5 OPEN CALLS you should not miss this week!!

Are you looking for places to display your work? Or a way to sharpen your skills?

Worry not, we have 5 opportunities for you to work on your creative abilities, exhibit your work and get all the creative juices running!

Let’s get started!

1.GAZE: Open Call for International Women Artists by Arts To Hearts Project

The first one is an Open Call with the theme: ‘Gaze’. This call is by Arts To Hearts Project in collaboration with All SHE makes with the aim to bring together women from all counties, colours, sexual orientations and identities to come together and talk about how women interpret and face a gaze of being a woman of colour, an outsider and so on. Show your work and be a part of an ONLINE EXHIBIT and a get a Magazine Feature curated by Svitlana Martynjuk, Founder of All SHE Makes.

Check it out here: https://artstoheartsproject.com/magazine-submission/

2. Visionary Art Collective’s Emerging Artist Workshops

Secondly, Visionary Art Collective is hosting their first workshop on July 10th, and the second workshop on July 11th.This 2-hour virtual workshop is for artists who are at the very beginning of their art careers, looking for practical advice and knowledge to get started. From art students who are ready to establish themselves in the art world, to self-taught artists and creative individuals who discovered art later on in life. The purpose of these workshops is to provide new artists with the knowledge and skills needed to build a strong foundation for their art careers. Each workshop is led by Victoria J. Fry. Victoria is an artist, educator, and founder of Visionary Art Collective. She holds a Master’s degree in Art Education from Maine College of Art, and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts.

Cost: $75 per workshop

Registration opens June 30! 

Check it out here: https://www.visionaryartcollective.com/emerging-artist-workshops

3. The Studio Visit Project: Arts To Hearts Project

Thirdly, Arts to Hearts believes that along with art, the most important thing is what all goes behind the art! For an artist, a studio is their sacred and safe space which channels their creative energy. We hope to take a peek into this creative space to see what goes behind YOUR creative practice. Each artist has a story of why they create what they do, and we are here to know your story. We want to give artists a platform to share the Behind the Scenes of their art practice by visiting their studio, virtually. The studio visit will be a FUN & EASY tour with questions about your work, creative process, looking at your studio space and a rapid-fire round! The video will be posted on our Instagram as IGTV, our website, and the Arts to Hearts YouTube Channel. The selected artists will also be a part of an issue of our Seasonal Studio Visit Book!

Check it out here: https://artstoheartsproject.com/call-for-artists-studio-visit/

4.Create Magazine’s Call For Artists: International Print Issue #27 Curated By TAX Collection

The TAX Collection is a multimedia platform dedicated to exposing the world to today’s most inspiring artists and creatives. By creating space not only in the digital world, but also the physical, we act as a catalyst for collaboration and communication between artists, their audiences, and collectors. Through exhibitions, diverse projects, and publications, we maintain our commitment to the support and promotion of the artist – for the sake of the art. Without the ‘artist’ there would be no ‘art’.

Check it out here: https://createmagazine.com/submit-pages/issue-27-curated-by-tax-collection

5. Call For Submissions for Online Exhibition

Marvelous Art Gallery is working for Online Art Gallery. The owner of the Gallery as an artist as well. Therefore she knows all the artist problems and the situations. This is why she want to start the gallery. She did do a lot of Exhibitions and Art Festivals in all around the world. And she is still continue to crate art same time. Marvelous Art Gallery is proud to present a selection of their work. They are widely recognized for a unique artistic process and have traveled all over the world to create original, innovative fine art.

“Marvelous Art Gallery” is looking for artists to fill our 2020 online exhibition schedule! In these strange times, they are starting a digital project around the work that people are making in their artistic isolation. It’s free to entry and easy! All visual art supports are acceptable (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, prints …) with the exception of sound and mvideo arts. Submit your art to be a part of an online exhibition.

Check it out here: http://marvelousartgallery.com/#artist_submission_form_0_136683

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