Studio Visit Book Vol. 1

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Chiara Galliano

About the Artist

Chiara Galliano is a fine art photographer and visual artist who has been working in the field of imaging for over 15 years. She has had the opportunity to specialize in different fields, she loves experimenting, learning new techniques and doing research.
She uses the camera as a tool to express herself and to explore, investigate and tell about aspects of our contemporary world, social issues or those related to particular pathologies. She loves writing and listening to stories.
In 2014 she was selected as the winner for the Young Talents section of the Affordable Art Fair for one of her works, the triptych entitled “Acme”, exhibited at the Superstudio venue in Milan. “Acme”, in the same year, was also selected as a finalist work for the Premio Arte – Cairo Editore.
She’s a supporter of the HEALING POWER OF ART and in her life she has tackled some of the issues related to Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia by creating the project “Per mano nel vuoto” which was born in 2010 and is still alive today with the latest project in 2021 developed for the Rest Home in Fubine Monferrato. Her commitment to WOMEN and to the PREVENTION and FIGHT against breast cancer has led her to create two different projects in 2019: “Guerriere in scena” (photo exhibition and book) for the LILT Association of Vercelli and “Calendario 2020 D Maiuscola” for the oncology department of Casale Monferrato. Two other exhibitions on raising awareness and preventing these diseases are planned for this year. Her latest projects include “Inside Beauty” (2020), which deals with the theme of BEAUTY through the use of colour and abstract shapes suggested by natural elements, whose key to interpretation is the emotional involvement it evokes in the spectator.

Artist Statement

LIFE is always present, it is always the protagonist even where it is difficult to see it because pain acts as a filter.
Sometimes death dazzles us.
At first glance, it appears to us as the only result of a journey of turgid life.
And yet, where it seems that there is nothing but death, life sprouts.
We are made of waiting, of care, of small attentions, we rise with a breath and fall again at the first tear of rain.
When we can no longer discern the reality of things, let us stop and look carefully. Beyond apparent despair, beyond “the end” word, life can surprise us.