5 Things to remind yourself when you feel stuck in the studio

An artist’s favourite place is always their studio where they can create. Even when we love creating art, it is important to create specific and distinct boundaries that separate our work from our lives and that will be our studio. But sometimes, even after we have this space with us we tend to forget about how beautifully we can utilize it. Every artist faces creative block some or the other time when they don’t feel like getting back in their studio. So, today in this article we have got you 5 things which you can remind yourself when you feel stuck in the studio.

1. Inspiration and ideas are always around you.

As we all know that there’s nothing we can’t do if we set our mind to it. You just need to look for that inspiration and put your efforts into it. You are always surrounded with inspiration if you let loose. Always try to focus on things you are surrounded by and see how you can use that inspiration according to your aesthetic. Don’t go for big or great ideas always, initially, you just have to begin with something, and you don’t know if you might get something great out of it. There are endless things present around you look into these things, embrace nature, see the objects you have, and just start something. Don’t be self-conscious you are you and that’s unique. Trust the process.

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2. Action over perfection.

Nothing’s going to happen until you start making it happen. We must sacrifice our ideas of perfection to get the work into reality. When you have decided to begin you need to get your hands dirty. Do something, it doesn’t have to be huge or great or amazing it should just be able to represent the unique you. Leave the thoughts of being a perfectionist just think about how you can begin the work. Always remember work begets work.

3. Remember the joy of the creative process.

There is absolutely no bigger joy than creating as artists/creatives. So now, that you have taken the necessary steps at the beginning, don’t think about what the outcome will look like. Just think about the joy of that creative process that helps you push yourself. Make yourself begin with something without thinking about the result. Don’t keep expectations from the work you are creating. It’s okay even if it doesn’t turn out to be perfect, at least you have started and made something and you don’t know it might lead you to something great. Don’t keep expectations from the work you are creating.
Just do it, you are the only human who will have the right to the judge, and nobody else should have that right. Just focus on your journey, and enjoy the process.

4. Play with your tools and space.

Just play with your tools and space. Play with the things you are surrounded by. Pick up something, anything could be a pen, paper, canvas, paint, pallets, etc, and use them to deliver something which resembles your style and creativity. There’s no fun without a little play. To get yourself going you need to start something. Look around the tools you have, the material, objects, books, or magazines, there are endless things around you. Create something, or at least try to, pain, cut, paste, sculpt, draw, etc anything could work. Get messy, spill something do whatever makes you feel good until you get the confidence and motivation back. Use your space, touch new things, new mediums, new ways anything. Just don’t stop creating keep the flow going.

5. You are an abundant creative.

You are an abundant creator. All you have to do to keep yourself going is, instead of looking at what you don’t have, this is the time to remind yourself of what you already have. Give yourself the love and respect you deserve. Look at the work you have made in the past and see how far you have come. The skills you have today matter a lot, take an inventory of the things you have achieved so far and get motivated. That will not only help you with more ideas but will also show you that you already have achieved this much. Your strengths your skills and your achievements are your power.

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