6 profitable income streams for artists/creatives

Everyone wants to earn as much cash they can while working as efficiently as possible. But with artist there’s a common stereotype that making good money as an artist is nearly impossible. We can definitely say that few years back this could be the case.

With the correct information and a little bit of effort, you can create income streams that generate a lot of money, even as an artist.

So we have got you 6 profitable income streams you can go for being in the art business. 

6 profitable income streams for artists/creatives:

1. Selling art on Instagram

Selling your original art pieces is the most simple and authentic way of making money as an artist/creative. With the help of social media platforms like Instagram, artists can easily show their works around the globe and can connect with buyers who are willing to buy their art.

Instagram comes on the top in all social media platforms. It’s has huge audience, it’s a great way of connecting with people across the globe. With the help of platform like Instagram you can easily find buyers who are willing to buy your art and that too from all over the world.

If you want to grow with your social media account then the best way is to engage with other people as much as you can, that is because the more popular your account gets, there will be more followers along with higher demand for your art.

2. Teach your art skills online

Teach your art skills online is another great way of making money as an artist. If you are proactive and have great knowledge about art then finding people shouldn’t be problem.

Also, teaching art is a great way of reaching more and more people. As the demand for leading art is incredible. All you need is knowledge and teach your student some valuable skills.

Another way of sharing your skills with other artists/creative is to create tutorials on social media, on the top you can try youtube. YouTube is a great way of making money as an artist, all you have to do is share your skills with others through tutorials and as you’ll get more popular, more people will follow you and this YouTube will pay you for your YouTube channel.

3. Writing an art blog

Blogs have become popular in recent years because they are easy to start and maintain.
But if your want to start your own art blog you need to establish a niche first. And for that
Firstly, we would suggest you to have a good website before choosing this income stream.
And if you already have a website, you can earn a lot by just blogging. Generally artists are more into visuals than words, but blogging definitely a great way to bring traffic on your website from google, social media and more.

The more art blogs you will write, there will be more chances to reach wider audience.
Affiliate marketing is another way of making income by writing blogs. Moreover there are so many other ways to generate incomes.

4. Applying for grants & competitions and other art opportunities

There are many opportunities for artists.
Many international programs, local communities, or non-profit organizations offer amazing opportunities for artists/creatives.
One of the amazing opportunity available for artists are grants. Grants are definitely very competitive, but as ever successful artist has said ‘don’t give up until you’ve applied 10 times’ . And once you are selected, give

5. Work on freelance Projects

A freelance artist is a job where you work on several projects, for a short period of time.
Definitely becoming a freelance artist is not a easy task, it needs a lot of hard work and dedication. And to build your strong presence in the art business, the greatest way is the internet, social media platforms are all what you really need. Engage with people as much as you can, engage with gallerists, curators, projects etc.

6. Selling your art

There are million of ways in which you can share your art with the world. One of the most popular one is Selling Your art. If your want to sell your art, Etsy is one of the option you go for. This market place will give your work a larger audience and can make your work super popular. While etsy includes both digital and physical there websites like creative market where you can specifically sell your digital artworks.

Another way to sell your art is to selling them to galleries, art fairs ,conventions or festivals.
Along with selling your art and making money through it you can also connect with people in art business and that can also open gates for so many other opportunities.

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