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Susie McColgan’s Paintings with Healing Energies And Warmth.

Susie McColgan has been creating paintings since kindergarten and has been pursuing her passion since then. Susie started out working with the agencies while doing some commission work but her love for paintings etched her until she decided to take the leap of faith and work full-time as an Artist. Susie’s specialty and expertise is the Art of Healing, by implementing the scientific and emotional healing principles, her paintings create a healing energy through strategic color and lighting relationships and design, bringing feelings of comfort, warmth, hope, and peaceful harmony.

Longing For

In conversation with the artist Susie McColgan, who creates ‘Healing Art‘ through strategic color and lighting which brings feelings of comfort and warmth. In this interview, Susie shares how she first started to create Art, her life events influencing her work, how she uses Art of Healing in her paintings, and more.

What excites me the most about creating my work is the “first” and “finished” dynamic in my process. First, is my seeing the finished painting in my mind: all the powerful, dramatic emotional light, the juxtaposed colors, the creative composition, etc., and then as I’m painting it, it emerges from within. I can be in such an intense “zone” of creation it’s not until I take a break and walk away from the canvas, “rinse my eyes” as I like to call it, and reopen my eyes to look at the painting that it can, well…it can sometimes take my breath away, in amazement almost like a surprise of it before me. It will never cease to amaze me…the power of the myriad of deep instinctual decisions, combined with spontaneous purposeful sometimes magical brushstrokes and creative paint nuances…that makes this all truly exciting. Equally exciting is when someone loves and feels a powerful, moving feeling or connection about one of my works, and if it can help them emotionally in any way. Means so much to me.

Uplifting, Loving, Comforting

Love Conquers All

It was a 20-degree-below-zero day in northern Michigan at our family’s cabin when I was looking out over the frozen lake (where normally on hot summer days we would be swimming) but that day was so cold it seemed like nothing living was outside. As I watched the glorious sunset on the horizon I was taken aback at how the power of the sun’s rays penetrated through the tree trunks as if they were on fire with heat, like making them disappear visually in that instance. It reminded me of the power of love. How it can burn bright through anything, How it can lift the lowest soul, heal a wounded heart, and live beyond earthly limitations. So when I was commissioned to do a series (6) of Healing & Spiritual Paintings for a hospital this became one of my “Colors of Faith Collection” a permanent display to help patients, staff, and members of the community. One of my specialties and expertise is the Art of Healing; implementing the scientific and emotional healing principles and research into my artwork which is best represented in my painting “Love Conquers All”

If you are just starting, play and experiment with all the different mediums. Listen to your heart, which one excites you the most? Which one does your mind flood with ideas with? Next would be to start keeping sketchbooks to jot down all your ideas, compositions, value studies, etc, and then try to organize them in folders of common themes. Try to notice what are you more than others developing more ideas about. Develop them further. This is important: Try to develop an INTENTION, or a PURPOSE, a FEELING to cause a result or reaction. At the same time learn as much as you can about color harmony and theories…it will be the roots and foundation of everything you create. A painting is only as effective as your intentions are clear. And then…paint with your heart! It would be good to learn and understand how to run a business and develop good customer service practices. My best advice would be…Never Give Up. Fix it if you don’t like it. Stay true to You.

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