this year.

So keep on reading to learn about it all.

Commitment is the key

If you want to succeed at something, you must dedicate yourself to making that goal a reality. Motivation alone is not enough; dedication is what gets results. It would be best if you had total commitment to your objective, recognized its significance to your life, and were willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to accomplish your ambitions. If you are wholly committed to achieving your objective, then the motivation you need to get there will present itself to assist you in carrying out your plans.

Artwork Credits: Axxard

Focus on the journey

It is perfectly OK if you have not yet begun your journey, but you shouldn’t solely focus on your efforts’ consequences. It needs to be there throughout the entire procedure. If your goal is something that will provide you joy as well as challenge you, rather than something that is simply a burden, you will never run out of motivation to pursue it. If you make the journey enjoyable, you will be at your destination before you even realize it.

Artwork Credit: Sofia Moore

Train your thoughts for positivity

Keeping a positive attitude and believing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to is vital while you are on your path. Your mind will always bring you back to what you are capable of achieving and what is feasible if you keep thinking positively.

Artwork Credit: Vanessa Bowman

Believe in yourself

 Nothing could possibly go wrong if you have faith in yourself. Remember that you can accomplish it no matter the challenges or environments you find yourself in.

If you are willing to do anything, no one will obtain it for you until you do it yourself. You are the only one who can do something about your situation. Therefore you had better get up and do whatever it takes to have faith in yourself.

Artwork Credit: Naomi Okubo

Distractions won’t help

It might be challenging to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes, but doing so can be beneficial in the long run. Distractions will always find a way to present themselves. It is up to us to decide whether to let ourselves become distracted by little matters or to concentrate on the essential objective we are working towards. So Stay focused on what’s important to you and the goal you’ve set for yourself if you want to achieve it.

Artwork Credit: Kiata Olivia Mason

Don’t always be nice to yourself

Raise your head and step outside of the cosy cocoon you’ve created for yourself. No matter how hard it seems but you have to come out of your shell and accept that you can achieve your goals, that the time is right, and that you have the chance to do so. You have to make the first move and push yourself, so be brave, gain wisdom from your mistakes, and your development will point the way to the road that leads to your destination of achievement.

These points will help you get back on track and achieve what you had planned for this year. You must think it’s easier to say than get done. But my love, how can we start our journey if we keep fearing that we won’t achieve it? We have to begin from somewhere. So stop delaying it again and again and start working on your goal. Trust me, time waits for no one, and there is no right time to do anything. We must make the right decisions to make our time right for everything.

So tell me in the comments what resolutions you made at the start of this year and if you have not achieved them yet, then tell me what’s stopping you from achieving them. Let’s discuss it and find that light we all have been waiting for.

Artwork Credits: Malvika Ruparel

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