Crochet Wonderland: Diving into the Colorful and Playful Artworks of Today’s Artists

This Friday in Women In Arts, I want to share the works of some amazing women artists doing the age-old art of Crochet. For centuries we have seen women doing crochet and it’s still so nostalgic to see these contemporary artists still doing it with so much improvisation and modernisation. Crochet is no more restricted to blankets and doilies. There’s a whole new world of creativity now. These women artists have created some amazing crochet toys which would want you travel back to your childhood. Rainbow dolls, cute little bunnies with a set of cloth to play dress up, cartoon toys, Disney-inspired princesses and some Japanese-inspired crochet cartoons, have redefined the art of crochet with these playful creations.

Let’s explore more about the works of these amazing Crochet Artists.

1. Crocheting Ghost

This amazing artist creates a unique collection of crocheted dolls. Her latest works, Moon Goddess and Sun Goddess are in fact very innovative. Amongst her amazing works includes her collection of Rainbow Dolls, The Nut Cracker Prince and Princess Clare and not be missed the Wednesday doll.

The artist says, “Crocheting is a little bit like being a magician, you mumble to yourself and waggle a stick around and no one else has a clue how you did it

Read more about her on her profile.

2. Mira

Mira, a crochet artist is from Istanbul, Turkey. Mira crochets some very cute teddies/bunnies/mouse which comes with a set of cloth. She works with her own pattern of designs to make these cute creations. As much as you will love her crocheted toys, you will love the cute clothes even more. Little bloomers, petite cute little dresses, winter wardrobe, summer wardrobe, she designs all of them.

Your heart will wish to be a kid again to be able to play dress-up with these cute little toys. Explore more about her work on her profile.

3. Anyuta

Anyuta is based in Ukraine. Anyuta’s work will transform you into a land of crocheted cartoons. She conducts some amazing masterclasses to give back to her community. Some of her creations are inspired by her childhood memories, and experiences and some creations have magical stories behind them. Explore more about her works on her profile.

4. Rosie Santiago

Rosie’s crocheted toys are inspired by our very own and favourites of all time, ‘Disney‘. Rosie has created some amazing characters of Disney Princesses like Rapunzel, Moana, and Pocahontas to name a few. Pennywise, Mario Brothers are also on the list of her amazing creations. She also creates some cute crocheted Christmas ornaments. Explore more about her work on her profile.

5. Ayuhazu

Ayuhazu is based in Osaka, Japan. Ayu creates very attractive hand-crocheted toys. Her use of a bright and vivid color palette for her toys is what impresses the most. Sock bunnies. puffy mimosas, and cute little monkeys, she has created very attractive toys. Explore more about her work on her profile.

So these were some of the amazing works done by these crochet artists. Each of them has made some unique creations. You can read more about these amazing artists by visiting their profiles. To read more about the works of more women artists, you can visit the articles and interviews section on our website.

Thanks for reading Arts to hearts!

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