Metamorphosis of Human and Nature w/ Eeva Marja

Eeva Marja

Eeva Marja is a contemporary artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Her work is versatile and is on the theme of metamorphosis between humans and plants. She is interested in movement and change and examines humanity and nature through these concepts. Looking through the lens of rapidly changing life has made her realize that permanence is an illusion made up by humans. Eeva finds it to be beautiful but at the same time feels scared of this illusion, but this is what makes her artwork accurate and helps her cope. Her core theme has been organic life cycles, nature, and human life is the elements.

Eeva has showcased herself in many solo exhibitions- Galleria Uusikipina/ Lahti (2021), Galleria Saima/ Helsinki (2019) to name a few and group exhibitions- 2021 group exhibition/ Brussels Contemporary Art Fair/Brussels, 2021 group exhibition/ Kummelholmen Art Hall/ Stockholm, 2020  Group exhibition/ Valssaamo/ Kaapelitehdas/ Helsinki/ and many more. Her latest feat is her public mural artwork at Jyväskylä  (2022).

Eeva Marja
Mural artwork, 2022

I focus on the organic cycles of life and phenomena of humanity – tied in with the concept of time.

Eeva Marja-

I am a 2020  art alumna and a professional artist (born in 1989) living and working in Helsinki, Finland. I have had exhibitions in Finland since 2015 and 2021 also in other European countries. In the year 2021, I was rewarded with a Public Audience Mention in the competition for Young Artist of the year in Southern Osthrobothnia, and in the year 2022, I executed my first public commission work in Jyväskylä, Finland. My paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in Finland, Germany, the USA, Spain, and Switzerland.

As I go forward in a state of constant movement, I understand that the internal movement taking place in our bodies never ceases, nor does anything in our surroundings stand still. I go forward with the understanding that permanence is an illusion.

As an artist, I am interested in movement and change for it is through those concepts, I can examine humanity and nature. I focus on the organic cycles of life and phenomena of humanity – tied in with the concept of time. Acrylics are my most commonly used medium as I work with painting and installation, often creating metamorphoses between humans and the botanical world. There is a lot of beauty and horror I find in the rapid change of life.

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