Studio Visit Book Vol. 1


Debra Cook Shapiro’s Studio of Natural Lights and Uplifting Notes.

Debra Cook Shapiro

Debra Cook Shapiro is a San Francisco-based painter pursuing her passion for art since moving to California. After leaving the St. Louis metropolitan area, where she grew up, she began her art education at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She went on to study at the Istituto de L’Arte et Ristauro and Istituto Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy before continuing her education at the San Francisco Art Institute and UC Berkeley Post Baccalaureate program in painting. Shapiro has honed her skills through seminars with contemporary artists she admires, Felicia Forte, Aron Meynell, and Yana Beylinson. Shapiro’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at galleries, wineries, and private residences in Northern California.

In a virtual visit to the artist Debra Cook Shapiro’s home studio which is full of natural lights and warmth. Debra is an oil painter who mainly works on the themes of parties and celebrations, figurative work in beautiful outdoor settings. The vibrantly costumed figures capture the joy of those moments that are common but all too rare in our lives. In this interview she shares how she sets her studio for the year, and her intentions for the year. She also shares what a typical day looks like for her and some bits from her home studio and more.

How are you setting up your studio for the New Year?

What is one ritual or thing that you do at the beginning of the New Year in your studio?

Looking at last year what is the work that you are most proud of?

La Fete de la Piscine

What does a typical day in the studio look like for you?

Could you share the studio spaces you work from? Be it your kitchen table or a fancy studio? How has your creative process evolved?

How are you setting up the tone for your studio practice this new year?

 A favorite book you like to read?

Bio- Debra Cook Shapiro

Can we sneak in your current artwork on your table?

LA Poolside Party

How do you take your studio practice beyond your studio?

How would you describe the year 2023 for your studio practice?

Debra cook Shapiro

How do you overcome a creative block and let the creative juices flow?

The first piece of art you made while working here in this studio.

The Pink Quilt

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