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Beyond the easel: An artist’s unique journey to self-discovery through art

Artwork by Amelie Vallieres

Whenever we look at a piece of art, we experience a rush of emotions. Art is meant to inspire, to make you think, and most importantly, to make you look within. When art can have such an impact on the onlooker, how is it possible that it does not have the same impact on the one who is making it?! For an artist, art is a form of self-expression, which provides a means of catharsis, and more importantly, it offers a chance of self-discovery through art, and that is what we are going to talk about this time in our weekly “community article”.

self-discovery through art
Artwork by Marika Rosenius

On our Instagram handle @artstoheartsproject, we asked our followers a question: What have you discovered about yourself through your art? The question is not as simple as it sounds. It asks you to sit down with your thoughts, and ponder. It makes you evaluate, and go over every piece of art you have ever made. This is the question that will make you evaluate your entire creative journey until now, and while you have been focused on what you have given to the art community, now, it’s time for our fellow artists to think about what is it that they have learned from art

When you create something, it is not just the canvas that goes through changes, but you also go through a myriad of emotions and feelings. Once you get up from your seat, it is not just a piece of art you have created, but inevitably, the art has given something to you as well. Now, you are a changed person, and the next time you will create something, you will take with you everything that your art has taught you so far. And this self-discovery through art will help you evolve and grow as an artist. So, let’s see what our artist community has to say about this!

Self-discovery through art

Naturally, most of the responses referred to how art has helped them process their emotions and connect with themselves. Art takes many mediums, and whether it is a painting, a drawing, a poem, a song, or a sculpture, it is a direct reflection of who you are. It’s an amalgam of your feelings and the things that have made you into who you are. It makes perfect sense that as you pour your heart out into this creation of yours, you also go through a journey with you reconcile with your own emotions.

As your fingers move and add color to the canvas, you are constantly having to face these feelings that you may or may not have acknowledged before. Art has the power to bring out the most deepest and most vulnerable aspects of ours into a tangible form. And that has been the case for these artists as well, who were led to a sort of self-discovery through art.

Art as savior

For some, art has saved them. Artists, like all of us, go through rough patches and difficult experiences. They go through these complicated emotions and have their own ups and downs throughout their life. But artists like @veredbrett and @davinia_watson_art are reminding us how art can help us get us out of those difficult places. It is has the ability to give us hope, and show us how we can exist by cancelling out any unnecessary noise that is harmful to our energy. Artists like @tattooedmomsproject remind us that art can actually bring that peace and calm in our life that we so desperately need sometimes.


It’s interesting to think, that something as simple as creating something can teach us so much. For some artists, art has taught them what nothing else could. Once you let yourself be vulnerable, you will learn things about you that can surprise you. For @laurensart68, art has shown her how to be confident and what her purpose is, something that can take some people years to reconcile with. By creating a piece of art, you are allowing yourself to assess your skills, as @bysbob_stonehill so rightfully says.

Valuable lessons learned

One of the most valuable lessons art can teach an artist is the acceptance of failures. For artists especially, sometimes creating can take a toll because they want to achieve perfectionism, something that does not exist. For artists, a tiny bump in the road can sometimes feel like a huge roadblock. Whether it is a letter of rejection, low sales, or in case of social media, less followers, artists are sensitive beings and such things can be demoralizing to them. But some of these artists have learned something that will help them a lot in their creative journey; that it’s okay to mistakes as they are part of the journey and are a means to strengthen us!

And finally, if there is any artist out there who doubts themselves or has left that creative side of them in the past, this is your sign to pick up that paint brush and start creating again! Artists like should inspire anyone who is reluctant to get in touch with their inner artist, as it doesn’t matter how much time has passed since the last time you painted something. What matters is that you must let go of any fear, and let the magic of art embrace you, so that you too can experience a significant self-discovery through art.

Art is like a mirror that shows you your potential; what you can do, your fears, your dreams, and what you love. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or what your art is about, what matters is what happens when you listen to yourself and your heart. We hope that by reading all these responses, you would also allow yourself to take a moment and reflect on all the things that creating art has taught you.

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