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S2.EP62. Bringing together a community of photo & memory inspired artists w/ Founders of Photo Trouvee magazine

In the S2EP61 of The Arts to Hearts Podcast,

Charuka Arora, Artist & Host of the Arts To Hearts Podcast is joined in by co- founders of Photo Trouvee Magzine, Juliana Naufel & Twiggy Boyer.

In this Episode,

  1. Juliana,Twiggy & charuka share their announcement of laucnhing a new call for women artists together. (Find more info below)
  2. You will hear Juliana & Twiggy talk about the lack of community they felt as mixed media artists using photos as their primary subject.
  3. They shared their experience of finding support in each other via social media and online community. And, their vision to extend this support to others.
  4. Juliana & Twiggy share their journey of starting photo trouvee and their struggles, wins and their big vision of bringing this niche community together.
  5. Juliana & Twiggy also share their vision of bringing the print version of photo trouvee to life.
  6. You will hear honest conversations around fear of starting, taking a leap of faith, creative entrepreneurship and finding dream collaborators & so much more.


Photo trouvee website:

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Charuka Arora, Founder of Arts To Hearts Project

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In collab w/ Photo Trouvee Magazine


✨Guest curated by @naufss & @twiggyboyerart
Co- Founders of @phototrouvee

✨Deadline: 7th Feb, 2022


Timestamp Speaker Transcript
00:00.00 charukaarora Hey, you guys welcome back to the arts two has podcast season 2 with the season two I have been thinking about how I want to take the podcast to a next level. What is that I really want to focus and I’d been thinking about this for a very long time. When I realized that I wanted to expand the horizon of the podcast which was not only bringing um artists from you know around the world but also creative entrepreneurs women creative entrepreneurs from around the world to start that for the second episode I have someone really special. You’ve heard them before on the podcast in season one respectively and I take immense pleasure to introduce them to you welcome to the podcast. The team of photo to waywiki and Juliana welcome.
00:55.31 Twiggy Hi Charles.
00:56.10 Juliana Naufel Hello Hi shadow. Thank you so much for inviing us. It’s such an honor to be here on artsy hearts project the podcast again. We’re so excited.
01:10.88 charukaarora Thank you so much. Hi Twiggy welcome to the podcast.
01:14.82 Twiggy Hi Cheruz. Thanks so much for having us. We’re so excited to talk to you today.
01:20.41 charukaarora I am more than happy to have you back again that is even more exciting and you know what’s even exciting is that this time I don’t have you as just as artists. But as arts creative entrepreneurs and you. Both of you have been on the podcast and spoken about your expertise your journey respectively today I want you two of you together and we are going to talk about your journeys together of you know, starting for to 2 a. What’s have happened and everything that’s gone behind the scene. But you say.
01:59.58 Juliana Naufel Okay, sounds awesome. Okay, so maybe before we start talking about photo trove. We can talk a little bit about how we met and how our friendship led to oh.
02:02.44 Twiggy Did.
02:12.42 charukaarora Look yeah know Yes, absolutely we We have to go there but but because a lot of movie will we will have a few more new listeners and I don’t want them to not take the chance to know each of you first. Let’s have a little introduction.
02:28.65 Juliana Naufel Oh okay.
02:29.85 charukaarora About the 2 of you who you are where you based and then we’ll go about how you met and then we’ll go further. What do you say? okay.
02:35.61 Twiggy Sounds good. Not even yeah I’ll go first. Um, so my name is twiggy boyer. Um I am a mixed media artist mostly focusing on mixed media collages my work.
02:35.70 Juliana Naufel Oh yeah, do you want to start Tweety.
02:54.92 Twiggy Explores themes of nostalgia memory and connection I was born in Paris France and then moved to the us around high school age and i’m. Currently living in Florida right now in South Florida um, for school I went to the Maryland Institute college of art and I received the bfa in painting and curatorial studies and I was a elementary school art teacher for about 6 years
03:29.80 charukaarora Wow.
03:30.20 Twiggy Before I started being a full-time mom and artist.
03:37.51 charukaarora What a combination. Okay, thank you so much to gay Julian and you want to go next.
03:45.82 Juliana Naufel Of course so my name is Juliana now Phil I’m a mixed media artist from sa paulo Brazil I’m currently living on this coast of Brazil ah, and I received. Ah, bfa in visual arts at some Paul State University some paul with the largest city in South america so I grew up with a lot of art around me so that was really nice I haven’t. And a in our therapy and I’m currently doing a ph d in our therapy too. Ah my practice. Yeah yeah, but yes, it’s a lot going on but I’m managing it’ll ah.
04:23.95 charukaarora Wow I didn’t know that.
04:35.31 charukaarora Yes, yes, yes.
04:38.11 Juliana Naufel Our therapy has been a huge passion in my life since my practice is all about healing through art. Ah my mixed media practice is mostly by combining embroidery and found photographs and ah.
04:51.90 charukaarora Yeah.
04:55.84 Juliana Naufel What I love about doing that is showing people that even though we had you know, painful experiences in our past we can always move on with grace and being gentle with ourselves so spreading messages of love of hope and you know. Just treasuring precious moments. It’s all about what I do.
05:17.20 charukaarora Oh my goodness. There’s so much that’s going on with you too. Okay, let’s also talk a little bit about photo to ven then we go into your journey. Can you talk about what photo 2 way is and what your rules are what you do.
05:33.63 Twiggy Yeah, so photo flui magazine is an art publication. We actually had our first printed issue but it used to be just digital. Um, it highlights artists who work with or inspired by found’s photographs.
05:44.65 charukaarora Okay.
05:52.22 Twiggy And we also do interviews with collectors of vintage ephemera. Um, and we have ah yeah, we do artist interviews as well and we have a Instagram platform where we share found photo works each day.
06:00.24 Juliana Naufel We’ve already said 12 are.
06:12.10 Twiggy And so we’ve really wanted to build this community where people could come together if we shared this passion for found photos just like we do.
06:20.29 charukaarora Lovely lovely. Do you want to add something Juliana to what photo 2 is for you.
06:25.54 Juliana Naufel Ah, yeah, ah, for me is a lovely community where we can share our passion for nostalgia treasuring moments and you know not only we have of course. Ah, the publications but we’re also expanding last year we hosted 2 exhibitions as well and we have a book coming up soon. So ah, we hope to continue creating opportunities for artists and ah. When we started it back in 2020 I had no idea where we would be right now. So it’s amazing to see how much the platform is growing and you know how precious it is. Ah. Have been a place to connect with other creatives.
07:20.24 charukaarora It’s truly been a very um you know it’s been and a wonderful experience hearing you grow photo to way just in you know in the past year you’ve had um, tremendous success on social media. Um, and I can you know you have a very niche community and it’s it’s very very amazing to see how you’ve just grown it in an year and when you’re also talking about opportunities I’m very excited to share that photo 2 a and arts 2 hearts are collaborating and we’re also doing an open call together. And if you want to know more about it. You can hear the promo that you’ve published an episode before this. Um, do you want to add anything.
08:06.50 Juliana Naufel No.
08:08.83 Twiggy I Don’t think so.
08:10.40 charukaarora Okay, so let’s talk about how how did photo 2 way actually come to life. Firstly, let’s go about the 2 of you. How did you 2 met how long have you known each other actually.
08:29.10 Twiggy Since 2
08:29.16 Juliana Naufel Ah, like being in friends maybe two and a half years this year will yeah we met on Instagram we’ve been following each charter for a while.
08:35.14 charukaarora How did you meet you agree.
08:34.97 Twiggy Yeah.
08:44.24 Juliana Naufel And then we actually ended up doing a mastermind program together with Michelle I gomis and then yes and during the program. Ah, we were part of the same accountability group.
08:47.15 charukaarora A world really writing know this.
08:51.33 Twiggy This yeah.
09:01.72 Juliana Naufel And then we became friends and we’ve been talking every day since then that’s pretty much it so we became great friends and late twenty nineteen with met in person and it was so so special and we had our.
09:05.59 charukaarora Um, wow.
09:21.72 Juliana Naufel First event together. We hosted a pop-up event to share our practices and do you want to talk about memories of love a bitweigy.
09:30.34 charukaarora Is that was that like a with was it like an offline event have you guys met in real life. Wow Oh goodness fond of.
09:29.85 Twiggy Yeah.
09:35.40 Twiggy Yeah, we met once in in late 2019 we Julianna came to Miami so we met there. Um, and we actually had a physical event together. So it was a pop-up show.
09:35.64 Juliana Naufel Yes.
09:52.74 Twiggy And it was called memories of love and we just together had a little pop-up with our Artworks and you know shared it with everyone.
10:03.24 charukaarora Wow.
10:03.00 Juliana Naufel Yes, and that but that was the first time we worked together and it was just so easy and so great to work with Tgi and I just wanted to work more her. But.
10:17.15 charukaarora You think again.
10:22.87 charukaarora Ah, the at that point at that point were to of you doing anything ah like you know were you only focusing on your art practice or were you doing something on the side or like you know any other project like for 2 2 way.
10:22.30 Juliana Naufel Ah, and then early 20 to 20
10:38.80 Twiggy No I was still I was still teaching full time. Um, yeah, and yeah, yes.
10:38.88 Juliana Naufel Ah.
10:42.85 charukaarora So vow.
10:44.23 Juliana Naufel Yes, and same here I was still teaching full time. So but yeah.
10:49.32 charukaarora You were also teaching for both of you were teaching full time while you met. Okay, then what happened.
10:57.55 Twiggy Um, so I think I had been wanting to create a publication with artists who use found photos just because I felt like there was.
11:11.26 charukaarora Oh yes.
11:16.22 Twiggy Sort of like a you know a lack in the art world for that specific medium. It is very niche but I was having a hard time sort of finding where my work fit in I Guess into traditional you know like Mediums that are.
11:20.40 charukaarora Yeah, you know.
11:29.78 charukaarora Yeah.
11:35.56 Twiggy Painting drawing collage and I just really wanted to create a space where I could collaborate and meet and bring together for artists who used on photos and I guess i. Thought Juliana would be the perfect person to do it with so I sort of pitched the idea to her and she said she was gonna think about it and then she agreed and I’m so glad that she did because I just.
11:59.39 Juliana Naufel Smooth.
12:14.14 Twiggy I could not I don’t think that I would have been brave enough to do it on my own and at this point I just couldn’t imagine not doing it with her. It just makes so much sense. We both were using sound photos. Um, and I think at the time she was.
12:18.12 charukaarora Who else.
12:23.82 charukaarora Um, yes, she has yes.
12:25.37 Juliana Naufel Yes.
12:33.67 Twiggy Maybe 1 of a very few people who I knew used sound photos in their work I wasn’t really familiar with a lot of artists other artists who used sound photos. So now really now I’m just blown away each day I find new people.
12:38.30 charukaarora Um, yeah.
12:49.47 Juliana Naufel Yes, ah.
12:52.33 Twiggy With the the magazine. So yeah.
12:54.30 charukaarora I Am this is in fact, a question because both of you have very similar um choices I mean choices in the same sense. Let’s say um, the common element being the photographs and you know. What you’re trying to do with that and how different your work even after that it looks but it’s such and your community is also based around that common interest and it’s such ah such a fortune to find someone who has very similar interest and shares the same passion to feed. You know you know you really need that drive and fashion to create a community. We All know that you know it’s not like um you like you know something else. You really have to have that kind of inclination to to find those people and you know to bring them together So That’s been.
13:35.42 Juliana Naufel And.
13:51.44 charukaarora And whenever I see you too. It feels like such a such a perfect fit especially when you work both of them coming together and then the photo two way.
14:00.28 Twiggy Yeah, definitely yes.
14:00.42 Juliana Naufel Oh thank you? ah.
14:03.93 charukaarora Okay, so you spoke to Juliana about that. Um, what happened next.
14:11.79 Twiggy Well like I said yeah she took a little time to think about it and then she agreed. So yeah.
14:11.88 Juliana Naufel Okay, ah.
14:18.80 Juliana Naufel Yeah, yes, ah.
14:20.18 charukaarora Do you know what was happening with you at that time when figi spoke to you about it.
14:24.70 Juliana Naufel Okay, so I just had recently quit my job as a full time art teacher because my plan in 2020 before the pandemic happened was to move to New York so to study there. Ah yes.
14:31.48 charukaarora Okay.
14:38.52 charukaarora Oh wow I’m learning so many new things about you guys today.
14:44.50 Juliana Naufel But in the end whip. Ah, yes, ah, but in the end with all that happened I ended up staying here in Brazil for a while more. Ah so I had a lot of my plate because you know I just had qui my full time job. And then I was learning to be an art printer and then I was preparing myself to ah move out of my country and I was feeling definitely overwhelmed. But at the same time I really wanted to do that with togi. So.
15:10.28 charukaarora Yeah.
15:20.21 Juliana Naufel Thought that we should give it a try. AhT tweety from the very beginning wanted to ah do it as a print a printed magazine. But for me that would be a lot and ah when the pandemic hit. We also you know didn’t know what was going to happen and prefer to start it. Ah, as.
15:33.88 charukaarora Man.
15:40.15 Juliana Naufel Ah, digital magazine and then you know grow from there but we really wanted to do that. So I think it was February that we actually started talking about more about the magazine and having meetings and trying to organize how it would work and if we would host. Open calls or if in the beginning we would only work with invited artists and collectors. So ah, we divided the works based on our skills like ah for for some things I’m really organized and I really like to do computer work.
16:18.20 charukaarora I Have to get me.
16:19.88 Juliana Naufel For others Tweety. It’s way better than I am so ah, we chose our springs ah in the sense of you know, combining our forces to create the magazine. Our first magazine came out June 2020 and ah, we’ve done 6 so far and you know other projects as well.
16:42.00 charukaarora Wow Wow That is so exciting. Okay, so when you started a photo to wear What let’s Also you know I have a very interesting question I’m only. Saying that I know what it feels to start something I’ve never started something like with someone so that’s something I have to experience but we all know like you know there’s so many fears that come up when you’re challenging yourself. It’s like you know like you’re expanding your horizon Use. Opening that box and with that it also creates must space and with that space a lot of fears also come in what were your biggest fears when you were starting photo 2 be because a lot of people will you know we always talk about the bright side and we all know there is of rights I we will also get into that but I really want to talk about this because.
17:26.77 Juliana Naufel And.
17:41.30 charukaarora I Know that you know taking that leap of faith and how do you get over those fears and what those fears and also feeling like you know we I had them. You had them and we still we still went ahead. So anyone who’s listening I think it’ll be of great. Great support.
17:55.70 Juliana Naufel Okay, ah so I think what made it a bit easier was knowing that you know I had probably my best friend on this project with me so having a great friend as a business partner. For me work perfectly because I know that I could always be vulnerable and I could always ah speak what was going on with me and you know it’s really rare to find someone that you can open up and tell. Okay, this is triggering me.
18:29.48 charukaarora That’s true.
18:33.17 Juliana Naufel In a way or I’m scared to do that. Maybe can we do something else um to meet halfway so having someone that is so special and so understanding has been amazing and I don’t think we’ve if we had another.
18:34.51 charukaarora Here.
18:53.60 Juliana Naufel Dynamic if it could work because you know we are in different countries. Ah we have different cultural backgrounds as well and there are so many things that could have gotten less. But ah, you know, just having someone you trust a lot and that you know that.
18:56.43 charukaarora Yeah. Yeah.
19:12.52 Juliana Naufel Will listen to you and compromise as well The same way that you do it. Some things is just really important I Guess yeah.
19:21.42 charukaarora But what was your fear you you you shared? what was pro but what was hard What was what was that was you know that voice that says oh don’t do this. You know this would happen. What were your fears when you thought you wanted to start because.
19:36.82 Juliana Naufel Yeah, yeah, yeah for me as I mentioned I guess just doing it print from the very beginning was really scary. Ah because you know I’ve never read.
19:38.98 charukaarora You know that it’s this edge moment that feels like you know how do you take that next step.
19:56.32 Juliana Naufel Ah, magazine before I didn’t know what was going to be so we were still finding our people like I wouldn’t have ever imagined that we would have like 11 k people in our community right now because when we started growing. It was like 100 people and then.
20:09.50 charukaarora Um, yeah, yes.
20:15.77 Juliana Naufel It started multiplying but ah when we took that leapp of Faith. Ah, as figgy mentioned we didn’t know that many artists that were using Bo Photos. So for me, it was just a lot to I don’t Know. Ah. Ah, start from a place that we would have to also commit a lot financially ah like to get it printed and everything like that. So I Guess that was what scared me the most.
20:38.74 charukaarora Yeah.
20:45.86 charukaarora That was the smart move I would have day what about you? 2 gay what were your fears.
20:54.80 Twiggy Yeah, so I think just the ultimate fear is failing right? It is not going to work out. Um, you know when you’re first starting out. So if anyone’s listening and they’re thinking of starting their own platform and you have.
21:00.24 charukaarora Yes, absolutely.
21:13.73 charukaarora When you ask.
21:13.41 Twiggy You know, 50 followers and you’re like oh Wow is this going to ever go anywhere. Um, you know I would just say that that fear of like it not working out is probably the most overwhelming and as well the you know the financial. Aspect of things. We’re a little bit in a different place now. But when we first started you know that was a big fear of ours that we would have to put forward possibly some money and also you know we came into this and neither of us had ever done.
21:43.91 charukaarora Yeah.
21:51.23 Juliana Naufel Anything like that. Yeah.
21:52.20 Twiggy Something like this. We’d never done a magazine so we just we’ve just been learning as we go and so I think if I had to give anyone advice is just you know, give yourself grace and understand that you’re going to learn as you go. They’re going to be um. Some obstacles there is going to be some pushback from some people which can be really destructive and it can feel really bad even if it’s just one person I don’t we haven’t had that much negative feedback? Um, but we’ve had.
22:19.80 charukaarora Yes.
22:22.29 Juliana Naufel Yes.
22:31.13 Twiggy I think 2 total and those still hurt so just kind of making a conscious effort to focus on all the good things that people are saying you know all the people that were able to discover new artists throughout our platform.
22:33.41 charukaarora Yeah I’m.
22:33.54 Juliana Naufel The.
22:49.60 charukaarora Yeah.
22:51.60 Twiggy Um, you know sharing their work with the world Essentially and I think that that’s a great thing so just focusing on the good things that you’re doing persevering I guess and also just.
23:06.74 Juliana Naufel Um.
23:10.77 Twiggy Maybe not having too many expectations just kind of starting yeah because I think when you when you set expectations that are high if you fail for some reason it’s going to feel like you’re falling from a lot higher than.
23:14.53 charukaarora Loving all these advices.
23:23.18 charukaarora Yeah.
23:28.98 charukaarora Yeah.
23:30.33 Twiggy If you’re just like I let’s see what happens you know and that’s kind of I feel like that’s kind of been our our go to like let’s just try this and see what happens and if it doesn’t work out then it’s just not meant to be and if you know if it works out great that feels great. You know.
23:40.91 Juliana Naufel Mean Kind of.
23:50.70 charukaarora Lovely Lovely Wow. Okay, this is your fears of starting out. Um, this question is particularly for me I would say when you partner with someone I think it also brings a lot of fear because um, you know, especially.
23:49.79 Twiggy Ah, so yeah.
24:09.12 charukaarora But I think both ways when you don’t know someone you’re afraid that you know you don’t even know how that person is going to turn up. Um, you know can you trust that person or like all of those things but when you also know someone closely. Um and your great friend. The fear is what if will this you know Hama moment.
24:26.49 Juliana Naufel Ah, do you want to go first.
24:27.64 charukaarora Um, like did you have those fears and how did you deal with that.
24:32.84 Twiggy Yeah, so yeah, sure So I think it’s it takes ah quite a lot to work with someone and I wouldn’t say that it’s always easy I don’t find it hard because I think that.
24:43.70 charukaarora Ah, yeah, yeah.
24:51.74 Twiggy Somehow Juliana and I just sort of clicked in that way. But that’s not to say that we don’t sometimes disagree on something and we are very different. We’re completely different people. You know where we have you know we’re different places in our lives.
24:54.52 charukaarora Yeah.
24:54.70 Juliana Naufel Okay.
25:03.43 charukaarora Yes I can I can first say that for sure.
25:11.84 Twiggy Juliana’s younger than me. Ah, you know we just like she was saying we grew up in different cultures. We live in different countries. We speak different languages so we’re speaking english but that’s not even our our first native language from each. So.
25:18.80 charukaarora Yes, yes, native language. Yes.
25:24.74 Juliana Naufel Yes.
25:28.71 Twiggy There are a lot of challenges that can arise. But I think finding someone who is open to hearing you know how you feel what you’re feeling and it’s kind of it’s Goingnna be sort of like a judgmentfree kind of place.
25:46.42 charukaarora No.
25:47.96 Twiggy That’s the person you want to work with because we you know life has so many ups and downs so in the 2 years that we’ve worked together or two and a half years you know we’ve both gone through very high highs and very low lows and I think.
26:01.41 Juliana Naufel Little those? yes.
26:05.52 Twiggy Yeah, and so I think that just having someone who’s able to understand that and just be there for you and give you the space you need if you need it. Um, that’s probably the person you want to choose.
26:20.17 charukaarora Lovely Lovely swagies really high on great invites today.
26:20.78 Juliana Naufel Yeah, yes I Oh yeah, dig is the base for advices. Ah yeah, oh I’m not sure if I have.
26:25.72 Twiggy Thanks.
26:30.53 charukaarora Okay, white will wait for you. Goodulana.
26:31.70 Twiggy So thanks guys.
26:40.35 Juliana Naufel Much more to add I think Twe said it all. But I think it’s you know, being able to communicate is key and of course sometimes you think that something is working. It’s going to work out with someone and it doesn’t.
26:42.98 charukaarora I said okay corner.
26:58.68 Juliana Naufel And that’s okay too. But ah I always think that you know we should take the Lip Leap on thve. So that’s it. Why don’t we give it a try in if it doesn’t work out. It doesn’t that you know it. That’s just part of the process.
27:04.72 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, yeah, 1 step of the dimes yet. But okay, yeah.
27:17.53 Twiggy Yeah.
27:17.58 Juliana Naufel 1 step at a dime yet. Absolutely.
27:23.71 charukaarora So you know at least I can speak I don’t know this is a little tricky question but let’s try this. You know when we all start we all start with the leap of faith and we trust in the universe and you know we trust in our vision and where we go. But in that journey there are like you know moments where you feel like okay this this is happening this is working out I can feel it you know your conviction grows together. You see that you know it’s it. This is going to happen or whatever your. Ultimate vision is your who you’re going there and then you’re enjoying and all good things. Can you respectively share your first special moment in your journey or photo to way that made you feel like okay up this is going to work out this this will work out.
28:11.92 Twiggy You can go I’ll let Juliaa start.
28:13.28 charukaarora Good twiggy. You want to share or student thought.
28:13.00 Juliana Naufel And i. Ah, okay I guess for me, it’s it was on the very first issue and then when we invited the artist telling. Okay, we want to create this publication featuring film photo artist and then ah. Having most of the invited artists to say yes for me was okay so I guess people are still interest and are willing to join us on this journey and on this community. So.
28:43.90 charukaarora Ah, yeah.
28:54.80 Juliana Naufel I Think for me it was having the first yeses when we invited some artists to be featured on issue one. Yeah.
29:03.50 charukaarora Oh Wow What about you tweggie.
29:06.42 Twiggy Yeah, I’d say that mine was the same I think issue one was a really big moment. Um, and I guess I could go with just receiving our first print copy. Um I think.
29:10.41 charukaarora Um.
29:22.87 charukaarora Oh wow, that’s me now it’s such a lovely issue.
29:23.25 Juliana Naufel Um, oh yes.
29:26.34 Twiggy That was a yeah so that was a big moment and just seeing that you know it felt really scary because we had never done it. So anytime you and do something that you’ve never done. It’s really scary I think um and.
29:35.73 Juliana Naufel Yeah, yeah, yes.
29:39.30 charukaarora Yes, yes.
29:45.27 Twiggy I tend to be like a worrier So I worry about anything and everything that’s going to go wrong? Yeah, so just receiving it and like feeling that validation that you know Wow We we were able to do it and we learned ourselves and we worked really hard.
29:48.24 charukaarora I I am a part of the same club and.
30:03.94 Twiggy And it came out beautiful and then you know we started. We started with 50 copies just to see how it was gonna go so always starting a little bit you know without too many expectations and we so you know we sold out and so I think that was.
30:09.27 charukaarora Wow.
30:15.85 charukaarora Yeah.
30:19.33 Juliana Naufel Yes, in less than a month. So.
30:21.28 Twiggy Ah, very validating moment. Yeah so I was yeah that was so special and you know if anyone who’s in the magazine or in the community listening just ah thank you so much because that really validates our work and what we do and.
30:23.15 charukaarora Wow.
30:34.97 charukaarora The.
30:39.27 Twiggy It shows us that our mission is important and that there is a need for it. You know.
30:43.94 charukaarora Lovely I Love this? Okay, what has been the hardest thing for you in this Journey. What is the hardest thing about running um a creative platform a business, especially as an artist. But are your postal styles.
31:04.47 Twiggy Well I think I’ll go ahead. You do want to go first. Okay I think um the most challenging thing is.
31:04.70 Juliana Naufel Okay, so ah, yeah, go ahead? No you can.
31:20.77 Twiggy Sometimes working with people. Um, just I I get I don’t know I was very surprised to see that. Um you know there are some people who are very forthright and like.
31:22.74 charukaarora Yes, twice your.
31:38.71 Twiggy Just kind of it like ask a lot of you sometimes and maybe they just don’t realize that you know we’re dealing with kind of hundreds of people and so I think that that’s sometimes a challenging. Thing where people are emailing a lot or checking in or even you know if we write something down like not really respecting ah that boundary that we write down like oh I don’t Know. Um, for example, we’re going to. You know email you at this time so please don’t email us before that and so you know I find that sometimes some people kind of forget and just go ahead and do that and I feel like that’s kind of a difficult part because it feels like your boundaries are being crossed and. You know as much as I love getting emails and communicating and everything Sometimes it can be a lot especially if we’re working with a lot of different artists. So It’s not I think people just forget that it’s not just them. It’s also a lot of other people and so I I would say that’s the biggest.
32:47.71 charukaarora Yeah.
32:54.41 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, what about you? Julianna.
32:54.16 Twiggy Challenge that comes up for me.
32:59.27 Juliana Naufel Yeah, ah this what figure said it’s quite challenging but for me has been also an amazing opportunity to you know, stick to my Ben Boundaries because it’s something that I struggle for such a long time so ah, having this platformform also helped me grow in that way and you know to be more sure and to understand. Okay, it’s fine that I stick to this boundary. Because if we’re not feeling fine with what we’re doing. We’re doing something wrong. So having these boundaries are assessed and essential and sometimes for me social media can be a lot so it takes a lot of commitment.
33:40.68 charukaarora Yeah, so.
33:54.99 charukaarora Yes, absolutely.
33:55.56 Juliana Naufel As Well to you know grow a platform and to be there every day but you know being into it also helps because each of us has some days to post so we help each other out. But. You know sometimes you’re just not into mood but you’re okay I have to do this So. Let’s do that and that’s fine too.
34:14.90 charukaarora Yes, okay, that’s that’s I think I agree and I relate to like both of these things. Um, how has running photo to V impacted your practice I know arts to hearts like.
34:18.58 Twiggy Yeah.
34:34.88 charukaarora In the past one and a half yours it’s just changed everything that I do drastically I really want to hear how has that impacted your own practices.
34:45.78 Twiggy Go ahead? Juliana.
34:45.85 Juliana Naufel Okay, ah I guess um, it was really interesting to see so many different approaches and people you know using bump photos and I had ah not a single idea. How many people wearingb brightring photos out there because you know I started back in 2016 embroidering from photos. So here in Brazil I was actually one of the first people who started using embroidery unfo photo found photos as a medium and you know. Even in 19 I didn’t know that many people so it’s really interesting to see ah what people are doing with embroidery info photos. But it’s also really cool to see that you know in my way, my practice is still quite different. So. Ah, for me I think it was more about ah understanding that there’s space for everyone and then I can you know explore and try different things and that I I’ll still have my me shape space in the art world. Ah, but it encouraged me to you know. Ah, try different things and start exploring more in a way. So at first it was mostly text based my practice. It’s still is but now ah I’m you know evolving and adding more details trying new patterns. So I guess for me, it did.
36:23.80 charukaarora Lovely. What about you Tookie.
36:23.30 Juliana Naufel That was said.
36:26.70 Twiggy Um, yeah I I think it’s impacted my work in the sense that it keeps me really inspired um to keep going and in a way. It’s sort of. Validate my work just because same I you know I started using found photos in college So in 2011 Um, it feels like a long time ago now and um, just. Yeah, just seeing I like I said I think I mentioned it was.. It’s always been difficult to find a place in the art world for me. I wasn’t really sure where I belonged and so seeing that we can create a community that has artists who work with a similar.
37:25.59 charukaarora Yeah.
37:25.44 Twiggy Medium Um, just really validated. You know that you know my work is valid if that makes sense and it also it keeps me so inspired. Yeah, it’s really inspiring to see.
37:32.70 charukaarora Yes, absolutely Absolutely I think you know, go ahead quick.
37:41.30 Twiggy No I’m done. It’s just inspiring.
37:45.34 charukaarora You know what? I Really love about it is so many times I feel like um because we all know art world has a lot of gaps and how we are all each of us find that gap and experience that gap. And have taken it upon us to fill that gap because I started because I didn’t knew where to see myself I didn’t know I was I was in a desperate need of a community I needed to speak to people I needed I needed to feel and live like an artist and have those conversations. And since I didn’t have and if I did they were not the one that you know you know the kind of people that you want I was always very entrepreneurial and so I started Arts two hearts and I wanted to have more transparency and build a community that you know we can do this?? um. And similarly like you know your um your struggle with finding yourself in a medium and then how beautiful you’ve literally created like a community around that whole situation. That’s just that’s just so Brilliant. How.
38:56.14 Twiggy So thank you.
38:57.38 Juliana Naufel I Thank you? ah.
39:02.25 charukaarora Has been your experience of building a community. Let’s talk about that. Let’s also talk about social media. The business side of things. How has this? um impacted you and you know this is actually your question. Let’s also first. Um, about how is how does it feel to run like a platform as an artist as like a business platform as an artist.
39:34.50 Twiggy Ah, so you mean how does it feel to build it right? Okay, ah.
39:39.34 charukaarora Yeah to build it and you know, um, you know I for me at least? Ah, um I I know for you all so because I know what we are tricky does and we also spoke about what Juliana does at 4 to 2 today you know our own practices is a very different site. You know and it’s very intuitive. Um, and you know the work that we do. We all have our processes and everything but when it comes to running a business like a community platform a magazine. You know there are things that aren’t needed to be looked at at business you need to take care of a lot of things. Um. You know how has that experience been for you and your identity as an artist.
40:22.62 Twiggy Yeah, so I think that um it is very different I think it exercises different muscles. You know to work on the magazine and then to work on my own work. But I think that for me the reason why.
40:30.29 charukaarora Yes, yes, yes, hundred percent
40:41.34 Twiggy Love it so much is because it’s sort of an extension of myself and my work just you know through other people and so if you are doing something that is just it’s At. Like I said it’s an extension of what you do and yourself then I think that the challenges are going to be easier to face and all the you know all the work that you don’t necessarily love to do like admin work. It’s.
41:15.25 charukaarora Oh my God Yes yes tellinger is email.
41:19.33 Twiggy Is gonna make it easier. Um, ah yeah, and you know I try to think sometimes I don’t feel like it either like the the Instagram thing is every day and but then I think like oh you know’m this is a form of like.
41:24.67 Juliana Naufel This. Ah.
41:38.14 Twiggy Me creating in a way. So um, it’s just a grid but I’m creating a grid. So like I think Juliana does it too. We don’t just pick something to share. We kind of curate it in a way that we usually share about 3 4 artists a day and the.
41:51.21 Juliana Naufel And then.
41:57.70 Twiggy Artists that we choose for that day that use our hashtag or that tag us we try our best to sort of curate it in a way that it you know they communicate with each other the works that we share and it’s not just random and so in a way that’s that’s a form of creating.
42:11.38 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely a hundred percent what about you? Julianna.
42:11.29 Juliana Naufel No.
42:15.87 Twiggy For me as well. And.
42:19.49 Juliana Naufel Yes, ah for me I think what taught me the most it was that structure can also mean something good because you know in my practice I was always against having a stretch.
42:31.48 Twiggy Um.
42:35.32 charukaarora Um, so my great.
42:38.65 Juliana Naufel And a way because I I felt that I would feel stuck in a cage but run in you know.
42:42.12 charukaarora Yeah, oh Julianna let me let me say how on point have you got this.
42:49.34 Twiggy I Know that’s so true.
42:55.47 charukaarora Are like how um like you know I remember saying this in one of our episodes that I’m someone oh this was Celine and ishi also said the same thing I hate structures. But I also need structure I mean I’m someone. Who loves fluidity but also needs to have a structure to function in a manner like it’s so paradox but you know you need to have that fluidity that you can I I hate when people put me in a box like if they tell me what I need to do but I also need to know.
43:13.38 Juliana Naufel This.
43:30.71 charukaarora What direction I need to go and then I need to figure my way out. Go ahead, you complete your thing.
43:32.70 Juliana Naufel Yeah, so yeah, but for me is structure was one of the most important things as well because you know I’m not only working for myself I’m working with twey and with.
43:37.80 Twiggy Is.
43:51.78 Juliana Naufel Hundreds thousands of other people that are also relying on us in a way so you know having is structured to ah work before social media and on the magazine and you know doing all the admin stuff as well. It’s really important because if we. Also don’t keep track of what we’re doing. We cannot really plan where we want to go and how are we getting there. So of course there’s space. There’s ah the space for fluidity but structure is really imported on running a business. Ah.
44:21.33 charukaarora Yeah.
44:27.39 charukaarora Yes, yes, love that Oh God yes.
44:30.26 Juliana Naufel Yeah, specially also dealing with finances because you know, ah we’re putting so many hours ah and on backstage of this platform because it’s not just creating a magazine. It’s job. It’s not just you know.
44:33.51 Twiggy Yeah.
44:40.41 charukaarora Yet.
44:48.93 Juliana Naufel Sharing on social media. There’s a lot going on so we need that.
44:52.80 charukaarora Yes, yes, yes, absolutely Okay, Um, where are you guys at a stage where I know it’s too few So I’m un sure it would have been I mean sometimes I feel like I’m carrying like lots of like bricks on my shoulder because. Everything as as someone who’s doing this alone I have everything on me I have to tell people what needs to be done. You know there’s so much that’s dependent just on me. Um, and that also being reason that I I needed help way early, um to make this possible and. Ah, project that I’ve been doing How has it been for you. What respectively do you do do you have more people who manages what who’s good at what what is the behind structure of photo to be.
45:42.94 Twiggy Yeah, so we don’t have more people. It’s just less at least for now. Um, but I think yeah I think for you Sharu I think it’s a good idea to have help because that.
45:48.35 charukaarora Okay.
45:58.77 charukaarora Yes.
46:00.47 Twiggy Would be a lot to do by yourself. So we kind of it kind of happens in a way Organically the way our tasks kind of you know, separated in a way we do I would say probably like.
46:13.44 charukaarora To.
46:18.39 Twiggy 85 to 90% of everything together not separately so we meet every Wednesday and Friday on Zoom to work on whatever we need to work on. Yeah, oh yeah.
46:21.88 charukaarora Wow.
46:28.87 charukaarora Now I know that and yeah.
46:35.27 Twiggy Um, and for the magazine we have a schedule so it’s every other day that we post so it’s not too much on 1 person because every day would be quite a lot and we don’t post anything on Sundays because.
46:51.18 charukaarora That social media that you’re talking about.
46:53.21 Twiggy Yeah, yeah, the social media we don’t post on Sundays because we feel like that’s we should have one day where we just it. We don’t do it? Um, yeah, and as far as the tasks Juliana she likes organizing.
47:01.51 charukaarora In disconnect.
47:11.18 Twiggy Folders on Google drive and follow that and I just find that.
47:14.76 charukaarora Ah, can I borrow Julia for.
47:20.59 Twiggy I Just don’t like doing it and so I will do it if I have to of course but she’s kind of taken that side on and I do a lot of ah so any editing that needs to be done like writing emails ahead of time or writing texts.
47:20.74 Juliana Naufel I.
47:24.53 charukaarora I. She be provided.
47:35.55 Juliana Naufel Yes.
47:40.36 Twiggy You know the magazine or whatever it is like I’ll take that on. Um, and um I’ll do a little bit more but really, it’s fifty fifty I’ll work on photoshop a lot so like kind of the design some of the design aspects.
47:57.40 charukaarora See we’ve designed the magazine together.
47:59.23 Twiggy But really, it’s yeah we designed the magazine together. We don’t do anything apart for that. We just I share my screen and you know I’m on photoshop and then Juliana there to to see it and.
48:03.39 charukaarora Around.
48:03.17 Juliana Naufel Yes.
48:12.88 charukaarora About.
48:13.88 Juliana Naufel Yes.
48:15.11 Twiggy Like we take all the decisions together. We try to never you know like if someone asked me oh do you want to do this. Do you want to do that I always say like let me talk to Juliana’s first and I think that she does the same. Yeah, it’s.
48:26.60 Juliana Naufel Yes, and.
48:28.58 charukaarora You you did that I remember that’s how this also like our conversation for the treasured moments. So open call without 2 hearts I remember speaking about it with Juliana for yet and then she told me know let me get back and then.
48:40.34 Juliana Naufel With me. Yeah.
48:41.87 Twiggy Here.
48:47.64 charukaarora We had the group and then we made this happen So that’s yeah I Know that’s wonderful.
48:49.80 Twiggy Yeah, yeah, we really keep things I think of Juliana as like ah like an equal like we keep things fairly fifty fifty like I said like little things like the Google drive. She’ll take that on and then you know.
48:59.89 Juliana Naufel Um, yes, ahing Files then send in emails and get all the contracts back that’s with me.
49:06.36 charukaarora 1
49:07.72 Twiggy But overall yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll write them but he sends them. Yeah.
49:18.42 Juliana Naufel But it’s funny because I yeah yeah, ah.
49:21.70 charukaarora How have how has been how have you grown your social media. Um, your community on Instagram so beautifully and rapidly let’s talk about that. You have quite a great read. You’ve. Um, read you with 11000 followers. How has that been for you.
49:43.95 Juliana Naufel Okay I think it’s been crazy like before I think probably for an year we would only post once a day or so and then when we started posting more consistently and curating like. Ah, tree to 4 boths today. It grew a lot and started growing really fast and our Hashtag has grew so much as well. Like we have more than 20000 ah posts using our hashtag so that’s been something.
50:05.50 charukaarora To alive.
50:17.64 charukaarora Wow! yeah.
50:21.50 Juliana Naufel Crazy as well. Ah, yeah, and our community is so lovely and they share a lot and they engage a lot with us and you know with each other’s work So that’s pretty nice so it grew organically.
50:35.79 charukaarora Wow Yes, whose you know people are overwhelmed how to go an account.
50:35.56 Twiggy Yeah, so if anyone is like listening and wants advice on that I would say yeah I would say like yeah I would say well first of all, you know you don’t want. To grow and have people who aren’t aligned with what you’re doing. That’s just not really, that’s not beneficial to anyone because you know like a number isn’t necessarily going to give you that kind of intimate interaction or it’s not going to give you someone who’s going to buy.
50:54.44 charukaarora Yes, absolutely.
51:11.98 Twiggy Necessarily But I would say if you have a collaborative platform then have a hashtag that people can use reminds people a lot that they can use it. Um and you know interact with. Artists and people who we have like some people who are very very consistent and who you know are always commenting always liking always sharing and so find those people and just um, share a lot of work I Guess that’s helpful too just to.
51:35.25 charukaarora Yeah.
51:45.53 charukaarora Yeah Humans Lovely Fabulous. Okay, my last question reg. Okay.
51:48.51 Twiggy Have a big wide net in that way. But yeah and consistency you know consistency is is key.
52:03.39 charukaarora Before my last question actually I 1 more question I wanted to touch upon our team treasured memories. Um, for this open call and what what it means to you and.
52:06.40 Twiggy Keep.
52:21.12 charukaarora Your what are you looking at when you you when you will be curating the show.
52:26.90 Juliana Naufel Okay, ah, okay, ah for me a treasured moment ah is a very dear moment that you know you can always go back to and.
52:27.33 Twiggy Um, go ahead.
52:43.94 Juliana Naufel Kind of revive it or revive the feeling that you had during that time. So you know thinking about special moments with family or friends or you know just loved ones. It’s.. It’s what a treasured moment is for me something really precious that we hold on very dear to our hearts. So Ah, for me? What? Ah I’ll be looking at ah for the open Call. It’s just Dis emotion you know seeing an artwork that you Know. Brings a lot of emotion and takes us back to your treasured moment. So for me, that’s what I’m looking for particularly.
53:32.73 charukaarora You 2 g.
53:32.68 Twiggy Yeah I I would say the same. Um I think that we’ll be looking to have sort of like ah, an emotional response whether it applies to us and our lives or not um, just having this feeling and you know, um. Yeah, just the emotions that come along and accompany the work that’s being submitted and also I have to say we’re so excited to get to look at works that are going to be a lot of different mediums and how people are going to interpret. Esteem That’s so exciting to us and I’m sure you mentioned I’m sure you’ll mention that it’s It’s not just found photo works in this call and that’s that’s really exciting and.
54:13.90 Juliana Naufel Yeah, yes, it really is ah.
54:15.41 charukaarora Um, yes, yeah, yes, yes, yes, and we did this. We spoke about this and we did this intentionally because I remember our conversation and I brought up. This question that what Trillian Julia Juliana wanted to go forward with and you know you you said that you wanted to you know, see how the same theme you can have the same emotion while with your own community at photo trofe and then how that can be expanded into another. You know other mediums and I think that’s what even I’m so excited about and I also feel like you know, especially with the new years like we’re doing this open call in such a great time like and it’s we’re always like January. It’s always like looking back and we’re always excited for what’s coming forward but we take.
54:57.83 Juliana Naufel Um.
55:14.10 charukaarora Those moments in the ah best moments in the new beginnings because that’s what keeps you motivated I also want to remind everyone who’s listening to this episode if you want to be a part of this open call the open call will be life from seventh.
55:20.36 Juliana Naufel Absolutely.
55:20.62 Twiggy Yeah, that’s true.
55:33.26 charukaarora Of January sorry the open call will be life from 10th January to seventh of February Twenty Twenty two ah you can go to wwdotarch two and you can find the links and all the details for submitting to this open call. Um. This open call is again open to all all mixed like all medium of artists. You can be a painter um a sculptor mix media and we look forward to what treasured moments means to you and yours and actually share those. Treasured moments with you and live with them. So yes, you can find the link in this description of this episode on the website in the promos everywhere else and yes, okay, now let’s go to the last question. What? what.
56:26.66 Twiggy Okay.
56:31.94 charukaarora What what is coming with photo 2 way in 2020 to what are you guys thinking? tell me your big plans tell me something that only you are telling for the first time so that we have some special access information. What are you plans? Basically I want to see I mean I’m I’m so excited where you guys are going but I really want to hear what’s going on your mind.
56:56.21 Twiggy Yeah, so while the first thing is that we are going to have a book that’s coming out. It’s going to be ah, an art book with a collection of 84 international artists who.
56:57.80 Juliana Naufel Oh Kennedy.
57:04.92 charukaarora Um, wow.
57:15.98 Twiggy Use foundund photos or inspired by found photos in their works and so that’s very special for us and that’s early February Normally it should be coming. It’s been a long project and again a lot of learning along the way.
57:20.90 charukaarora When is it coming.
57:32.11 Juliana Naufel Yes, but.
57:33.21 charukaarora Um, being I can’t wait to see it.
57:34.19 Twiggy Um, and but we’re yeah, we’re so excited about that and then you can look forward to all our issues being printed from now on yeah and some open calls.
57:46.10 charukaarora Oh We’ve also discussed about this So like you know we have something in the pipeline. Even forward a collaboration in print Media. We haven’t really you know closed onto it. But. I’m hoping let’s let’s figure that out. So What about anything new. Any big, any big project that you’re manifesting any new thing.
58:03.80 Juliana Naufel And.
58:03.90 Twiggy Yes, yes.
58:12.30 Juliana Naufel We really want to start doing more collaborations this year two so may this be the first of many collaborations with other art platforms. Ah.
58:17.29 charukaarora Yes, yeah, yeah, so my moon. Yeah yes, yes.
58:22.74 Twiggy Um.
58:27.59 Juliana Naufel And other people from our community. So there’s that we also plan on doing other two exhibitions throughout the year and we’re you know we have our goals but we’re open for the magic to happen as well.
58:41.93 charukaarora Lovely Lovely Love. It’s been so so nice to have you both and to talk about your Journeys and photo to pay. Um, anyone who’s interested where can they find you online.
58:45.70 Juliana Naufel Listen.
58:59.39 charukaarora Where can they buy the print issues or the digital issues and if they were interested. Can you mention all the links and spaces so that people can go follow you.
59:06.77 Twiggy Yeah, so on Instagram we’re just at phototuve magazine on our website. It’s we post all our open calls on our website.
59:06.92 Juliana Naufel Of course.
59:25.55 Twiggy You can look forward to 3 magazine open calls this year and then probably 2 exhibition calls. Um, yeah, we. Um, our website you can sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know if we have any open calls coming up and we also share everything on Instagram so I think I got it all.
59:51.11 charukaarora Lovely. Love it. Thank you so much guys I Really do appreciate this and I’m so excited for a collaboration. Oh.
59:52.82 Juliana Naufel Yes.
01:00:10.49 charukaarora Oh.
01:00:21.94 charukaarora Um, unless she’s not going to go. She doesn’t love the other I have trees. So the other two I have to wait for them. But.
01:00:21.20 Twiggy They’re excited too. Can you tell.
01:00:26.53 Juliana Naufel Um.
01:00:40.62 charukaarora Unless what do? Okay yes I am so excited for our collaboration and I thought wait for us to bring. Um I can’t wait for us to bring the show to life and I’m really excited to see your curation and I will see I’m I’m I’m going to see you do more I’m sure. Um, it’s going to be even more exciting. We’ll have our Instagram live. On the twenty Eighth of january anyone who wants to join us then can join us and anything else. You guys want to add? Yes I distinctly want to add you that you can submit to this open call on ww ah dot r two heartsproje dot com. Thank you, you guys anything else that you want to say.
01:01:35.40 Juliana Naufel Um, this.
01:01:37.39 Twiggy Um, no, just thank you? So so much for having us on the podcast. We’re so excited to share. Um, you know with your community and just to collaborate with you because we love the.
01:01:39.21 charukaarora Any part last by words.
01:01:54.99 Twiggy You know the platform that you’ve created and it’s inspired us as well. So thank you for having us.
01:01:56.87 charukaarora Thank you? Ah, thank you so much for being here.
01:02:01.98 Juliana Naufel Yes, Thank thank you so much Sharu you’re such an inspiration as well and I just adore what arch to hearts is doing and I appreciate being here and I can wait to review.
01:02:09.23 charukaarora 9
01:02:20.21 Twiggy So.
01:02:20.46 Juliana Naufel All the lovely submissions that we’re going to have for treasured moments.
01:02:23.47 charukaarora Thank you see you guys soon. My.
01:02:27.60 Juliana Naufel And see you soon bye.
01:02:28.83 Twiggy Bye.

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