Making of “The magic in the mirror” : A body of mixed media work by Annelies Danielle Schubert

Annelies Danielle Schubert is an artist who believes in the power of creativity; the power creativity has to tell stories, create connections, transcend the verbal, and establish positivity in one’s life.

Annelies Danielle Schubert was born in Santiago, Chile to a Chilean father and a Bolivian mother, and with both cultures very accentuated throughout her upbringing. She arrived in Paris, where she is based to date, in order to pursue an education in the Arts and graduated with a BFA from Paris College of Art. Since graduating, she has taken part in various exhibitions, and has organized and curated various art events and exhibitions in the city of Paris. In 2019 she co-founded Creative Gatherings Paris, a creative experience company that offers services and products to promote creative exploration and creative living. She has recently fulfilled a residency at 59 Rivoli, a residency program for visual artists in the center of Paris where she developed her latest body of work and collection, layers of (me)mory. Today, she is a professor of Printmaking at Paris College of Arts for their foundation Program, as well as a practicing artist as she continues to develop her studio practice and create new work, while running her own creative business as an artrepreneur.

About Magic In The Mirror:

The magic in the mirror collection by Paris based Artist, Annelies Danielle Schubert.

Is a body of 16 unique mixed media affirmation pieces to remind you of your strength and power.

In her words: “As a multidisciplinary artist, these pieces are exactly what I am all about: a combination of mediums and techniques, all beautifully pieced together in a harmonious, delicate, and almost magnetic manner.”Each piece is created using a blend of: linoleum printmaking + collage + paper cutting

Holly Wong, Keeper of the Secrets 1, 2022, painted collage mounted on wood panel, 48×48” Now, Let’s take a peak into her process of making this body of work come to life.


” My printmaking designs usually start off with a drawing. For this body of work, taking inspiration from nature came naturally as I wanted to illustrate growth—the continuous growth we see when we show up and nurture something. I began drawing the plants that surrounded me in my home because they had been with me throughout my personal growth as much as I had been with them throughout theirs.”


“Once the drawing is completely finished, I separate each element in order to prepare each layer of the print. I do this by deciding how many colors will be present in the final print, one color means one layer. In this case, we have three colors, meaning three layers. I separate each by color and then transfer each separate design onto their linoleum plate for carving out the linoleum stamps. For this series I decided to make a
3-layered print but decided that the third layer would be collaged on instead of printed.

Then I begin with carving away of all the negative space in the plate. This is a slow but beautiful process. Though repetitive, you have to stay focused on how you are carving, which makes it a very meditative process.”

“Throughout my process of carving a linoleum plate, there tends to be a lot of trial and re working until I am fully happy with the plate’s results. This means testing out the plate and re-carving any details that might not feel right to me. Once I am happy with the printing of each plate, comes one of my favorite parts in any creative process: playing with paint & choosing the colors.


I wanted these pieces to be multi-layered, just like we are. In order to bring in more depth I decided to collage the final layer of each piece using different colored Japanese paper. Each piece is hand cut and then delicately placed on each printed piece.

Cutting out each affirmation

I decided to cut the affirmation mantras out from each piece because I wanted to be able to layer a reflective background behind each piece.

Each affirmation comes from a place where I have struggled throughout the past year. I started working on this series on October 2020, and almost a year later I have built a collection of phrases that empowers me and helps me fight those negative narratives when they sometimes pop in my head. I hope these pieces help you as much as they have helped me.

& finally— assembling + framing

It was important to me that pieces act as a reminder of your power, your importance, and your beauty and adding a mirror to help you see yourself directly in each mantra was a sweet way to remind you of just that. These pieces are strong, but what really makes them strong is you.

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Preview of the magic in the mirror collection:


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