Lilly Russo: Communicating with vibrating combinations and contrasts.

Lilly Russo’s versatile and synergetic creativity flows towards the research of her internal experience and everything surrounding her, Lilly begins to draw and paint in childhood. In this week’s Artist Spotlight, we have got Lilly Russo aka Lilly Lilla, a multifaceted artist, who chooses to focus her research on painting. She studied and graduated in art from Rome. In her artworks, the vigorous strokes of color become an extension of the soul and they exteriorize a pure and limitless energy through the blend of techniques and influences. Lines and tones from ultraviolets to infrareds, fluo, solid and soft colors embracing the 9 colors of the rainbow: the acrylic on canvas translates into a language of vibrating combinations and contrasts where dreamlike labyrinths transcend verbal communication. 

lilly russo
Forest Green

While painting, LillyLillà enters a meditative state of reconnection to pure conscience, intuitively revealing her individuality and emotions to transform the artworks into unique and original pieces.

Meet Lilly Russo

Letteria Russo, in art Lillylilla, (Messina, 1975). Though her artistic formation has been varied and multifaceted, she has always deeply cherished her love for painting. Before obtaining her Design Master’s degree in Milan, she graduated with her studies in art and jewelry in Rome.

While painting, LillyLillà enters a meditative state of reconnection to pure conscience, intuitively revealing her individuality and emotions to transform the artworks into unique and original pieces.

Under these premises, in the years to come, she founded a design studio with her siblings, collaborating with diverse fashion maisons, and creating eyewear and jewelry for over twenty years.

In the last years, her inclination for pictorial art has gained the upper hand, bringing her to engage in the participation of Italian and international private and institutionalized calls and exhibitions.

Important participation that has taken place is the collective “Cultura Identità” at the Teatro Civico La Spezia (2019) and the collective exhibitions in Milan at Arcadia Gallery, Genoa at Satura Gallery, and DivulgArt at the Doge’s Palace in Genoa (2020).

In February 2020 Lillylilla is published in Mondadori’s artist yearbook “Artisti della Mondadori”. In May 2020 she is published in NowArt magazine and also receives the international trophy award “Tavolozza d’Argento” rewarding her efforts in art and technique.

Exploring her artworks

 Her artworks show the search for the point of no return between narration and intuition. Each painting starts from an evocative suggestion that takes shape from a visual or interior, which she transforms into a personal, whispered vision, never represented, but rather perceived. Her works invite the spectator into a universe of intense, vivid, penetrating colors. The colors of peace, of the soul. The canvas shows an image as a whole, however, if you look closely, you can see details and fragments that can only be discovered only by those who know how to wait and give time its value. The brushstrokes move fluidly from one dimension to another. The lines and joyful colors invade the canvas, giving life to worlds characterized by coherent calligraphy where the color becomes the true protagonist. Through skillfully used and calibrated brushstrokes, the artist manages to represent color at its best. the same way that Neptune dominates the sea, Letteria dominates the colors.

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