Lynda English

About the Artist

Lynda English is an award winning watercolor artist from Florence, SC, USA. She has received signature status in The South Carolina Watermedia Society (SCWS) and The Southern Watercolor Society (SW). She is mostly self taught, working in watercolor for over 40 years. Lynda likes to to work primarily on Arches 300lb HP watercolor paper so she can build up layers of color. Her work is found in private homes and corporate offices in the US and overseas.
In addition to painting in watercolor Lynda also works in various art mediums, acrylic, oil, encaustic and collage. She gathers her subject matter from the physical world around her and from her imagination.

Artist Statement

Daily I am capturing moments of my life with a brush, using whatever medium I deem fit. I love images with strong light, dark patterns and vivid color. I look for subjects that I can zoom in on so that the viewer of my work can feel and see things that normally they might miss or take for granted. A shadow being cast on the side of a building can create beautiful colors and shapes. Highlights on the tops of peoples heads can draw the eye around a painting. Reflections in a puddle after a light rain can create intrigue. I look for images that most people walk right past and then recreate them to bring awareness of their beauty.

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

Several years ago I went on a trip overseas with a group of artist. Some I knew and some I did not know. We traveled to Barcelona, France, and Venice for three weeks. This trip became a treasured moment in my life not just because of what I saw but who I saw it with. Lasting friendships were made. Incredible places that I went were made even more incredible by the people I was seeing it with. My paintings bring back so many memories of that trip and the friends that I made on it.

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