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Why Creating Merchandise Is So Important For Artists

Running a creative practice and business comes with its own rollercoaster. Some days you see your sales skyrocketing through the roof. And, let’s suppose somedays or months its about keeping it together. Enough to keep you floated and on the ground to keep your creativity on the go. However, more than often once the expenses are deducted, the costs are added more than often an artists are left with just with the thought of how to make money consistently.

If that’s the case with you, or you just want to expand your creativity and your income as a creative. So that you can take a break without the fear of abandoning your customers.

Whatever the case may be, I have a proposal rather let’s say a very attractive solution for you.


Artists frequently ignore the possibility of designing their unique line of merchandise. Anyone can produce a curated collection of merchandise, independent or signed, established or emerging, contrary to popular belief, which holds that one needs enormous fan bases, resources, and teams.

But at this point, you may be wondering why should you even consider making merchandise?

If that is so, read on because I’ll explain why having your merchandise as an artist is hugely beneficial in this article.

Firstly, You don’t have to wait until you gain a large audience or social media following to start selling merch. Even if you have just a handful of dedicated fans, they’ll be thrilled to buy something that represents their love for your Art.

For them, buying your merch is a chance to:

  • share their love for Art with the people around them.
  • make a financial contribution towards your next project.
  • feel like they’re a part of a larger community of fans.

For you, as an artist, selling merch:

1. Create a more engaged audience and deepen your relationship with them

The most important benefit of having merchandise is that it opens doors to your audience to become a part of your creativity at an entry price. Not only that is also brings more awareness and name for your work & your creative brand. Something, to keep in mind while creating merch is to think about how you can add value to you customers lives. This not only ensures success of your products but also empowers your relations with your customers.

For example, We at Arts To Hearts Project recently launched our official store.

The goal of ATH is to empower & help artists tune their creativity into money making businesses. Hence, with our official store we made it our goal to also create products & templates that will help artists create freely and confidently in their lives & business. It was important for us to create Merch and products that are not only attractive but also benefit our creative community. So when you head on to our Official Store, you will find intentionally designed products that will keep you creative in your studio like our Aprons etc. And, more importantly designing templates that empower your business like the ARTIST BRAND bundle.

So when you start your own merchandise then add and design such products that will add value to the lives of your customers. For example, if you are a writer then you can sell postcards of your popular writing. Or if you are a musician you can sell custom designed T-shirts with your cover art.Whatever it is, ask yourself what can I create that will get my fans and customers excited?

Bonus: The added benefit of merch it helps build emotional connect. When customers repitetively see your brand name and logo, they associate & connect with it.

Products & templates that help you create with confidence & freedom.

2. Turn fans into ambassadors of your Art and your creative brand.

No matter what you make or how you express your creativity therw are admirers of your work and art. These are the people who love what you do. They cheer for you. Support you. Send you love and show up for you. But, they necessarily cant buy or find the need to buy your Art. But, they would love to celebrate you and support you in means that are beneficial and easy for them too.

Making merch is one of the most incredible ways to make these admirers and fans into customers. This not only supports you but also makes your customer finally a way to participate in what you do.

3. Low risk & can generate significant revenue, consistently

Another common fear that comes up when one talks about starting a new project, MONEY. Well, there is a good news in that case. Making merchandise for artists is now with low or even no capital investment and mostlly risk-free, thanks to the advent of print-on-demand technology.  Because you won’t be required to keep any stock of your merchandise, you’ll only have to pay your supplier when you make a sale. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot and determining whether or not it is a workable solution for you.

4. Generate additional revenue & New opportunities

It is not realistic for many of us artists to give up our day jobs and devote ourselves solely to our creative work, despite how badly we might desire to do so. We must continually look for new ways to maintain a healthy balance between the work we do for a living and the creative endeavours.

Having your merchandise will bring you some passive income, even if it isn’t a lot of money in the beginning, but slowly and steadily it definitely has the potential to add good money in your account.

We hope you found these tips helpful.And, on the same topic we are also excited to share the news of the launh of our official Merch & products Store.

You have continually supported us all through the start of ATH and honestly it hasnt been an easy journey We strive very hard every day to come up with new and innovative ideas that can help the members of our community. Be it through our articles or podcasts that allow artists to learn something new every week or committing to the idea of making products and templates like the “Artist Brand” bundle to help you present your work more concretely and professionally, without doing the heavy lifting at all.

We know how much effort we put into doing everything, and we want your little love and support in return because who doesn’t like a little appreciation for their hard work?

Want to support us and help us keep doing the work we do?

Well, its gotten easier & value packed than ever. Press the button below And visit the ATH shop. Find your favs, add to cart and shop away. You get immense value we promise.

And, do tell us in the comments below that did you like our shop and what are the products that you want us to add more. We will wait for your response. Till then, have a good day and take care of yourself.

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