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Frances Evans

About the Artist

Frances Evans is currently based in Brisbane, Australia. She began exploring oil painting and portraiture in early 2021, when illness and life circumstances forced her to take time away from her original profession as a medical scientist.

A stark contrast to the rigidity and exact nature of pathology, Frances quickly fell (back) in love with the emotive and eloquent nature of art, that she first showed a flare for as a child. Frances uses her oil portraits as a tactile outlet for expression of the human experience, exploring the contradictions of life’s journey; beauty and trauma, love and heartbreak, self-compassion and pain.

Her artwork was exhibited in the International Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘Philo-Poem,’ by MADS Gallery in Milan, Italy, 2021.

About Artist’s Work:

In the safety of a teenage girls bedroom, with fairy lights, sheer curtains floating in the breeze and a cozy bed, a young woman creates her dreams for the future. In her home, there are no limits to her future potential.

A few suburbs away, a woman rests her head against a gumtree at the end of her street, contemplating an uncertain future. She and her two young children have escaped a controlling relationship, but now face losing their home, their community, their very foundation.

These are the stories behind some of my recent artworks, through which I seek to explore and capture the rawness of human emotion. I want to understand the human experience and reveal its emotive beauty to the viewer. To me, oil paints have the most beautifully expressive nature; malleable, forgiving, soft. Gifting me a tactile and vulnerable expressive release by which I work to understand my own journey through life, and yours.

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