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Ariel Vivanco

About the Artist

Ariel Vivanco is a Hispanic-American artist currently based in Lexington, SC, USA. She graduated with a BFA in Painting & Drawing and a minor in Art History from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2017. It was at this time that Vivanco also received her TESOL Certification to teach English as a second language from Oxford Seminars.

Post-graduation, Vivanco had her first solo exhibition titled, PALATIAL, at 1305 Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio and co-curated a group exhibition dedicated to expanding and supporting fellow BIPOC artists and creators. She then spent the following two years teaching English as a second language to students grades Pre-K through 6 in Seoul, South Korea.

About Artist’s Work:

My work centers around the experiences of my daily life and the people whom I hold most dear. By focusing on these subjects, I am able to navigate and shape my view of the world while archiving these mundane yet precious moments in time.
The color palette I choose to work in is an homage to my Hispanic heritage and the various works of art, architecture, and (most importantly) foods, I grew up eating. Food has always been of great importance to me due to its necessity and ability to connect people, even from across the globe. Because of this I hope that my work may provide a sense of ‘nourishing aliveness’ to the viewer and allow us to enjoy and exist in the same moment in time together.

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