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5 Contemporary Watercolour Artists Whose Work Will Surely Inspire You To Create

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Have you ever seen a beautiful painting and been inspired to go create something yourself?

Since the early 1800s, watercolor painting has been a popular medium for artists. Its fluidity and transparency allow for spontaneity and freshness of expression that is unmatched in any other form.

In this week’s Arts to Hearts Project feature article, we’ll take a look at five contemporary watercolor artists who are sure to inspire you with their work. From breathtaking landscapes to emotive portraits, these artists are sure to amaze you with their skill and talent. So if you’re looking for some artistic inspiration, be sure to check out their work!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Alyssa Doggett(@watercolorsmakemesmile)

Alyssa is a watercolor painter originally from Halifax, in the province of Nova Scotia. She works in watercolor, gouache, and acrylic on her paintings. She enjoys painting landscapes, moments in time, and the deep blue atmosphere of the coast.

She has 75.1 thousand people that follow her on Instagram. You are going to fall in love with all of her paintings, as well as the prints that she sells on her shop’s website.

Cass Water (@bucko_waters)

I can trace my art background to having a lot of unstructured time as a kid. Being home-schooled, I was given the freedom to spend time drawing and pursuing my interests as they came and went. My creative energy was fueled by this d-i-y attitude.

At 16, I cut my schooling short to travel with a food truck and kept sketchbooks with me to record my explorations. In 2019, I began studying academic art at an atelier program in Montana. At the time, I was living in an RV and moved every couple of months for seasonal work.

This lifestyle allowed me to study with many different artists for a few months at a time and kept my personal experiences diverse. I lived in national parks and cities, worked as both a housekeeper and an art model, and studied with photo-realist painters and abstract sculptors. I moved to Chicago in 2021 to paint live models at The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Art where I currently instruct drawing and painting workshops.

Through my process, I engage with both the disadvantage and inevitability of assumption. I see familiar forms as strange and other and place importance on the recognition of mystery. In today’s technological age, the guise of omnipotence disseminates life’s greatest assets. Innovators have a duty to preserve the limitless stores of information contained within beings who possess millions of years of data in their DNA. The preservation of strangeness is the preservation of self.

Isabel Crause (@isabelcrause_watercolourist)

I am Isabel, a self-taught fine artist and freelance writer from Cape Town, South Africa. Where words are my creative voice, watercolors and inks are my visual language.

The theme of my work is influenced by abstract botanicals, nature, and unexpected color combinations. My signature style of painting is spontaneous and free with a natural ebb and flow.

I work from my small home studio where I paint from imagination, allowing the work to take on a life of its own. The plants, blooms, birds, and other winged creatures that take shape on the page are pure serendipity.

Through my art, I hope to create a sense of joy and inspiration – as a statement décor piece in your home or office, or as a thoughtful gift.

Kat Furtado(@katfurtadoart)

Contemporary mixed-media artist Kat Furtado hails from the city of San Diego in the state of California. She is known for her ability to create abstract work that is both airy and emotional.

She has five thousand people following her on Instagram. You are going to fall in love with all of her paintings, and she offers her merchandise and all of her paintings in her online shop.

Shikha (@shikhagargart)

Bangalore-based artist, Shikha Garg has been painting and experimenting with watercolor for the past several years. Originally a Visual Communication Designer she worked with many design and advertising agencies from 1999 till she founded her own design company midnite oil Design in 2005.

She worked for the next 10 years with clients across the globe honing her design and marketing skills in the process. In 2014, while on a sabbatical she took, to spend time with her twin daughters, Shikha re-discovered her passion for fine art and started painting in Oil and Acrylics first. But exploring and falling in love with Watercolor as a medium was a wonderous and serendipitous journey of self-discovery.

An avid traveler Shikha loves exploring new places with her family and translates her experiences visually through her art. Nature and different cultures inspire her. She now combines her design and entrepreneurial skills with her passion for watercolor painting and for teaching art. She is now hoping to spread her love and enthusiasm for this medium to more and more people!

So this is the work of our featured artists. And if you want more creative inspiration, read our article, The Top 50 Creative Inspiration Websites For Artists, here.

And we are excited to tell you that we are launching some new products in our shop that are essential for every artist. So if you want to look at them, please visit our shop, and we will be happy to get feedback from you all. Until then, keep creating the magic you do. Have a happy weekend Good Bye.

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