Cristina mora

About the Artist

Cristina Mora is a Latinx fine art photographer based in Atlanta, GA. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019. Cristina specializes in historical photographic printing, darkroom processes, and paper-making. Her work often explores mental health, identity, and nature.

Artist Statement

Through self-portraits, Back in My Body gathers the leftover overwhelming inner feelings that come with the ending of a romantic relationship and analyzes them. While searching for peace through introspection and remote landscapes, this series showcases a passage of time and fragments of memories from the relationship.

I altered the historical photographic printing process, the cyanotype, to print each image on a mirror by hand. The arduous printing process on a mirror mimics how the emotions felt at the time. The deep blue from the cyanotype quite literally represented how I felt when making this series. In the end, the result was quite striking; the brilliance of the deep blue plays with the light and reflections in the mirror. The ephemeral quality of the finished mirror print now holds all of those feelings, leaving me back in my body once again.

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