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Welcome to the Arts to Hearts Podcast! In this episode, Charuka Arora interviews Nicole Young, a featured artist from our Studio Visit Book Vol. 1.

And in this podcast, Nicole Young also discussed her work focused on environmentalism and materiality. She shares her process of making naturally derived pigments and using textiles in her artwork. Nicole emphasizes the importance of working within a circular economy and avoiding waste.

She also talks about her studio space and the supportive community of artists she works with. Nicole finds inspiration in cooking, gardening, and dancing, and believes that exploring natural dyes has helped her stay on her creative path. She describes her creative world as “messy” in a positive way. Nicole invites listeners to follow her on Instagram and check out her upcoming exhibition and collection of small works.

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Don’t miss out on Nicole’s upcoming shows and where to find her work, as well as her advice for aspiring artists. Tune in now for an intimate look into the life and art of Nicole Young, a remarkable artist with a unique connection to the natural world.

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About Nicole Young

Nicole Young is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. She resides on the traditional, unceded, and occupied territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

nicole young

Working in the confluence of visual arts, environmentalism, and storytelling, Nicole’s works are as much science experiments as they are conversations on ways to approach climate justice. She creates her own pigments and dyes out of natural and often wild foraged materials including plant matter and minerals as a way to deepen her connection with the land, and to create a dialogue about waste-free practices. Moving seamlessly between large-scale textile installations works on canvas, garments, and graceful drawings, Nicole’s works aesthetically resemble collages while maintaining their painterly qualities.

Born in Ontario, Nicole attended the University of British Columbia Okanagan where she received a BFA in Visual Arts and Art History, and studied studio arts and art history at the University of California Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited in Canada and abroad since 2010, and her paintings are in private collections throughout the globe.

Key Highlights from the Episode

Welcome to the podcast! Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Nicole Young, a visual artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nicole’s work focuses on environmentalism and materiality, with a strong emphasis on using naturally derived pigments and working within a circular economy. In this interview, we delve into Nicole’s creative process, her journey toward sustainability, and the importance of finding one’s authentic voice in the art world.

The Evolution of a Sustainable Art Practice

Nicole’s journey towards a sustainable art practice began around 2016 when she became involved in the zero-waste movement. She realized that while she was eliminating single-use plastics from her personal life, she was still using acrylic paints, which are made from plastic. This realization prompted her to research and experiment with making her own pigments from natural sources such as acorns, oxidized copper, and food waste scraps.

“I do a lot of work with textiles, dyeing fabrics, and sewing them together. So yeah, I primarily make paintings, but I also do installation work and drawing.

The whole ethos behind my work is trying to find ways to make art that aren’t going to harm the planet and approaching my work from the idea of working within a circular economy, not creating any waste and not contributing to polluting the planet.” – Nicole Young

Embracing the Messiness of the Creative Process

Nicole describes her creative world as “messy,” but in a good way. She finds joy in the trial-and-error process of working with natural dyes and embracing unexpected outcomes. This messy and unpredictable nature of her work allows her to let go of control and allows the art to unfold organically.

“I always find that it’s the moments where you are able to let go of control and just allow the work to unfold a little bit that is the most exciting and also a little bit scary because you know you’re like, ‘Oh, can I recreate this? Will I be able to do this again?’ It makes it a little more special and unique.” – Nicole Young

The Importance of Creative Hobbies

In addition to her art practice, Nicole emphasizes the importance of having creative hobbies that are not tied to making money. For her, cooking, gardening, and dancing are outlets that allow her to explore different creative avenues and provide a break from the pressure of her art practice.

“I think it’s really important to have creative hobbies that you’re not trying to make money at because it allows you to explore different aspects of your creativity and have fun without the pressure of it being your main source of income.” – Nicole Young

The Studio as a Mental Mindset

Nicole’s studio has evolved over the years, from her teenage bedroom to her current shared studio space in Olympic Village, Vancouver. She values having a quiet and solitary space in the studio, where she can work alone and focus on her art. However, she also appreciates the sense of community and inspiration that comes from sharing a space with other dedicated and motivated artists.

“My current studio is a shared space with around 13 other artists. It’s such an inspiring space to be in, and everyone helps each other out and shares opportunities. It’s a beautiful space to be a part of, and I feel really lucky to be there.” – Nicole Young

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The Intersection of Art and Sustainability

Nicole’s work is a testament to the intersection of art and sustainability. By using natural pigments and working within a circular economy, she not only creates visually stunning pieces but also raises awareness about environmental issues and the importance of conscious consumption.

“I think making the switch from using acrylics to natural dyes has been the most significant factor in finding my creative path. There’s so much to learn, and I enjoy the process of experimentation and discovery. It keeps me excited and engaged in my practice.” – Nicole Young

Conclusion and Future Outlook

Nicole Young’s journey toward sustainability in her art practice is an inspiring example of how artists can make a positive impact on the environment through their work. By embracing natural pigments and working within a circular economy, she has found her authentic voice and created a body of work that is both visually captivating and environmentally conscious.

As the art world continues to evolve, it is essential for artists to explore sustainable practices and find ways to create without harming the planet. Nicole’s work serves as a reminder that art can be a powerful tool for change and that artists have a unique opportunity to inspire others to live more sustainably.

In the future, Nicole plans to continue her exploration of natural dyes and expand her knowledge in this field. She is also preparing for an upcoming exhibition at a public art gallery in Vancouver, where she will showcase her latest works. With her dedication to sustainability and her passion for creativity, Nicole Young is sure to leave a lasting impact on the art world and inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

Thank you for joining us on this insightful journey into the world of Nicole Young. To learn more about her work and stay updated on her latest projects, follow her on Instagram @nicoleyoungart. And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the Studio Visit Book to discover more inspiring artists and their creative worlds.

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